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CS609 ALL Current Final Term Papers Fall 2015 & Past Final Term Papers at One Place from 5 March 2015 to 16 March 2015

CS609 ALL Current Final Term Papers Fall 2015 & Past Final Term Papers at One Place from 5 March 2015 to 16 March 2015  

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70% mcq’s from moaz file and 30% new

How descriptor describes a memory segment and what are the attributes of memory segment?

Write down the anatomy of NTFS base file system.

Write down the procedure to convert a cluster into sector no.

Write down the structure of data part of partition table.

In NTFS, where the back up of the boot block are stored and why?

Some subjective from old papers.


Thanks Abrish Fatima

thanks سافٹ ویئر ڈویلپر

My final term paper of CS609 on 13-03-2015
Solution By Anees Ahmad
Which file system keeps the backup of its boot block? 2marks
FAT32 File System keeps the backup of its boot block.
What are computer viruses? 2marks
A computer virus is a malware program, when it is executed, it replicates by inserting copies of
itself into other computer programs, data files, the boot sector of the hard drive. When this
replication succeeds the affected areas are then said to be "infected". This small program called
computer virus.
Absread() and abswrite() functions are used for? 2marks
Absread( ) function is used to read a block LSN is given.
Abswrite( ) function is used to write a block given its LSN.
What is the diffrence between sectors and tracks? 2marks
The difference between sectors and tracks is that tracks are the circular division of the disk where
sectors are longitudinal division of the disk.
It means that the track is a single ring of data on one side of a disk and tracks are divided into
several numbered divisions known as sectors.
Explain the usage of lower three bits (0,1 and 2) in DMA Mask-1 register. 3marks
The lower bits 0 and 1 contain the channel number.
The lower bit 2 is set if the channel to be masked.
How many maximum root directory entries are possible in FAT12 and FAT16? 3marks
FAT12 and FAT16 media typically uses 512 root directory entries.
Why it is not feasible to calculate FSInfo block information again and again FAT32? 3marks
FSInfo block is a special reserved block. This block has some information required by OS for
cluster allocation and deallocation to files. This calculation is not feasible in FAT 32 because the
size of FAT32 is very large. As this calculation will consumes lot of time.
That is why it is not feasible to calculate FSInfo block information again and again FAT32.
How cross references of clusters can be detected? 3marks
A cluster is called cross reference if it lie in more than one file chain. It can be detected by
traversing through out the chain of files and then marking the cluster number while traversal.
Find the root directory sector. Where reserved sectors=1 and sector per FAT=9. Used appropriate
assumption where needed. 5marks
Root directory sector can find by this formula Reserved Sectors + 2 * (size of FAT)
Root DIR Sector = Reserved Sectors + 2 * (size of FAT) = 1 + 2 * 9 = 19
How can we recover the deleted contents of file? Explain each step of recovery in detail. 5marks
*When a file is deleted it is marked as 0xE5 at the start of file entry, but the contents of file still
remain there on the disk.
*The contents can be recovered by placing a valid file name, the character in place of E5,
recovering the chain of file.
*The clusters which are used by deleted files if over written by other files then it can be
How descriptor describes a memory segment and what are the attributes of memory segment?
Descriptor describes a memory segment as: The descriptor describes a Memory Segment by
storing the attributes related to memory segment.
The attributes of memory segment: The attributes of memory segment are base address, it length
and access rights.
Write down the structure of data part of partitioning table? 5marks
*The data part of the partitioning table contains information about four different partitions for
different kinds of OS.
*Every partition information piece is 16 bytes wide.
*The last two bytes at the end of the partition the data part is the partition table signature.
*The value of partition table signature should be AA55 indicate that the code part have valid
code for execution.
Solution By Anees Ahmad

Please share ur today system programming paper..
If DMA channel is used to transfer how will convert segment address into offset address. Types of virus, scan disk for bad sectors, a program was given to complete code , data part detail of partition table.

pls share more papers here.


   read  Abrish Fatima    comments  and old papers are importants  for paper  

90% paper from this file enjoy


thanx alot arshad

Arshad Khokher ur file is broken or damage and not opening...


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