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CS508: Modern Programming Languages
Assignment No. 02 Graded
Semester: Spring 2018 

In this assignment, you have to write and execute ADA program. This ADA program will save records of students of Computer Science. This program will contain 3 parts as described below: 
Part 1: [5 Marks]

Data of each student will be StudentID, Marks, and Status (Pass/Fail). Use appropriate data type for these attributes.
The record should be used to save student data and you are required to initialize records of 2 students only by assigning proper values. While initializing, StudentID should be your VU Roll Number in both records. For Marks, and Status field, use arbitrary values.

Part 2: [2 Marks] 

After completing Part 1, define your own type by the name of FinalScore. Its range should be from 50 to 100. After that, create a variable Marks1 of FinalScore data type.

Part 3: [8 Marks] 

After completing Part 2, initialize Marks1 with 50 and then begin a loop. During each iteration of the loop, increment the value of Marks1 by 10. Following output should be shown in each iteration:
      If Marks1 is greater than or equal to 50 and less than or equal to 65, the output will be:      Marks range is 50-65, PASS, Needs Improvement
      If Marks1 is greater than 65 and less than or equal to 75, the output will be:      Marks range is 65-75, PASS, Average
      If Marks1 is greater than 75 and less than equal to 90, the output will be:     Marks range is 75-85, PASS, Very Good

After completing the program, run the code in gnatmake 8.1.0 [see Note below], take the screenshot, and paste it in your solution file.
Your solution file must be a single Word file (.doc or .docx) containing the following:
1)Complete code written in Word [you can use Consolas font for enhancing the readability of the code]
2)Output screenshot (take multiple screenshots by scrolling appropriate area if your code and output window do not fit in one screen) 

Read more at https://www.vu-lms.tk/2018/05/cs508-assignment-no-2-solution-and.ht...

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plzzz help us..

to much short time...

then share it plz

plzzz share the code...

dear iffah plz share the code....time is too short ......

Iffah  plzzzzzzzzz share the code...

Friend Share your code please

check last comment, I've shared it

help us we have no time

plzzz share the code

here's the complete code guys... chill

n remember me in ur prayers 

with Ada.Text_IO; use Ada.Text_IO;

with Ada.Integer_Text_IO; use Ada.Integer_Text_IO;

procedure jdoodle is

 type Boolean is (Fail, Pass);

 type student is record



  Status: Boolean;

 end record;

 Student1: student;

 Student2: student;

 type FinalScore is range 50..100;

 Marks1: FinalScore:=50;


 student1.studentID:= "BC000000000";


 student1.status:= Pass;

 student2.studentid:= "BC000000000";


 student2.status:= Pass;

 Put("First Student");


 Put("Student ID is ");



 Put("Student Marks are");



 Put("Student is "& Boolean'image(student1.status));


 Put("Second Student");


 Put("Student ID is ");



 Put("Student Marks are");



 Put("Student is "& Boolean'image(student2.status));


 for M in 50..100 loop

  if Marks1>=50 and Marks1<=65 then

   Put_Line("Marks range is 50-65, PASS, Needs Improvement");

  end if;

  if Marks1>=65 and Marks1<=75 then

   Put_Line("Marks range is 65-75 , PASS, Average");

  end if;

  if Marks1>=75 and Marks1<=90 then

   Put_Line("Marks range is 75-85 , PASS, Very Good");

  end if;


  exit when marks1=100;

   end loop;

end jdoodle;

Thaaanxx JazaKallah

Thanku So Much


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