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Replies to This Discussion

bro ye 3 files sy


I was not sure about the ones which are not bold

  1.  (.)Dot operator is a __________ in SNOBOL.


  • Reference pointer
  • Unary operator
  • Class pointer
  • Binary operator




  1. The GOTO statement in SNOBOL is__________.


  • explicit
  • pattern matched
  • implicit
  • an indirect reference.




  1. The first argument in LISP list is the ______


  • list
  • function
  • argument
  • atom




  1. Function in LISP is in _________notation.


  • postfix
  • infix
  • prefix
  • none of the given




  1. ___________ may also change global variable as a side effect.


  • time LISP iteration
  • list LISP iteration
  • dolist LISP iteration
  • dotime LISP iteration




  1. We have extensive use of __________ in LISP.


  • for loop
  • switch statement
  • recursion
  • AI




  1. Java has no__________.


  • multiple inheritance
  • struct
  • enum type
  • All of the Given




  1. Which of the following is a language designed for distributed computing architecture?


  • ADA
  • LISP




  1. ______does not have a predefined inheritance hierarchy.


  • C++
  • Ada




  1. Record in Ada is similar to structure in C/C++. Record members in Ada is accessed through a/an__________


  • (.)Dot operator
  • None of the given
  • both (à)arrow operator and (.)Dot operator
  • (à)arrow operator




  1. We may create our own exceptions in ______.


  • C
  • C++
  • Ada




  1. A language is reliable if during execution it does not create _______________.


  • Result
  • Error
  • Bytecode
  • Malfunction




  1. If the program written in a particular language is less _______ than the cost of failure of the system may be significant.


  • Writable
  • Reliable
  • General
  • Readable




  1. The portability has direct relation with ____________.


  • Simplicity
  • Readability
  • Generalization
  • Standardization




  1. Conditional control transfer" gave rise to the idea of _________ which are blocks of code that can be reused over and over.


  • Namespaces
  • Header Files
  • Objects
  • Libraries




  1. Identify the feature which was not available in FORTRAN-IV.


  • support for structured programming
  • logical IF statement
  • support for explicit type declarations
  • subprograms could also be passed as parameters




  1. The block structure feature of ALGOL60 has ______ scope.


  • No
  • Local
  • Universal
  • Global




  1. Function must have at least ______ return statement.


  • Three
  • Two
  • One
  • Four




  1. ________ programming language is known as “Write-Only” language.


  • PL/1
  • APL




  1. Which statement is true about SNOBOL?


  • Its developers are computer experts
  • Its developers have limited introduction with computer science
  • Is an example of aspect programming languages.
  • Have many data types

koi tu idea share krdey subjective kis file se arha hai and objective ki tayri kin topics se ki jaye 

yar plz koi bta dy kahan say aa rha hai koi helping file mcq ya subjective kindly share kr dain janb??????????//

is paper ke koi mcq file with refrence to

1-Name the famous two version of LISP programming:

Ans: 1) Schema 2) Common Lisp

2-Create a list in LISP of elements ABC and insert an element z.

3-Answer with yes or no: (Prolog) Facts and rules were given.

4- Pattern Matching and string concatenation (Space). (SNOBOL)

Muhammad Umar  thanks for sharing 

+ M.Tariq Malik bhai, we have to thank you for maintaining such a helpful platform 

Current paper

Why Ada does not use += and -= type of operators?

Question No:

Pattern matching is a powerful tool for syntax analysis in SNOBOL. Consider the following piece of code and identify if the pattern matching comes out to be success or failure justify your answer in either case.








Write a function in LISP that return the difference of the two lists L3 and L4.

Suppose you want to remove a certain property attribute named ‘WEIGHT' from the following list symbols in LISP:


>(symbol-plist ‘a)



Which function will be used for this purpose give proper example to explain your answer?


Why Ada is considered to be a strongly typed language? Briefly explain.


Today is my papers.

  1. Difference the car,cdr first and rest LISP function;
  2. How many types of function are supported in SNOBOL 4?
  3. Write the name of the operator which are avoidable in Ada but not in C/C++?
  4. Write the small program in Ada print the BS-computer-sciences.?
  5. Identify the list selector function used in LISP?


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