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my cs609 2day paper:
What are the commands send before changing the typematic rate and LED status? 2
Command for writing typematic rate 0xF3 .Mean typematic rate will be send in the next byte and 0xEDfor the LED, Other such control information is the LED status. Every keyboard has three LED`s for representing the status of Num lock, caps lock and the scroll lock. If the device driver needs to change the status the LED status bytes should be writing on the keyboard. But before writing this byte the keyboard should be told that the control byte is to be written. This is done by sending the code 0xED before sending the status byte using.

In UART, what is the meaning of self test mode? 2
The UART is a device used for asynchronous communication. URAT contains a self test mode which can be used by the programmer to self test the software. In self test mode the output of the UART is routed to its input. So you receive what you send.

What is real time clock? 3
Real time clock is a device incorporated into the PC to update time even if the computer is off. It has the characteristics which enables it to update time even if the computer is off.
real time clock device are Battery powered device
updates time even if PC is shutdown
RTC has 64 byte battery powered RAM
INT 1AH used to get/set time.

We want to print a document using Direct Parallel Port Programming. We have got the base address of LPT1 from the BIOS data area. What are the steps involved for printing this document? 3
There are steps involved for printing this document:
The programmer firstly initializes the printer int 17H/01. the while loop will end when the end of file is reached, in the loop it checks the printer status (int 17H/01) and write the next byte in the file if the printer is found idle by checked the most significant bit of the status byte.
BIOS support up to three parallel ports
address of these LPT ports is stored in BIOS data area
40:08 is LPT1

Write down a C program that swaps the addresses of ports LPT1 with LPT2 in the BIOS data area.
Note: Base address of LPT1 in BIOS data area is 0x00400008 5marks

Unsigned int *lpt=(unsigned int far*) 0x00400008;
Unsigned int temp;
*(lpt+1)= temp;

What are the steps of keyboard writing protocol? 5
There are steps of keyboard writing protocol:
• Wait till input buffer is full
• Write on buffer
• Wait till output buffer is full
• Check the acknowledgement byte
• Repeat the process if it was previously unsuccessful

thanks plz share mores papes


My  Today’s Paper                 cs609 Midterm      13/06/2014

Very easy paper :

1)    What is the useage of coprocessor status word while testing for coprocessor?

2)    When we discuss flow control using RS232C ,which lines are used for data            transmits and reception?

3)    Write down the purpose of  interrupt 12 H and interrupt  15h/88h?

4)    What is the useage of interrupt ID register with in UART?

5)    Write down the steps to test the presence of co processor?

6)    Explain Null Modem ?

what will be binary vaule of Caps lock and num lock if these are on ON.

plz answer this

1 for NUM and 2 for caps lock



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