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CS604 ALL Current Final Term Papers Spring 2016 And Past Final Term Papers at One Place from 20 August 2016 to 2 September 2016

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Exam CS604, Date: 24/08/2016

MCQs 40, 20% from past file

Subjective 12 questions

  • Name the algorithm which is used  as bench mark for page replacement. (2 Marks)
  • Assume a logical address space of 16 pages of 1024 words, each page is mapped into a physical memory of 64 frames and each word consists of 2 bytes. You are required to calculate total number of bits required for f (frame number). (2 Marks)
  • What do we name to an address that is generated by the CPU? (2 Marks)
  • Critical section has hardware based or software based solutions. You have to write the structure of the software based solution for the critical section problem.(2 Marks)
  • Look at the instructions given below, when two processes are allowed to update a variable named “counter” concurrently. Counter value at start is 3. After executing these instructions what will be the value of PI and P2? Also tell when instructions are executed in such interleaving way what this condition is called? //some instructions were given// (3 Marks)
  • If HR is hit ratio and MR is miss ratio, then how can you calculate the effective access time? Write formula and calculate Teffective on following values



         HR=80% (3 Marks)

  • Consider a process is in its normal execution but at some point one of its needed resources is preempted. You are required to suggest a method to handle this situation with all possible ways. (3 Marks)
  • While managing computer system hardware efficiently, sometimes it seems reasonable to service all requests that are close to current head position. You are required to identify and analyze the technique that work on this policy.(3 Marks)
  • Sometimes semaphore is not as much effective as they can be. What do you think in which situation, it happens and what problem they create and then what they termed are? Also tell in which situation such type of semaphores are useful and how? (5 Marks)
  • Is disk I/O to swap space generally faster than file system? Justify the statement with reason in either case. (5 Marks)
  • A system has two processes and three identical resources. Each process needs a maximum of two resources. Is deadlock possible? Explain your answer. (5 Marks)
  • In case of file protection, what should the file owner/creator be able to control? And what operations need to be controlled? (5 Marks)


Exam was a bit difficult for me; I hope it will be easy for y’all and all students pass the exam with shining grades Ameen

Best of luck

thnx for sharing

My yesterday's paper


1. what is dead lock prevention and explain how necessary condition be violated?
2. in unix system you are required to identify access modes and classes of user in order to implement file protection permissions
3. differentiate between page number ( p ) and page offset ( d )?
4. how operating sytem attack the "hold and wait " condition necessary for dead lock in order to solve the problem of dead lock.
5. can hard links be established between files that are on different system?
6. in semaphore P and V are termed for what?

my cs604 ppr....


hello guys here is complete solution of this stuff


CS604 Operating systems

2 marks questions

Difference between deadlock prevention and avoidance

Write semantic for TSL

Name the method that helps to control the page fault rate to prevent thrashing

Can we increase the speed of accessing page table by placing them in the main memory as compared to placing them in the CPU register?

3 marks questions

How the mapping of logic address space on to the physical address space is possible?

Is it necessary to have a reference count within a file descriptor in order to implement soft links?

Methods for handling deadlocks

5 marks question

Out of primary and secondary storage when memory is best suited to store a program and execute that program

Steps of page replacement

Write algorithms that stores two variables among processes

Is disk I/O to swap space generally faster than file system. Justify

my paper today 28 08 16
only 5 to 10 mcqs from past

How the process share memory at segment level
Differentiate between local and global replacement
Scenario if the two processes are issued with same ticket number ;anomaly arise, suggest solution
Is the wait for graph is used for the single or multiple instances of each type of resource?
OS want to execute high priority process, but main memory is full; how to go about it
Write swap instruction code
FIFO page replacement suffers beady anomaly how to remove
Segmentation->.... how to evaluate logical address to determine whether it is legal or not
How the team members would share the files/directories of the project.. write 4 ways and explain
Write down conditions essential to fulfil solution of critical section problem
High level construct have advantages as compared to semaphore comment

Guys agr kisi ka paper past m say ata he to kindly wo file b upload kr diya krain. Thnks


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