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CS508: Modern Programming Languages
Assignment No. 02 Graded
Semester: Spring 2018 

In this assignment, you have to write and execute ADA program. This ADA program will save records of students of Computer Science. This program will contain 3 parts as described below: 
Part 1: [5 Marks]

Data of each student will be StudentID, Marks, and Status (Pass/Fail). Use appropriate data type for these attributes.
The record should be used to save student data and you are required to initialize records of 2 students only by assigning proper values. While initializing, StudentID should be your VU Roll Number in both records. For Marks, and Status field, use arbitrary values.

Part 2: [2 Marks] 

After completing Part 1, define your own type by the name of FinalScore. Its range should be from 50 to 100. After that, create a variable Marks1 of FinalScore data type.

Part 3: [8 Marks] 

After completing Part 2, initialize Marks1 with 50 and then begin a loop. During each iteration of the loop, increment the value of Marks1 by 10. Following output should be shown in each iteration:
      If Marks1 is greater than or equal to 50 and less than or equal to 65, the output will be:      Marks range is 50-65, PASS, Needs Improvement
      If Marks1 is greater than 65 and less than or equal to 75, the output will be:      Marks range is 65-75, PASS, Average
      If Marks1 is greater than 75 and less than equal to 90, the output will be:     Marks range is 75-85, PASS, Very Good

After completing the program, run the code in gnatmake 8.1.0 [see Note below], take the screenshot, and paste it in your solution file.
Your solution file must be a single Word file (.doc or .docx) containing the following:
1)Complete code written in Word [you can use Consolas font for enhancing the readability of the code]
2)Output screenshot (take multiple screenshots by scrolling appropriate area if your code and output window do not fit in one screen) 

Read more at https://www.vu-lms.tk/2018/05/cs508-assignment-no-2-solution-and.ht...

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Replies to This Discussion

Code sahi nahi he Koi Allah ka bnda help kr de plz

In which software it runs?

Can u help me plz

Complete Code... i copied this myself so make sure to do some changes.

with Ada.Text_IO; use Ada.Text_IO;
with Ada.Integer_Text_IO; use Ada.Integer_Text_IO;
procedure assignment_Solution is
--part 1
status: String:="fail";
marks : Integer:=0;

type stdent is record
stdntID: String(1..12);
status : String(1..9);
marks : Integer;
end record;
first : stdent;
second : stdent;

--part 2____________________________
type FinalScore is range 10..100;

Marks1 : FinalScore := 50;
--part 2 end__________________________________
first.stdntID := "BC0000000000";
first.status := "pass/fail";
first.marks := 65;
second.stdntID := "BC0000000000";
second.status := "pass/fail";
second.marks := 77;
--___________part 1 end
--part 3_______________________________________
for Marks1 in Integer range 50..100 loop
if Marks1 >= 50 and Marks1 <= 65 then
put_Line("Marks range is 50-65 , pass , needs improvment");
elsif Marks1 >= 65 and Marks1 <= 75 then
put_Line("Marks range is 65-75 , pass , Average");
elsif Marks1 >= 75 and Marks1 <= 90 then
put_Line("Marks range is 75-90 , pass , Very Good");
end if;
exit when Marks1<=100;
end loop ; end assignment_Solution;
--part 3 end_____________________________________________

average k elawa message nahee ata

is me changing kya kurni he mera me to error a rha he plz help :(

Dear, is code se required output ni aa rhi. 

Please share assignment solution

Upload the accurate solution please! 

this is the exact code which i give them in video but i am very sad about students who say error error. 

Please Help

yar ap sab kese ye keh rhe ho mene video mein compile kr k dikhaya hai ap theek se code copy ni kr he hu only code copy krna h file mein se sath koi text copy ni hona chahye like ..  code is given bellow , screenshot etc.



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