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All Current Final Term Papers Spring 2013

From 20 Jul , 2013 to 31 Jul 2013 Spring 2013


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Q41.      What is the difference b/w Time Domain and Frequency Domain plot?

Q42.      Find the binary equivalent of the expression given below:


Q43.      Consider a secondary station ‘A’ that response with a NAK to poll. What does this indicate?

Q44.      A research institute wants to establish a LAN for its researchers. Name the four basic architectures which can be followed to set up a LAN?

Q45.      Do you agree that even having so much popularity in the field of data communication yet there are some factors which made the OSI model impossible to practically implement? Discuss the factor in both cases Yes/No.

Q46.      Suppose a company ABC needs a fast and reliable data communication in its network. Company is willing to spend as much cost as any fast and reliable network demands. Consider the situation; suggest the suitable guided media with two solid reasons?

  Q47.    Data link control is one of the main task in any network. You are required to mention the functions specifically performed by data link layer in the perspective of Data Link Control?

Q48.      A software house wants a Fast Ethernet to get throughput for video, multimedia, graphics, Internet surfing and for other speed intensive application. Just name the common implementations of this Fast Ethernet which can be used?

Q49.      Data Communication facilitates us with multiple encoding schemes having the capability of coping DC component problem. Suppose Mr. A want to select the best one among B8ZS and HDB3. Considering this give your suggestions with reasons?

Q50.      There are many types of redundancy check techniques but we want to apply a most common and less expensive error detection technique. You are required to describe the suitable technique meeting the given requirements. Also apply your suggested error detection technique on the message “vu” (ACHII code is given bellow).

               01110110 v

               01110101 u

Q51.      A flow control method has its specific mechanism to keep track of transmitted and received frames. What is the main factor on which the identification scheme of sliding window relies to keep track of transmitted and received frames? Explain this tracking scheme with an example of n = 8

 Q52.     Suppose two computers are communicating with each other using HDLC protocol. Discuss, what will be the core role/responsibility of HDLC frames in this communication? Also give the name and functionality of three main types of frames in HDLC.

Please se the .docx file     


kuch short questions ye han:-

1. Provide the selection criteria for polynomial used for CRC generator.
2. Enlist the two major classed of synchronous protocols at data link layer.
3. How can we calculate the number of links and number of I/O ports required to design network having dedicated links between all nodes
4. Suppose a network administrator wants to convert its single ring topology network into dual ring topology, then which two main advantages will be achieved by converting the topology.
5. Checksum sey ik question tha.
7. FSK
8. CRC
9. N-ARQ and selective reject ARQ
10. Three parameters which show performance of a network.
11. LRC using even parity.
12. Baud rate maloom karna tha, bandwidth or difference of frequency dia hoa tha. Transmission full duplex they.

MCQs ziada tar handouts sey they.

Read more: My Data Communication paper 26/7/13 - Virtual University of Pakistan

Some important Questions of my today's paper friends!

1. Write two benefits of network design in which there are multiple machines for handling the task instead of a single large machine?

2. Number of bits effected by any type of error depends upon data rate and duration of noise. How many bits may effect if we are sending data at the rate of 2kbps per second of noise 1/200?

3. In Go-Back n-Lost suppose the time has expired and ACK has not been reecieved yetthen whaat will the sender do in that case?

4. Due to some network impaiments data sent from sender has been cahnged befor reaching its destination. In this situation the receiver does not actually receive what is actually sent by the sender. You are required to write the names and discuss types of bit errors.

5.Calculate capacity of T1 line which carries 8000 frames and 24 voice channels.

6. In data communication a term PDU is widely used especially in the content of OSI. Discuss its structure briefly.

Current Final Term Paper

Total Questions                 = 52               

Total Marks             = 80

Total 1 Mark MCQ            = 40   

Total 2 Marks Short Questions = 4

Total 3 Marks Short Questions = 4

Total 5 Marks Long Questions = 4

41. Suppose a mobile communication station is using phase modulation technique for the transmission of its signals. you are required to mention the type of conversion which requires such technique. (2)

42. Briefly discuss two main purpose of DSU in digital version of analog switched line. (2)

43. Consider a secondary station 'A' that responds with a negative acknowledgement (NAK) to poll. What does this indicate. (2)

