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Replies to This Discussion

My today’s Paper of CS508 (11am)


Total Questions: 52

MCQ’S: 40

2 Marks Q: 4

3 Marks Q: 4

5 Marks Q: 4


Some of the MCQ’S are:


  1. Threads in Java are based upon the concept of Monitor
  2. A class declared as 'sealed' cannot be inherited from
  3. In C# the value type and reference type variable are interconvert able through ________ concept.

Tagged type

None of the given

  1. In _____, Boolean values can convert to integers.





  1. In ______ control statements were based directly on IBM704 hardware.




IBM Assembly language

  1. ________ is a unit level control iterative statement.




Switch statement

  1. In ENIAC physical motion was eventually replaces by ________ signals.





  1. Function must have at least _____ return statement.





  1. ______ operations must have one of its parameters of tagged type.





  1. In C# value type objects use memory of _______ data structure





  1. _________ has efficient use of processor and memory.


Plankul kool



  1. ___________ programming language is known as “Write Only” language.





  1. Everything in LISP is considered as ____________





  1. The Era of 1970’s is known as :____________

Analysis and elaboration

Effective software technology

Discovery and description of programming language concepts

Aspect-Oriented Programming

  1. All primitive types in ___________ have fixed size.





  1. An array in PHP is an ordered _____________

Data structure



Execution type

  1. There may be __________ elseif within the same php if statements.






2 Marks Q: 4


Which operator is used to access element of a struct type?

Just like C++, the dereference operator ‘->’ is used to access elements of a struct type.


Write the functionality of “=” operator in prolog.


Which type of binding time it is when you want to bind a non static local variable to a memory cell.

Runtime - e.g. bind a non-static local variable to a memory cell


Write the difference between public class and non public class in java.

A public class can be used in any package and a non-public class can only be used in its own package.


3 Marks Q: 4


What are the three conditions in which a string is evaluated as a float in php.

The string will evaluate as a float if it contains any of the characters '.', 'e', or 'E'. Otherwise, it will evaluate as an integer.


Coercion belongs to which type of conversion? Also write the Disadvantage of using it?

Coercion is an implicit type conversion, and it's disadvantage is that they decrease in the type error detection ability of the compiler. In most languages, all numeric types are coerced in expressions, using widening conversions. In Ada, there are virtually no coercions in expressions


Write a property named HOURS in C# which enables a client to specify a time in hours. The getter/setter for the Hours property performs the conversion between hours and seconds.


Convert the following into prolog rules:


  1. Socrates is a mortal if he is a human.
  2. X is an animal if X eats grass.
  3. X is a sportsperson if X plays football.


5 Marks Q: 4


Write the difference between Managed and unmanaged code and also mention at least 3 scenarios where unmanaged code is useful.



1. Managed code is executed under the control of Common Language Runtime(CRL).

2. It has automatic garbage collection. That is, the dynamically allocated memory area which is no longer is in use is not destroyed by the programmer explicitly. It is rather automatically returned back to heap by the built-in garbage collector.

3. There is no explicit memory’s allocation and deallocation and there is no explicit calls to the garbage collector i.e. call to destructor.

UNMANAGED CODE (Java does not have this concept)

The unmanaged code provides access to memory through pointers just like C++. It is useful in many scenarios. For example:

• Pointers may be used to enhance performance in real time applications.

External Functions: In non-.net DLLs some external functions requires a pointer as a parameter, such as Windows APIs that were written in C.

Debugging: Sometimes we need to inspect the memory contents for debugging purposes, or you might need to write an application that analyzes another application process and memory.


In a program we need two dimensional int type array, the array has 2 rows where first row has 5 columns and second row has 3 columns. Write down the code of declaring this array in java.


int [ ][ ] A; // A is a two-dimensional array

A = new int[2][]; // A now has 2 rows, but no columns yet

A[0] = new int [5]; // A's first row has 5 column

A[1] = new int [3]; // A's second row has 3 columns


What does meant by limited access to variables? Also point out design considerations for parameter passing.


Limited access to variables, which means one-way whenever possible.


Design Considerations for Parameter Passing

1. Efficiency

2. One-way or two-way

- These two are in conflict with one another!

Good programming =>limited access to variables, which means one-way whenever possible

Efficiency =>pass by reference is fastest way to pass structures of significant size.


You are required to identify order of execution of HTML tags:




<h1>Hello World</h1>

<script type=“text/javascript”>

//script statements




<h3>Welcome to this website</h3>

<script type=“text/javascript”>

//script statements




<h2>Mobile Applicaions</h2>

<script type=“text/javascript”>

//script statements





 ye aaap may 2015 ka finalterm upload kia hia


Remember me in ur prayers :)


Shafaq Shafique thx fr shrng.

Thank you for share. I solved some MCQs with reference.


CodeRed  Thx for shrng. 

  1. In C# value type objects use memory of _______ data structure





  1. _________ has efficient use of processor and memory.


Plankul kool



plz provide cs508 midterm solved paper to me
email address is

if any one have solved CS 508 Final Term MCQS and Subjective by mouaz or Faisal  then please share

ye lo aor mere liy dua karna sab ke paper achhe ho jaen bas


cs508 past paper data but not solved



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