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CS606 Compiler Construction Fall 2013 Current and Past Final Term Papers at One Place From March 01 to March 12, 2014

CS606 Compiler Construction 

All Current and Past Final Term Papers at One Place

From March 01 to March 12, 2014

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Share Your Current Final Term Papers (Questions/Pattern) from 01 March 2014 to 12 March 2014 to help each other.


VU Today's Final Term Paper For Fall 2013
Total Questions = 52 of Total 80 Marks
Total MCQ = 40 Each of 1 marks
Total Short Questions = 4 Each of 2 marks
Total Short Questions = 4 Each of 3 marks
Total Long Questions = 4 Each of 5 marks

Subjective Questions are:

1) S ->{SX} | a           2 Marks

X -> ε| + SY | Yb

Y -> ε | - SXc 

Find Non- Terminals and Terminals

2) why use common sub-expression.     2 Marks

3) Which Information we can get the second section of YACC file.   2 Marks

4) In main memory, what type of information store in data segment.   2 Marks

5) One Question conceptual about get rid. Microsoft use parsing technique and it hava face problem. we will help about alternative solution. e.t.c    3 Marks

6) When compiler use stack for allocation at run time for storing variable.    3 Marks

7) Write Basic block 3-address code segment.    3 Marks

1) a = 1

2) b = 2

3) c = a + b

4) d = c - a

8) Difference between Attribute Grammer and Syntax directed translation.  3 Marks

9) Let CFG G= {Vn,Vt,S,P} where    Marks 5

Vn = {<goal>, <expression>, <term>, <factor>}

Vt = {a,b,c,-,+}

S = {goal}

Define the production of G and drive the string a-b+c

10) One Question about Lable and Goto Simply describe about uses of those 2 control flow statement.    Marks 5

11) DAG representation of Basic Block    Marks 5

t1 := a + b

t2 := c + d

t3 := e - t2

t4 := t1 - t3


VU Current Final Term Paper
Semester Fall 2013
Total Questions = 52 
Total Marks = 80
Total 1 Mark MCQ = 40
Total 2 Marks Short Questions = 4
Total 3 Marks Short Questions = 4
Total 5 Marks Long Questions = 4

Questions of 2 Marks:
1-what is semantic actions?
2-Brief note on Reducible Flow Graphs
3-A Tree given, Traverse in Postorder
4-What is live variable
5- a code given, Subexpressions eliminate karna the.
Questions of 3 Marks:
1- Translate the following regular expression in simple words: r*
2- Write brief note on Labeling Algorithm
3- Role of Symbol Table
4- main Diff. Between Hopcroft’s Algorithm and Subset Construction Algorithm
Questions of 5 Marks:
1-What kind of data structure is used to represent Basic Blocks?
2-Discuss the issue of Target programs in Code Generation phase?
3- What is LR(K) parsing and discuss main advantage

My today paper:

1.         S --> a | B

B --> Bb | E

The non-terminal _______ is left recursive.

Answer: B


2.         When constructing an LR(1) parser we record for each item exactly in which context it appears, which resolves

many conflicts present in _______parsers based on FOLLOW sets.

Select correct option:

1. SLR(1)

2. LRS(1)

3. RLS(1)

4. None of the given


3.         When generating a lexical analyzer from a token description, the item sets (states) are constructed by two types

of “moves”: character moves and ____ moves.

Select correct option:

1. E (empty string) Page no : 18

2. #

3. @

4. none of given


4.         When generating a lexical analyzer from a ____ description, the item sets (states) are constructed by two types

of “moves”: character moves and E moves.

Select correct option:

1. token

2. character

3. grammer

4. none of given


5.         S --> A | xb

A --> aAb | x

This grammar contains a ____conflict.

Select correct option:




none of the given


6.         Yacc contains built-in support for handling ambiguous grammars resulting in _______ conflicts.

Select correct option:




None of the given


7.         Attributes whose values are defined in terms of a node’s own attributes, node’s siblings and node’s parent are

called __________ .

Select correct option:

Inherited attributes Page no : 92

Physical attributes

Logical attributes

Un-synthesized attributes


8.         Register allocation by graph coloring uses a register interference graph. _________ nodes in the graph are

joined by an edge when the live ranges of the values they represent overlap.

Select correct option:

Two page no : 136




9.         The following two items

A -> P • Q

B -> P • Q

can co-exist in an ______ item set.

Select correct option:






10.       Three-address codes are often implemented as a ________.

Select correct option:

Set of quadruples Page no : 104


11.       Attributes of a node whose values are defined wholly in terms of attributes of node’s children and from

constants are called ________.

Synthesized attributes Page no : 92


12.       What does following statement represent? x[i] = y

Answer: indexed assignment Page no : 107


13.       S --> A B

A --> e | aA

B --> e | bB - FIRST(S) contains ___ elements

Answer: 3       Page no : 46



14.       Dotted items (Ta •b) record which part of a token has already been matched. Integer? ([0-9])+ • This

is a _____ item.

Answer: Extended Page no : 73


15.       ____________tree in which each node represents an operator and children of the node represent the operands.

Select correct option:

Abstract syntax Page no : 100

Concrete syntax


None of the given


16.       Ambiguity can easily be handled by _____Parser

Select correct option:



Left recursive



17.       In PASCAL ___________ represent the inequality test.




None of the given


18.       Responsibility of ______________ is to produce fast and compact code.

Instruction selection

Register allocation

Instruction scheduling

None of given


19.       Parser takes tokens from scanner and tries to generate _______________ .

Binary Search tree

Parse tree

Syntax trace Page no : 6

None of the given


20.       In Back End module of compiler, optimal register allocation uses_______________ .

O(log n)

O(n log n)

N P-Complete Page no : 10

None of the given


21.       ____ summarizes the grammatical structure with the details of derivations.

Select correct option:






22.       Typical compilation means programs written in high-level languages to

low-level ____________.

Select correct option:

Object code

Byted code


Both Object Code and byte code


23.       A linker takes one or more source files generated by a compiler and combines them into a ______ executable program.






Baki 2 mcqs Yacc me se aye thy aur shift-reduce k bht ziada mcqs thy

aur yaad nae hain 

Subjective questions:

1.                  What are two properties of reducible flow graphs?

2.                  Which Information we can get the third section of YACC file.



Traverse the given tree in postorder.

4.                  What are the characteristics of live variable?

5.                  Define the structure of common table of LR(1).

6.                  Define Intermediate representation which is closest to hardware and what is its main function?

7.                  When we use garbage collection with respect to memory management?8.                  x:=(a-b)*(c+d)

write 3-address code of the given expression. (5 marks).

9.                  1question 5 marks ka block code likhna tha wo yad nae

10.             Intermediate code dia tha simple code generate krna tha (5 marks)


Sorry baki yaad nae hain 


Maahi Naveed (BS-IT, 6th)  thanks for sharing..keep it up & best of luck for result 

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My plearure Sir.. & Thanks a lot for appreciation..:)

Kindly ap bata sakty han k yeh MCQS apny kis file sy point out kiye han?

from these files snipper.. :)


Kindly find in the attachment my CS606 Final Term paper for Fall 2013 dated: 5th March, 2014.


thanx to all..


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