“Suppose “We-Connect” is a telecommunication company having a large digital cellular network. This company has a wireless network distributed over land areas called cells, each served by at least one fixed-location transceiver, known as a cell site or base station (BS). A mobile phone is a portable device which receives or makes calls through a cell site (base station), or transmitting tower.

When the vehicle containing the Mobile Station (mobile phone) and the data terminal moves from one cell to another, handover occurs. This whole handover event can take 400ms and results in a line break during this time”.



  1. 1.     Which type of Line discipline is most suitable between mobile stations (mobile phone) and base station in this scenario? Give one solid justification.

  1. 2.     Which technique can be used to avoid data loss during handover event?

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i)  Ans:
According to the given  Scenario, a mobile phone receives or send data through cell site or base station. BS is primary and mobile phones are secondary.

So, in my point of view 
Poll / Select  type of  Line Discipline is most suitable, because it is used for "Primary-Secondary Communication". In primary-secondary, one device controls many other devices  and other must transmit through it.

ii)  Ans:

According to my point of view  Sliding Window  technique  is  best . Because in
Sliding Window  we do not wait for acknowledgment after sending one data packet we send more packets then we get acknowledgment   .  The handover is for 400ms if we use Stop-and-wait then there is more time wasting .
So,   Sliding Window is best to avoid data loss during handover event.


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