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Tariq Bhai Its Final :) ?
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Take Ideas from each other and solve yourself.......Assignments are not for getting solutions only....they are NITRO for your study to boost up your thinking capabilities....If you present a self made Solution ....even if it is wrong....u will get some marks for attempt.....

Ans 1

In this case the best network topology is tree topology because we have 10 pc ,2 printer and one scanner .

1 As the connected devices are more  so by tree topology we can connect more devices at a time

2 As we have to form a network in the office so we have to implement a network that require less cabling this can be achieved by tree topology

3 As pc’s are connected to their respective secondary hub so if any fault occurs it can be deduct easily

Ans 2:

If mesh topology is followed then no link and ports which will be required is given below

Total no connected devices are 13 so we have 13 nodes

No links=n(n-1/2) we have n=13


No of I/O ports=(n-1)=(13-1)=12

Ans 3

The network category is LAN because all the pc has to be interconnected with in the  office

Ans 4

Half duplex the example is television or radio 

Sir jee This Final Solution Or Not ???

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Easy assignment. 

If Mesh topology is followed then how many number of links and ports are required? (Calculation is necessary to show) (5)

10 computers


1 scanner

Total 13nodes.

By Formula: {n(n-1)}/2




=78 links

i/o ports


=12 ports

N= total number of devices.

Sir jee ??

1 Which topology do you think will be feasible in such case? Explain with proper reasoning (1-2 lines). 

Ans: Mesh topologies are use in this case.

Mesh topology is only one topology are use in which all devices in the network are interconnected to each other.

ii) If Mesh topology is followed then how many number of links and ports are required? (Calculation is necessary to show) 

Ans: 1st number of nodes

Formula: n (n-1)/2

n= Total number of devices




2nd number of ports

Formula: n-1



iii) To which category does the given network belong to? 

Ans: LAN (Local Area Network)

iv) Which mode of communication (simplex, half duplex, full duplex) is suitable when a computer communicates to a printer for printing? Also give one more example of that mode. 

Ans: Simplex:

In simplex data can travel only one direction.

Example: CPU to Monitor


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