44. Write the name of at least two devices used for each of the following category: (2)

                           a)              Networking devices

                           b)              Inter networking devices

45. Is it true that burst errors are most likely to be happened in a serial transmission? Give your opinion with reason. (3)

46. You have to digitize human voice, the frequency range for human voice is normally 0 to 4000Hz. What is the bit rate, assuming 6bits per sample. (3)

47. What does the following term mean: (3)

                      a)                 Carrier Sence

                      b)                 Multiple Access

                      c)                 Collision Detection

48. Suppose sender has sent 8 frames by using Go Back n ARQ, suddenly NAK of the frame is received indicating that frame is lost. In this scenario, how this frame is recovered using this technique? Also write the frame numbers to be transmitted? (3)

49. HDLC protocol (5)

50. Data frames (5)

51. Types of errors and error detection technique (5)

52. Calculate sampling rate with highest frequency value by formula. (5)

1.ring topology
3.time measurment
4. Qam,psk,fsk
5. Hamming code
6.fiber optic
7. Datalink layer
8.bianary division

25% from midterm and 45% from 21 to 45 lectures. In mcqs mid term and final term sllybus long questions topics are.
1. Network topologies
2.shynchrounous and Asynchronous
4. AM signals
5. typs of ITU-T

40 MCq's 
20% mcq's from past paper others


types of connection 2 marks
which types of errors are present in BSC frames 2 marks
types of frame
write the names of links access protocol developed by ITU-T 3marks
FDDI Timer register.........FDDI Timers 5 marks
types of bit error 5 marks

Only 13 MCQs came from Great Moazz file, remaining all from the handouts. 

subjective questions were 

1. f = 2 calculate time period

2. which device is used to connect two networks?

3. How hamming code help full in burst error?

4. Write the layers of OSI model and TCP/IP model correspondingly

5. write the hamming code of bit 110110

6. Write the name of response modes of HDLC and explain any two.

7. if channel data rate is 64 kbps, calculate the data rate when a. overhead is 8kbps , b. overhead is 168. c. overhead is 1.354 kbps.

8. write the benefits of monitor in token ring network.

9. how transmission occur in token ring network.

10.In line discipline how one device initiate the transmission.

11.  how checksum works write all steps.

12. write fddi timers and registers.

Total Question = 52 

  MCQs= 41  2 Marks questions = 4  3 Marks Questions = 4  5 Marks question = 3 1   which category of network is used to connect two computer in a same house and why ?


 Qno. 2     1 base 10 ethernet ?           2


FDDI register and FDDI Timer ?        3


Qno.4  List three types of Digital telephone networks a company can use     3


Qno. 5 There are many types of redundancy check techniques but we want to apply a most common and less expensive error detection technique. You are required to describe the suitable technique meeting the given requirements. Also apply your suggested error detection technique on the message “vu” (ACHII code is given bellow).

               01110110 v

               01110101 u    3


Qno. 6  Gigabit Ethernet   3.


Qno 7 and 8 Donu Topologies k thay.


Qno. 8 Data link Control  5

Read more: My Paper on 27/07/2013 at 7.00 am - Virtual University of Pakistan

Mine paper was tough and not from past papers.

Q1.You have to digitize human voice, the frequency range for human voice is normally 0 to 4000Hz. What is the bit rate, assuming 6bits per sample. (3)
Q2. how checksum works write all steps.

Q3.About HDLC

Q4.About ENQ/ARQ?

Q5.What is meant by ETXT.

Q6.What is addressing describe types of addressing?

Q7.From LAN and WAN

Farheen batool thanks for sharing ur of luck for ur result 

Attention Related Final Term papers Spring 2013: All Fellows You don’t need to go at any other site for current Final Term papers Spring  2013, Because All discussed data/sharing of our members in this discussion are going from here to other sites. (Other sites Admins/mods Copy from here & posted at their sites with fake IDs or original name: p). you can judge this at other sites yourself. So don’t waste your precious time with different links.


Write names of frames using in HDLC

BW calculate krni te Midterm sy ak question aya ta

Data link layer sa ak question ta

MCQ ma ny dusre jaga pa post ke ha check kr lana wha sy....


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