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plz koi to upload kro,, solved quiz,

Please all students related this subject Share your online Quizzes here to help each other.thanks

___________ layer deals with syntx and semantics of data (presentation)

______ will not be used to conncet two computers between two different offices (twisted,coaxile,fibre optic,INFRARED)

_____topoly has point to point dedicated links (mesh)

Because of ______more devices can be attached to central hub and therefore increase the distance a signal can travel (secondary hub)

__________ can be measured by transit and response time (performance)

_______   of network depends  on recovery time of a network after failure (reliability)

headers are added at layers ____ (6,5,4,3,2)

any device attached to the network is called ____ (node)

_____ allows user to access a file on the remote computer to make changes or read data (FTAM)

Quiz 6 May 2013

Question # 1 In Transport layer, message is divided into transmittable ___________.   Select correct option:     

Packets   Segments   Blocks   Frames

Question # 2 Data chunk at data link layer is called ________ .   Select correct option:     

Frame   Packets   Datagram   Bit Stream  

Question # 3  ___________ is used to allow multiple users to share total capacity of a transmission medium.   Select correct option:     

Multiplexing   Congestion control   Flow control   Communication handling

Question # 4 Duration of bits is decided by _________ layer of the OSI model.   Select correct option:     

Transport layer   Physical layer

Question # 5  __________ is the central element of a network in star topology.

Hub   Client   Server   Wire  

Question # 6  ________ allows a user to access file on the remote computers to make changes or read data.   Select correct option:     

FTAM   Mail Server   Application Server   Directory Service

Question # 7 Set of rules that governs communication in networking is named as__________.   Select correct option:      Protocols   OSI model   Network standards   Procedures  

Question # 8 Layers _______ allows interoperability among unrelated software systems   Select correct option:     

1,2,3   5,6,7   All of above   None of above      

Question # 9  _________ works to synchronize the communication.   Select correct option:     

Transport Layer   Session Layer   Presentation Layer   Application Layer  

Question # 10 Several topologies combined in a larger topology to form a ________   Select correct option:      Mix Topologies   Complex Topologies   Large Topologies   Hybrid Topologies


 1- Segments  2- Frame  3- Multiplexing  4- Physical layer  5- Hub  6- FTAM  7- Protocols  8- 5,6,7  9- Session  10- Hybrid

Quiz No.01 has opened and it will close on 7th May 11.59 pm.... but try to take it as soon as possible, as u know the situation of electricity problem in Pakistan.....

Quiz No.01 is contain on 10 Questions each question have 1 marks and 90 second to answer...


Data Communication . Chap.# 1 to 10

  1. __________ is responsible for the delivery of data from node to node
  2. n OSI model headers are added at layer _________
  3. Several topologies combined in a larger topology to form a ________
  4. _______ layer header includes service point address or port address.
  5. Any device that is connected to a network is called a........
  6. These communication devices originate as well as accept messages in the form of data, information, and/or instructions. (......)
  7. If a station does not receive its signal up to a specified time then that system issues an alarm to ___________
  8. In ___________ a dedicated communication path is established between two stations through the nodes of the network
  9. In transport layer, flow control is performed only across a single link....T/F ?
  10. To make sure that source does not overwhelm destination by sending data faster than it can be handled and processed is called-------

1 datalink.

2 2,3,4,5,6.

3 Hybrid topology

4 transport layer

5 Node

6 comm. devices

7 n8wrk manager?analyzer

8 switching circuit

9 F

10 Flow control

Plz Do crct if any wrong ans. ....!!!!

 SYƹᶁᵰ ᴃύƙҥᵰŗᶖ thanks for sharing ur quiz 

most welcm Sir....

Like Data link layer, __________ is also responsible for Flow control. The four basic elements of any communication system includeThe four basic elements of any communication system include

The four basic elements of any communication system include

Select correct option:


If users must take turns using the link, then it is called Spatial Sharing

Select correct option:



Traditionally MANs have been implemented using one of the 2 technologies, Circuit Switching and Packet Switching

Select correct option:


Which layer is concerned with the syntax and semantics of info exchange between two systems.

Select correct option:



In ___________ a dedicated communication path is established between two stations through the nodes of the network

Select correct option:


There are three types of Hubs that exist. Which of the following options correctly describes these three

Select correct option:


Question # 10 of 10 ( Start time: 05:35:57 PM )

Total Marks: 1

___________ measures the frequency of a network failure and the time it takes to recover after a failure.

Select correct option:






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