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CS602 All Current Mid Term Papers Spring 2013 (25 May 2013 ~ 06 June 2013) at One Place

CS602 All Current Mid Term Papers Spring 2013 (25 May 2013 ~ 06 June 2013) at One Place

From 25 May 22, 2013 to 06 June 2013 Spring 2013

Current Mid Term Papers Spring 2013 Papers, May 2013 Mid Term Papers, Solved Mid Term Papers, Solved Papers, Solved Past Papers, Solved MCQs

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Please Share your Current Papers mid Term Papers Spring 2013 Questions/Pattern here to help each other.

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My today paper

My today paper

Two special type of oblique projection (5)
aik Question tha jis main composite translation find karnie the (5)
character of 3-D (3)
write c++ code of rotation (x1,x2)(y1,y2) (2)
aik question main just translation find karnie the (2)
3 number ka aik or qustion hai woh mujay yad nhi ah raha hai
or MCQ mostly were in Projection and last 5-6 chapters nothing in old chapters
jis nay last 6-7 chapter kar liay achay say 100% they can solve the paper
Best of Luck others

Cs602 latest midterm Solve paper by LIBRIANSMINE with 100% passing guaranty by me

MCQs almost from attach file

long Question

projection techniques

translation on according to 3d 

clliping algorithn

difrance in sutherland lian barsky algoritham

trival clipping acceptance/reject test

1 was a programing code



plz upload again this file is currpt


Files are ok

Download PDF Files without IDM.

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then downlaod kro, IDM files ko damage kar daita ha




PDf files IDM (Internet Download Manger) k sath download kerty waqt ALT Key Use  krain means Alt  push kye rkhyn jub tak fil download na ho jae  to PDF files sahi open hon gi


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PDF File Downloading Solution from Ning




thnx. jzakAllah tariq shb

arzu Welcome 

ye last 2007 vala pap 2003 mein kr dain plz

last 2007 vala pap 2003 mein


Today paper of CS602 on 25-5-2013 at 11:00am 


Total MCQs   20  of each one maks

Two question of 2 marksis

Two question of 3 marks

Two question of 5 marks



  1. Interlacing the horizontal refresh________
  2. Tesselation can be adaptive to the ____________ degree of curvature of a surface.





  1. DDA stands for___________

Digital Differential Analyzer

  1. The ___________ test are performed for the midpoints b/w pixwls near the circle parth at each sampling step.

Parabolla function

Ellipse funtion

Circle funtion

None of the above

  1. The actual filling process in boundary filling algorith begins when a point  _________ of the figured is selected.

Outside the boundary

Inside the boundary

At boundary

None of the above

  1. Discard a line with both endpoints outside clipping boundary is called as ____________

Trivial accept

Trivial reject

Total outside

None of the above

  1. _____________is the tendency of the text to flash as it moves up or down.




None of the above

  1. ___________is the set of points that are equidistant from its origin.





  1. In ________ algorithm, old color must be read before it is invoked.

Scane-line Filling


Both of the above

None of the above

  1. The dot product of two vectors A & B is __________ if the angle b/w them is less than 90 or greater than 270.

Greater than zero

Less than zero

Equal to zero

None of the abve

  1. The axonometric projection is ___________ where the direction of projection makes same angle with all axes.





  1. The _______ technique has the direction of projection perpendicular to the viewing plane, but the viewing direction is NOT perpendicular to one of the principle faces.

We can draw the circle using _________





  1. _________ direct view storage tube maintains the picture display.

Electron gun

Proton gun

Flood gun

All of the above

  1. To move a _____ from one location to another, we translate the center point and redraw the same using new center point.




All of the above

  1. Because clipping against one edge is independent to all others, so it is ________ arrange the clipping stages in a pipeline.



