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My today paper of cs602
mostly mcq,s from maaoz file ......
80% +........

subjective questions
what is model transformation
what is mean fractal
normal form equation
what story board .......

shah nawaz thanks 

what would you understand by term emission.....5marks

equation of normal plane.......5marks

oren nayer diffuse reflection.how it different from lambertian diffuse shading....5marks

eq of emission of light when l and s strikes with the surface 3marks

story board in animation 3marks

cubic hermit interpolation  3marks

refraction of light 2 marks

 fari  thanks for sharing ur paper.. 

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Paper easy tha :)

mcqs almost sare mooez ki file sa tahy 

Normalization of vector?

what is mean fractal 

story board in animation 3marks

cubic hermit interpolation  3marks

Difference between Complex and Convex polygons

In complex polygons the vertices intersect some edge of the polygon whereas in convex

polygons they can not.

Difference between Filled and Unfilled Polygon In an unfilled polygon, only the points on the

perimeter of the polygon are drawn. Whereas, in filled polygons all the interior points of the

polygon must be filled. This means that all of the pixels within the boundaries of the polygon

must be set to the specified color or pattern.

a) How we can find that whether a point lies inside a polygon or not?

To test it, draw a line segment from any point that lies outside the polygon to a point P that we

wish to determine whether it is inside or outside of the polygon. Count the number of edges

that the line crosses. If the number of polygon edges crossed is odd, then P lie within the

polygon. Similarly, if the number of edges is even, then P lies outside of the polygon.

Difference between concave and convex polygons

If a straight line connecting any two points that are inside the polygon intersects any edges of

the polygon, then this polygon is called Concave polygons, otherwise it will be convex one.

What is meant by spotlight?

A light containing a minimum of the following parameters: light location, target location and penumbra.

Theater lights or bulbs enclosed in a lamp shade are good examples of spotlights. A spot light is like a

point light, but its light rays are restricted to a well defined cone. It is often used to direct the viewers

eye to certain parts of the scene.

Describe polygon clipping briefly.

An algorithm that clips a polygon is rather complex. Each edge of the polygon must be tested against

each edge of the clipping window, usually a rectangle. As a result, new edges may be added, and existing

edges may be discarded, retained, or divided. Multiple polygons may result from clipping a single

polygon. We need an organized way to deal with all of these cases.


 1. Can we use SCAN system in Televisions? Explain. Also list down the name of systems.


A raster scan, or raster scanning, is the rectangular pattern of image capture and reconstruction in television. By analogy, the term is used for raster graphics, the pattern of image storage and transmission used in most computer bitmap image systems.

Name of systems:


Raster-scan displays

Random-scan displays.

5. What time of unit is used in animation [see page # 426]


For single frame animation, where one drawing is done for each frame, a second of action needs 24 drawings. If the same action is animated on double frames, where each drawing is photographed twice in succession, 12 drawings are necessary out the number of frames and hence the speed of the action would be the same in both cases.

That is—24 fps for film and either 25 fps or 30 fps for television and video depending on format. The unit of time within which an animator works is, therefore, 1/24 sec, 1/25 sec or 1/30 sec and an important part of the skill, which the animator has to learn is what this specific timing ‘feels’ like on screen. With practice the animator also learns what multiples of this unit look like—3 frames, 8 frames, 12 frames and so on.

7. What is clipping polygon? Why it is used? describe briefly?


Clipping process and the original color associated with each one. The Sutherland-Hodgeman clipping algorithm clips any polygon against a convex clip polygon. The Weiler-Atherton clipping algorithm will clip any polygon against any clip polygon. The

Polygons may even have holes.

8. Name 4 areas where openGl is used.


1. 2D and 3D graphics application programming interface (API)

2. OpenGL fosters innovation and speeds application development by incorporating a broad set of rendering, texture mapping, special effects, and other powerful visualization functions.

3. Developers can leverage the power of OpenGL across all popular desktop and workstation platforms, ensuring wide application deployment.

Paper 2:

1. Critical angle in Refraction?



we can observe from Snell's law (and the fact that the index of

refraction in a vacuum is 1) that light bends toward the normal when it slows down (i.e.,

when the material it's intersecting with has a higher index of refraction). Consequently,

when we intersect a medium that has a lower index of refraction (e.g., going from glass to

air), then the angle will increase. Ah, we must be thinking, we're approaching a

singularity here since we can then easily generate numbers that we can't take the inverse

sine of! If we use Snell's law for light going from water to air, and plug in 90° for the

refracted angle, we get 41.8° for the incident angle. This is called the critical angle at

which we observe the phenomenon of total internal reflection. At any angle greater than

this, light will not pass though a boundary but will be reflected internally.


4.OpenGL routines for analogy transformation?


The three OpenGL routines for modeling transformations are glTranslate*(),

glRotate*(), and


5.Vector equation for a plan using second degree polynomial?


P(u) = au2 + bu + c LLL(5)

7.Code in OpenGL using C library, to make a 400x600 window, with drawing shape in it?


//Create a window and set its width and height.

glutCreateWindow( "Deform" );

glutReshapeWindow( 400, 600 );

8. View Transformation?

A correspondence must be established between the transformed coordinates and

Screen pixels. This is known as a viewport transformation.

9. Normalization of vector?


5. Write down the any three OpenGL function. [3]


glutDisplayFunc( display );

glutCreateWindow( "Deform" );

glutReshapeWindow( 640, 480 );

glClearColor, glClearIndex, glClearDepth, glClearStencil, and glClearAccum.

 ☆ şħάħ ģέέ ☆ thanks for sharing ur paper 

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please share moazz bhai papers of cs602


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