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Lecture: 23 to 27

Total Marks: 20

Due Date: 27 July 2020


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CS508 Assignment No. 3 Spring 2020 Solution Part 1 by VU ACADEMY

Objective The objective of this assignment is to give students an idea on how to implement Multithreading with Synchronization concepts in JAVA. Problem Statement: You are required to create a multithreaded console application in java having 4 classes which will calculate factorial of last 4 digits of your student id. These classes would be as follow: 1. Main class 2. Factorial Class having one method which will calculate factorial named printfactorial(). 3. Thread1 class which extends from Thread Class 4. Thread2 class which also extends from Thread Class Working: Store last four digits of your student ID in a two separate classes. For example, if your ID is bc123456789 then store 67 in first Thread1 Class and 89 in Thread2 Class that will be passed to Factorial class later. Bc090402315 Thread1 class will pass 67 to the Factorial class and printfactorial() will print factorial of all the numbers from 1 to 67. Thread2 class will pass 89to the Factorial class and printfactorial() will print factorial of all the numbers from 1 to 89. You should use thread.sleep(10) after each calculation inside the loop. As you know that you cannot store and print factorial of large numbers in simple integer or long type variables, so you are required to use BigInteger to store and print very long numbers. printfactorial() method must be synchronized so that results of Thread1 is printed first then the result of Thread2 is calculated and printed. Note: Proper exception handling code must be written where required. #CS508 #CS508Assignment3 #CS508AssignmentSolution #CS508SolvedAssignment #CS508Assignment3Solution2020 #CS6508Assignment3Spring2020 #CS508ssignmentSolution #CS508DataCommunication #CS508AssignmentNo3 #CS508Assignment3Solution2020 #CS508Solution #CS508Assignment3Solution2020 #CS508SolutionLink #CS508Assignment3Solution2020 #CS508DownloadLink #CS508AssignmentPDF #CS508Assignment3Solution2020 #CS508AssignmentSolutionPDF #CS508Assignment #CS508Assignment3Solution2020 #CS508AssignmentDownload #CS508Solve #CS508Assignment3Solution2020 #CS508Assignment3 #CS508Assignment3Solution2020 VU Assignment, Assignment Solution, VU, Assignment, CS508, CS508 Modern Prorgamming Languages, CS508 Assignment, CS508 Assignment 2020, Operating Systems, Operating Systems Assignment, VU Solution, Virtual University, VU Short Notes, CS508 Short Notes, Modern Prorgamming Languages, CS508 Solution, CS508 Assignment 3, CS508 Assignment Solution, CS508 Assignment No. 3, CS508 Assignment Solution 3, CS508 2020, CS508 Assignment No. 3 Spring 2020, Solved PDF, CS508 Pdf

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