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Dear Students, Quiz No. 1 of CS609 will be held on December 14, 2015 and will also remain open on December 15, 2015. Lecture no. 1 to 20 will be included in the quiz. You are required to attempt the quiz as early as possible once it is available to you. Best of Luck! Regards,

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CS609_Fellow's Latest Quizz
5:15pm,15 Dec 2015
1_ What is output of the following program; #include<DOS.H> union REGS regs; void main (void ) { regs.h.al = 0x99; regs.h.ah = 0x00; printf ("%x",regs.x.ax); }
2_ At IRQ 7 Interrupt # ___ is used.
0x0F  pg 95
3_ _________ is a device incorporated into the PC to update time even if the computer is off.
Real time clock  pg136
4_ In self test mode the output of the UART is routed to its input.
TRUE pg117
5_ Interrupt ______ is used to get or set the time.
6_ if the following function, keep(1, 1000); is called in the TSR program, it means that ________ No. of bytes are reserved in the memory.
16000  lec03
7_  In interrupt vector table, if we are at address 0000:03FBH, this represent interrupt number;
FF (not conform)
8_ The baud rate is set in accordance with the divisor value loaded within the UART internal registers base +0 and base +1.
TRUE pg114
9_ Int _______ service 0 can be used to set the line parameter of the UART or COM port.
14H  pg 119
10_ Maximum numbers of interrupts that are registered in IVT are;
AE (not conform)

CS609_Mine Latest Quizz

4:47pm, 15 Dec 2015

1_ There are differences in mechanism of invocation of interrupt and event driven procedures.
2_ The ________ function simply enables the self test facility within the modem control register.
SelfTestOn() lec16
3_ If we are at address F000:0000H, then we are supposed to invoke interrupt(s) for;
BIOS (not sure)
4_ In case of synchronous communication a timing signal is required to identify the start and end of a bit.
false (not conform)
5_ Interrupt number 8 is invoked by ____________.
6_ ______ is used to set time.
1A/03H pg138
7_ The ______ service # is not used in any interrupt.
FF lec 02
8_ The memory addresses of COM ports remain same for all computers.
FALSE  lec 14
9_ In self test mode the output of the UART is routed to its input.
True pg117
10_Interrupt ______ is used to get or set the time.

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