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CS609 System Programming Assignment No 01 Solution & Discussion Spring 2019 Due Date: 13-05-2019

CS609 System Programming Assignment No 01 Solution & Discussion Spring 2019 Due Date: 13-05-2019

  Problem Statement:You are required to writ C program using interrupt 65H to print your own Student ID, Name or your Study Program depending upon the number input i.e 1,2,3 respectively. When the user enters 1 it will print your own Student ID, if 2 then print your own Name and finally, if the user enters 3, it will print your Study Program.Instructions:Declare 3 character strings st1,st2,st3 having Student ID, Name and Study Program You should save interrupt 65H vector in a pointer to vector variable name oldint65 through getvect instruction. Call any new function i.e newint65( ) through setvect instruction.Through printf instruction, show message “What you want to print: Press 1,2,3= ” i.eprintf(“What you want to print: Press 1,2,3= ”);Then use scanf to take input input in an integer variable i.e scanf(“%d”, &i)In this program, you will implement interrupt 65H which is currently not used by operating system.Place service number in AH register. Interrupt 65H will check its value and will perform relevant function.Interrupt 65H function must check for Service Number using Switch Statement. In Case of Service Number 1, it should print Student ID i.e BC123456 and in case of Service Number is 2, it should print your own full name i.e Ali Ahmad. Similarly your study program i.e BS/MCS etc should be printed in case of number 3.Use keep() function to make this program TSR.
Note: Your assignment solution will be in this Word file (.doc or .docx) containing code of C only as given in sample solution:
Best of Luck!

Sample Solution://Header Files#include<stdio.H>#include<BIOS.H>#include<DOS.H>#include<conio.H>void interrupt (*oldint 65)(); //To store current interruptchar str1[80]={“BC123456$”}  // Write your own particularschar str2[80]={“Ali Ahmad$”}char str3[80]={“Degree Program:  BS$”}int i;void interrupt newint65(void);  //NewInt prototypevoid main(){// Keep vector of current INT//setting to newint65 clrscr();printf(“What you want to print: Press 1,2,3=>”);scanf(“%d”,&i);_AH=i;getch();}void interrupt newint65(){ switch(i){  case 1:           //Service Number  // Register for output.  break; } case 2:      break; } case 3:      break; } default:  {  }}  

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ye to compile he nhi ho raha.errors a rhy

dear fcntl.h kis lye use kia

Kaleem Ullah Khan

is main int i declaration ka error deta hy

int i declaration ka error ata hy any help please

A.o.A kaleem Ullah khan bhai id kis jagah kis deni plz btana

void interrupt *newint65(void);
int a = {"my id "};
void interrupt newint65(void);
printf("press 0 for student Id ",y)
unsigned char far *scr=(unsigned char far*)0xb8000000;
void main()
int i; //instruction added
for (i=0;i<2000;i++) //corrected
*scr=0x20; //corrected
*(scr+1)=0x07; //corrected
void main()
oldint65 = getvect(0x65);
setvect(0x65, newint65);
geninterrupt (0x65);
geninterrupt (0x65);
geninterrupt (0x65);
setvect(0x65, oldint65);
void interrupt(*newint65)( )
_AH = 0x09;
_DX=(unsigned int)st;
geninterrupt (0x21);



tariq bhai is ma apni id deni agar deni kis jagah per deni  name study program bi lkhna hai ye kis jagah likhna ye same jo ap ne send kiya woi likhna

Share below link with friends for solution & Discussion.

void interrupt (*oldint65)();void interrupt newint65(void);
char str1[80] = {"Your VU ID"};char str2[80] = {"Your Name"};char str3[80] = {"Your Degree Program"};
int i;
void main(){
oldint65 = getvect(0x65);
setvect(0x65, newint65);

printf("What you want to print: Press 1,2,3=>");


_AH=i; geninterrupt(0x65); getch();
void interrupt newint65(){ switch(i) { case 1: printf("s%",i); geninterrupt(0x21); break; case 2: printf("s%",i); geninterrupt(0x21); break; case 3: printf("s%",i); geninterrupt(0x21); break; default: printf("Enter Valid Number"); break;

hi guys i provide this  first assignment solution will be soon



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