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CS606  Current MID Term Papers Fall 2012 Date: 08-December-2012 to 19-December-2012

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Please Share your Current Papers Questions/Pattern here to help each other. Thanks

Yes dears all plz come here 2 share

Please Share your Current Papers Questions/Pattern here to help each other. Thanks

Q. In two pass assembler what is the objective of First Pass? 2 marks

Q. What is Relocation? 3 marks


5 marks

Up frontier discovery  useful for top down parser.


Parser tree 3 marks

one grammar  5 marks 


LR parsers can handle ________________ grammars.

_____ convert the relocatable machine code into absolute machine code by linking library and relocatable object files. 

  1. Assembler
  2. 2.      Loader/link-editor
  3. Compiler
  4. Preprocessor

Consider the grammar A --> B C D

B --> h B | epsilon

C --> C g | g | C h | i

D --> A B | epsilon

Follow of B is _____________ .

g, h, i, $
g, i

Consider the grammar A --> B C D

B --> h B | epsilon

C --> C g | g | C h | i

D --> A B | epsilon

Follow of C is _____________ .

g, h, i, $
g, h, $
h, i, $
h, g, $


An important component of semantic analysis is __________________ .
code checking
type checking
flush checking
None of the given

In PASCAL ___________ represent the inequality test.
None of the given

Lexical Analyzer generator ________________ is written in Java.

  1. Flex
  2. 2.      Jlex
  3. Complex
  4. None of given

____________avoid hardware stalls and interlocks.

  1. Register allocation
  2. 2.      Instruction scheduling
  3. Instruction selection
  4. None of given

Consider the following grammar, A --> B C D B --> h B | episilon C --> C g | g | C h | i D --> A B | episilon First of A is _______________ .
h, g, i
None of the given..doubted

Recursive ____________ parsing is done for LL(1) grammar.

One of the core tasks of compiler is to generate fast and compact executable code.



Left factoring of a grammar is done to save the parser from back tracking.

Responsibility of ______________ is to produce fast and compact code.
Instruction selection
Register allocation
Instruction scheduling
None of given

________________ algorithm is used in DFA minimization.
None of given

Compilers are sometimes classified as. 

  1. Single pass
  2. Multi pass
  3. Load and go
  4. 4.      All of the given


plzzzzzzzzz kisi k pass MCQ's solved ya unsolved hain to post kar dain plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

share current papers..

:-( koi b nai :-(

Tariq Bhai plz come for help.

Plz any one come for help kal paper hay g.

here is problme can any one to solve

Question # 9 of 10 ( Start time: 06:40:30 PM ) Total Marks: 1
Flex is an automated tool that is used to get the minimized DFA (scanner).
Select correct option:

one plce is termed as true and in other is termed as false can any one for help

In compilation process Hierarchical analysis is also called
Select correct option:
Syntax analysis
Both Parsing and Syntax analysis
None of given
is ka bhi clear kareen plz

In multi pass compiler during the first pass it gathers information
about ___________________ .
Select correct option:
Static information
None of the given ***

is ka bhi plz

Both Parsing and Syntax analysis


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