Sometimes impossible

None of the above

  1. If the polygons are _________ line clipping techniques are sufficient for clipping.



Half filled

All of the above

  1. Polygons consisting of _________________ can cause problems when rendering.

Non-coplanar vertices

Co-planar vertices

Any vertices

 None of the above




We want to scale an object two times the existing x-axis and y-axis. Write the scaling matrix for this transformation. (2 MARKS)

What we must consider before rotaion of a point? (2 MARKS)


How can we find distance between two 3D points using mathematical notation? (3 MARKS)

Write final expression of composite rotation matrix. (3 MARKS)


Write points of difference between Cavalier and cabinet. (5 MARKS)

Write the formulas of the following:                    (5 MARKS)

translation                      P'= 

scaling                            P'=

rotation                          P'=

composite transition        P'= 


Also concern following past papers for preparation:


Total MCQs   20  of each one maks

Two question of 2 marksis

Two question of 3 marks

Two question of 5 marks

Q1. define rotation in 2d ? (2)

Q2. describe the diagram that is 0n the page # 200 2nd diagram... (5)

q3. formula to find length of the vector.

q4. write a c program to draw a circle using polar coordinatx


on December 12, 2012 at 10:52am

Today CS602 Midterm Term Paper

Total Question = 26

Total Mcqs of 1 marks of each = 20

Total 2 Marks Question = 2

Total 3 Marks Question = 2

Total 5 Marks Question = 2

write the two techniques of triangle rasterization.    2 marks

ek tha k in 2-D can a polygon be divided if yes then write the reason? 

what is the taxonomy of the families of the projection?    shayd 5 mrks ka tha 

write the following formula in column 2?      5 marks

ek table given tha jiske ek side par names or dusri side par unke formulas likhne the in 3-D? 

translation                      P'= 

scaling                            P'=

rotation                          P'=

shear                              P'=

composite transition        P'= 

What is meant by the viewing Frustum? (2)
In 3D graphics what we consider before the rotation of a point? (2)
Clock wise rule Walter Atherton Polygon clipping method........................(3)
Texture mapped triangle Rasterization....................(5)
Reflection in 2D transformation...............(3)
Diff. b/w Lacal and Global Coordinate syatem............(5)

Current paper 2012 solved








  • • Local coordinate systems can be defined with respect to global coordinate system
  • • Locations can be relative to any of these coordinate systems
  • • Locations can be translated or "transformed" from one coordinate system to







The Viewing Frustum

A viewing frustum is 3-D volume in a scene positioned relative to the viewport's camera.

The shape of the volume affects how models are projected from camera space onto the



In 3D computer graphics, the viewing frustum or view frustum is the region of space in the modeled world that may appear on the screen; it is the field of view of the notional camera. The exact shape of this region varies depending on what kind of camera lens is being simulated

















Formula to solve this question

x′ = x.Sx

y′ = y.Sy




Rendering - The process of computing a two dimensional image using a combination of

a three-dimensional database, scene characteristics, and viewing transformations. Various

algorithms can be employed for rendering, depending on the needs of the application.








Axonometric projections are orthographic projections in which the direction of projection

is not parallel to any of the three principal axes. Non orthographic parallel projections

are called oblique parallel projection.



we can find a matrix for any sequence of transformation as a

composite transformation matrix by calculating the matrix product of the individual






 CS602 - May – June 2013 - MidTerm

Aaj ka paper MGT501



21: We have performed the reflection of an object about x-axis, you are required to find the transformation matrix of that object. (2)


22: What is the difference between local coordinate and global coordinate system? (2)


23: We have three vertices at points (x1, y1), (x2, y2), and (x3, y3). Write pseudo code to draw a triangle. (3)


24: Describe the characteristics of 3-D coordinate system. (3)


25: Apply the following transformations on the point P(x,y) = (4,5)           (5 Marks)

  1. Translate using Tx = 3 and Ty = 2
  2. Scale using Sx = 2 and Sy = 1


26: Derive the formula for calculating unit vector from a given 3D vector <x,y,z>    (5 Marks)



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