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my paper today


What are named pipe or FIFO?         


FIFOs (also known as named pipes) are used for communication between related or unrelated processes on a UNIX/Linux system.


How you would display status of background and suspended jobs processes?

We can use the jobs command to display the status of suspended and background



Q23.    What will happen if exit() is called instead of pthread_exit() in multithreaded system?


If we use the exit() system call, it will terminate the whole process instead of thread. The fact is that the purpose of the exit() system call is to terminate a process and not a thread.


Why Pipes are useful give at least two reasons?      

Two common uses of FIFOs are:

  1. In client-server applications, FIFOs are used to pass data between a server process and client processes
  2. Used by shell commands to pass data from one shell pipeline to another, without creating temporary files



There are five processes given below with their run time units. Assume that all processes arrived in order at time P1= 0 p2 =4 , P3 =2 , P4 =5 , P5 = 0. Then answer the question given below.


P1. 6

P2. 4

P3. 9

P4. 1

P5. 10


Show the scheduling order for the processes for FCFS, and Round -Robin (Quentum 4)



The scheduling process order for FCFS will be P1P5P3P2P4

The scheduling process order for RR will be




Why fork() system call? Discuss kenal view and user view sort of that ?

Q identify three reasons why mknod() system call fails

Q24. What will happen if exit() is called instead of pthread_exit() in multithreaded system?

Threads ka question aya tha 5 num ka that how threads create..... and koi failure reasons likhni thi.....
q: ak table tha jis ma p1,p2,p3,p4 n inka data given tha wiating time find krna tha ye b 5 num ak tha...

and mostly mcqs from moaz file and given recent screen shots

30.06.16 12:00


All McQs from moaz file 100% 

subjective was conceptual ...

some Question from threads 

table dia hua tha turnaround time nikalna tha

itna yad h 

lucky ho innoxent :)



Total questions: 26

20 objectives 90% from past files


  • Write the name of threads where OS is fully aware of its creation and mapping methods and also give an example of OS that support these threads. (2Marks)
  • Differentiate between Turnaround time and Response time. (2 Marks)
  • Consider the following statement,

“read (pfds[1],  buf,  -5);”

Do you think that the given statement will work properly? Give reasons to support your answer. (3 Marks)

  • Selection of scheduling algorithm under specified workload is evaluated using a technique; do you know any technique which specifies this evaluation using some formula? State the technique name and also the name of its categories. (3 Marks)


  • Calculate the performance of FCFS algorithm for three computer-bound processes. By calculating

Waiting Time per process.

Average waiting time of processes

When three process p1, p2, p3 ready in queue at time 0 and there burst times are

Process P1: takes 20 seconds, Process P2 takes 5 seconds, Process P3 takes 4 seconds.

In first turn when processes arrive in order P1, P2, P3.

1n 2nd turn processes arrive in order p3, p2, p1. (5 Marks)


  • Let us consider the following code.

$ gcc server.c –o server

$ gcc client.c –o client

$ server &

[1] 432056

$ client

Hello, world!

Hello, class!



Out of server and client processes in the given code, which process will run in the foreground and which process will run in the background? Also tell that what does [1] and 432056 represent in the given code? (5 Marks)


Best of Luck 


             Prepare Moaaz MCQs file for Objective


        Attached file contains Current Solved 2016 MidTerm Exam Questions


SalMan HaidEr




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