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Dear Students,

Quiz No. 2 of CS609 will be held on February 2, 2016 and will also remain open on February 3, 2016. Lecture no. 21 to 33 will be included in the quiz. You are required to attempt the quiz as early as possible once it is available to you.

Best of Luck!


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CS609_Mine Latest Quizz
3 Feb 2015, 7:32pm
1_Blocks can be termed as______________.
Cylinder per sector (not sure)
2_ _______ are the circular division of the disk.
3_ We can access Blocks for FAT using _________.
4_ ________ is an internal data structure of DOS and resides in main memory.
None of the given. 
(Ans is SFT, however its not in options.)
5_ To access drive parameter block we use undocumented service ______.
6_ _______ is an absolute address relative to the start of physical drive.
LBA  240pg
7_There is/are ____ DMA controller’s masking register(s).
1 not sure
8_ Highest physical capacity of the disk according to the IDE interface is approximately _________.
9_ To access the block within cluster using BIOS services the cluster number should be converted into _____.
LSN  pg258
10_ What will be the value of DL register when we are accessing C drive using undocumented service 21H/32H?
3   pg249

my cs609 quiz no 2 


(1)_________ is used to identify the cause of interrupt.

Interrupt ID Register (Page 116)

PC Register


None of All These


(2)Int ________ is used to control the printer via the BIOS.

17H (Page 84)






(3)Only ________ ports are important from programming point of view.

70 and 71H (Page 141)

71 and 72H

70 and 72H

72 and 73H


(4)In case of synchronous communication a timing signal is required to identify the start and end of a bit.

True ( 105)



In order to produce the sound from PC internal Speaker we have to load the___bit divisor value at the ___port.

8, 0x21

16, 0x42

32, 0x22

64, 0x32


(6)The ____________ function simply enables the self test facility within the modem control register STOn()


SelfTestOn() (Page 127)


Non of these


(7)BIOS support _____________UARTS as COM ports.


4 (Page 113)




(8)The BIOS interrupt 0x1AH can be used to configure real time clock

True (Page 136)



(9)The baud rate is set in accordance with the divisor value loaded within the UART internal registers base +0 and base +1.

TRUE (Page 114)



(10) The -------------function uses the COM port number to receive a byte from the COM port using BIOS services.

Receive( )


recievechar()  (125)

None of All These

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