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CS602 ALL Current Final Term Papers Fall 2015 & Past Final Term Papers at One Place from 27 February 2016 to 16 March 2016

CS602 ALL Current Final Term Papers Fall 2015 & Past Final Term Papers at One Place from 27 February 2016 to 16 March 2016 

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Share Your Current Final Term Papers (Questions/Pattern) 27 February 2016 to 16 March 2016 to help each other. Thanks 

AOA!All vu ning  family

today my paper CS602 

mcqs 40 mostly from past papers


subjective tough its not from past papers

DDA abbreviated for ________.
None of the given
Discrete data analyzer
Digital data analyzer
Digital differential analyzer (Page 54)

20: Because clipping against one edge is independent of all others, so it is _______ to arrange the clipping
stages in a pipeline.
Sometimes impossible
None of the given
Possible (Page 150)

Tessellation can be adaptive to the ____________ degree of curvature of a surface.
Local (Page 170)

We can draw the circle using _________
Octant (Page 63)

polygons are basically concave polygons that may have self-intersecting edges.
Complex (Page 79)
Convex and Hybrid

----------- reflection is the effect of reflecting light toward the direction from which it came, no matter the orientation of the surface.
► Forward scattering
► Diffuse Lambertian
► Backscattering
► Retro (Page 293)

1)      In class, we discussed physically-based simulation.  In order to maintain a simulation, a set of variables must be maintained called “state variables”.  State variables are those variables which must be maintained from one time-step to the next in a simulation to maintain correct simulation.  Of all of the following variables, only one is NOT a state variable.  Which is it?

a)      mass

b)      position

c)      velocity

d)     acceleration

Which of the following properties of rational Bezier curves fails if the weight assigned to a control point is negative?
► End-point interpolation
► Variation Diminishing

► Convex-Hull

A series of _______ computer operations convert an object's three-dimensional coordinates to pixel positions on the screen. Transformations, which are represented by matrix multiplication, include modeling, viewing, and projection operations. Such operations include rotation, translation, scaling, reflecting, orthographic projection, and perspective projection.
Three (Page 371)

When obtaining normals for a triangle, which of the following mathematical constructs is NOT used?
Vector normalization
Vector cross products
Vector dot products
Point-Point subtraction

The traditional approach in real-time computer graphics has been to calculate lighting at a vertex as a sum of the ________ light.
Ambient, diffuse, and specular (Page 281)
Diffuse, and specular

1)      Which of the following parts of our Bezier curve discussion was compared to 3D projections onto a 2D plane?

a)      End point tangency

b)      deCasteljau subdivision

c)      Degree elevation

d)     Swept surfaces

e)      Rational Beziers (i.e. weights)

1)      In class, we discussed 3 forms of Fractals.  Which one required some randomness and several thousand loop executions to give a result?

a)      Non-linear fractals

b)     Iterated Function Systems

c)      L-Systems

An independent consortium, the OpenGL Architecture Review Board, guides the OpenGL specification. With broad industry support, OpenGL is the only truly open, vendor-neutral, --------------- graphics standard.
Single platform
Multiplatform (Page 301)

Refractive index is a function of temperature, mostly due to changes in ---------------------- of materials with changes in temperature. A simple correction can be applied in most circumstances to allow us to use a value given at one temperature at another.
Density (Page 300)

The attenuation formula is f =------------------------, where C, L and Q are the constant, linear and quadratic attenuation factors and d is the distance between the vertex being lit and the light source.
1/(C + Ld + Qd2) 
1/(C + Ld + Qd)
1/(C + L +d + Qd2)
1/(Cd + Ld + Qd2)

A parametric curve is one whose defining equations are given in terms of a -------------, common, independent variable called the parametric variable.
Single (Page 325)
None of the given

To ensure a smooth transition from one section of a piecewise __________ to the next, we can impose various continuity conditions at the connection points
non parametric curve
parametric curve
polygon vector (not confirm) 

1)      Which of the following properties of Bezier curves guarantees that any affine transform performed on the control points also directly applies to the curve itself?

a)      Coordinate System Independence

b)      Convex-Hull

c)      Symmetry

d)     Variation Diminishing

e)      End-point interpolation

Best of Luck

can u please also upload the files?

Please any one else share your paper...

Mcq File  for final term 


Aalam o Alikum... kisi ko koi idea hy k cs602 ka paper kon sy lecture sy ziada aa rhaa ha?

subjective 30 to 38 se aya ta mje

Moaaz ki subjective file nai hy kya agr hy to upload kr dcain plzzzzzzzz


Any updates? Kindly post the subjective paper as well


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