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Current Final Term Papers Spring 2012 Date: 16-July-2012 to 27-July-2012

Current Final Term Papers Spring 2012 Papers, July 2012, Solved Final Term Papers, Solved Papers, Solved Past Papers, Solved MCQs

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Current Final Term papers of this subject will be shared here During Exam.

Current Final Term papers of this subject will be shared here During Exam.

Tariq bahi plz if you found any current paper on cs606 plz do share it.

Questions of 2 Marks:
1-what is semantic actions?
2-Brief note on Reducible Flow Graphs
3-A Tree given, Traverse in Postorder
4-What is live variable
5- a code given, Subexpressions eliminate karna the.

Questions of 3 Marks:
1- Translate the following regular expression in simple words: r*
2- Write brief note on Labeling Algorithm
3- Role of Symbol Table
4- main Diff. Between Hopcroft’s Algorithm and Subset Construction Algorithm

Questions of 5 Marks:
1-What kind of data structure is used to represent Basic Blocks?
2-Discuss the issue of Target programs in Code Generation phase?
3- What is LR(K) parsing and discuss main advantage

Tariq bhai can u help us in this, no msqs are available.plz help also if anyone has its paper

Please any body share cs606 current paper.....

Title says cs605 and it is placed in cs606 ..... !!

2 - Phases of front end of compiler.

2 - why we use live variable analysis.

3 - Differentiate attribute grammar and syntax-directed grammar.

3 - why compilers use multiple IR.

3 - from given CFG generate string aa+a*

      S->SS+ | SS* | a

5 - S->XX

X->XXX | bX | Xb | a

draw parse tree for string bbaaaab

the questions i forget was from attribute grammar and syntax directed and it related topics.

3 - some thing was like write example of attribute grammar.

5 - example of syntax directed ...

this is what i can remember .....

tell that objective of this subject were from where easy or tough?

My today CS606 paper24-7-2012

Total Questions            52

Mcqs                           40

Subjective                    12

Question NO 41:          Was a long statement    2 Marks

Question NO 42:          Why we use live-variable? 2 Marks

Question NO 43:          What are the common sub-expressions? 2 Marks

Question NO 44:          What are the characteristics of live-variable?     2 Marks

Question NO 45:          Relocation in compiler. 3 Marks

Question NO 46:          Third section of YACC represents what kind of information? 3 Marks

Question NO 47:          How inherited attribute are different synthezied with respect to grammar attribute? 3 Marks

Question NO 48:          Why compiler uses multiple instruction representation? 3 Marks

Question NO 49:          Consider grammar SàaSshow that grammar is ambiguous by using two parse tree for the same string. 5 Marks

Question NO 50:          How we can implement Syntax directed translator using two pass? 5 Marks

Question NO 51:          How register descriptor are used in code generation? 5 Marks

Question NO 52:          was a long statement.5Marks



Azhar ul Hasan gud work keep it up & keep sharing 

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