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What are the consequences of not adding synchronization Bits in the beginning of frame? Also explain synchronization. (5)

If we don’t add synchronization bit in the beginning of the frame so our de-multiplexer cannot understand that what specific frame is for what specific kind of node(computer etc.)

                about: synchronization you can study you listen lecture no 29. But I will guide you through a simple example. Our frames are similarly traveling on link as our train traveling on railway line and all the boxes of train running in sequence no gaps between them. Our data is also running on link like train every box may full or may not full ever seat have a no like (seat no.) every passenger have it ticket with different distinct seat no same in the case of computer every computer have its own distinct address while sending its data frame it must attach some information like sender address and receiver address so it can be briefly pass to another computer. May other material in detail you can find in handsout.



Question 50:- Suppose a University wants a network design which ensures maximum utilization of medium. Considering this scenario, discuss the technique to achieve maximum utilization of medium and also describe the suitable type of line configuration for this purpose in detail. (5)


Question 51:- Considering Primary Secondary communication in network with multipoint configuration, describe Poll/Select mode of communication in detail. (5)

In order to share a single link between multi devices we have to implement primary secondary configuration.  In Primary Secondary a primary device and all other are secondary. Primary device controls all the traffic on the link and shares data between all primaries.

  1. In order to start receiving data from primaries secondary device sends poll frame to each of the computer on the link if any computer have data to send it reply with ACK frame so the data frame are sent.

  1. After receiving data frames from secondary devices primary must send that data to the iniendet receiver. In order to send data primary device sends SEL frame with receiver address. Every computer checks the address if find the address it-self’s computer reply with ACK frame and data send to the intended receiver after checking and receiving ACK ftame.

Same for  question9.


Question 52:- In an international firm, the employee A, B & C are working on same assignment using a shared bandwidth link, where communication is carried out through single link using multiplexing technique. The firm wants to avoid bandwidth wastage as the data is sent in the form of frames in Round Robin sequence. You need to identify the type of multiplexing used over there and suggest a feasible solution for this problem. (5)

It should use asynchronous communication.



Question no 10 (5 marks)

Discuss the fundamental entities bodies who involves in the development of standards to bring compatibility among devices Developed by different menu factures.

Iso ieee and ibm ansi you can find them on google search bitterly.

Question no 11 (5 marks)

 The data received at destination is not the actual data, sent by the sender. We send every data unit twice to overcome this problem but it has some drawback. Write this drawback. Write these drawbacks and also suggest a more suitable mechanism for the detection of any error in the data.

Error detection methods

  1. Single bit
  2. LRC
  3. CRC

Question no 12 (5 marks)

Suppose Maize Production Company is running a network of 50 computers in which several devices access the same network resources equally. Keeping in view the scenario discusses the networking technique which not only marks it possible for several devices to access the network resources but also detects possible collisions.

It should use switch instead of hubs. No matter what is topology that in use


8. Discuss the fundamental entities/bodieswho envolve by the defferent manufactures? [ 5 marks]

ISO and  IEEE project 802



Lecture no 42 to 44 study please you can easily understand there.

9. What factors are considered to evaluate the suitability of a particular medium to a specific application?  [ 5 marks]

COST: This is the cost of materials plus installation

SPEED: Speed is the max no. of bits per second that a medium can transmit reliably

–Speed varies with frequency, with physical size of medium and Transmission


ATTENUATION: Tendency of EM signals to become weak or distorted over signal

EM Interference: EMI is the susceptibility of the medium to external EM energy

Introduced into the link that interferes with the intelligibility of a signal

–Familiar effects of EMI are static (audio) and snow (visual)




My Today’s Cs601 paper

Q.1. How can you achieve better synchronization in Manchester encoding?


Q.2. Suppose you have a small network and you don’t need to use full capacity of a T line? Is it possible to share a T-1 line with other networks? Give your opinion with reason.

Q.3. What dose the CRC generator append to the data units?

Q.4. Write four types of link Access Protocols? Specifically developed by ITU-T?

Q.5. DTE and DCE works together to achieve end to end data communication. Draw this work in the process.

Q.6. Suppose you are asked to evaluate the performance of the communication media used in a computer network then discuss the mainly used to measure the performance.

Q.7. Suppose Maize Production Company is running a network of 50 computers in which several devices access the same network resources equally. Keeping in view the scenario discusses the networking technique which not only marks it possible for several devices to access the network resources but also detects possible collisions

My Pleasure .....& thanks for sharing 


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