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 Humda Thx for sharng. 

Thanku Humda good work keep it up...

Humda kon c file? plz again Share kar den

today's paper 7-3-2015

Mcqs are mostly from past papers almost 35 out of 40  cs614FinaltermSolvedMCQsWithReferencesbyMoaaz.pdf


Quizes b sary daikh lijye ga


Paper was easy

List down any 2 parallel hardware architecture (2)

Which Scripting languages are used to perform complete transformation in DTS packages(2)

A dataware house project is more like scientific research than anything in traditional informational system do you agree or not justify in either case(2)

4 static attribute recognized by scouts in agriculture (2)

In a distributed memory machine a processor can write a value into a shared memory and all process  can read this value(Correct or incorrect statement )(3)

3 draw backs of traditional web searches?(3)

In context of nested loop join mention 2 guideline for selecting a table as inner table (3)

What is purpose that data profiling must fulfill?(3)

Differentiate between static and data mining w.r.t  No.of parameters (dimension)and type of date ?(5)

3 activities that u will consider as part of required preplanning phase(5)

Web page dimensions ,5 possible attributes.(5)

How gender guide is used, when gender is missing ?(5)


thnx a lot sis

 tehmina Thx for sharng. 

Thanxxx 2 all of u for sharing


Held on 09-MAR-2015 (cs614 Final Term Paper Semester Fall 2014)

Total Questions: 52

MCQ 40: total time 120 minutes

4 Questions of 2 marks, 3 marks and 5 marks

Total marks: 80


Q. Do you agree a single technology/tool is sufficient to fulfill all needs of users? (2 marks)


Q. How would you determine out table in Nested-Loop join? (2 marks)


  • The smallest number of qualifying rows, and/or
  • The largest numbers of I/Os required to locate the rows.


Q. Write names of first two steps of Kimball DWH lifecycle? (3 marks)


1. Project Planning

2. Business Requirements Definition

Q. Write Drawbacks of traditional web searches? (3 marks)


1. Limited to keyword based matching.

2. Can not distinguish between the contexts in which a link is used.

3. Coupling of files has to be done manually.

Q. Write at least three name of Shared nothing RDBMS architecture? (3 marks)


  • Hash partitioning
  • Key range partitioning.
  • List partitioning.

Q. Why RAD methodology is successful, write at least two reasons? (5 marks)


Rapid Application Development (RAD) is an iterative model consisting of stages

like scope, analyze, design, construct, test, implement, and review. It is much better suited

to the development of a data warehouse because of its iterative nature and fast iterations.

Q. Make bitmap index (a table was given) (5 marks)

Q. One question was from agri-DWH (pest scouting) (5 marks)


About 15 MCQ from past, mostly MCQ were conceptual





 fivestar1122 Thx for shrng. keep it up. 

My today paper 8:00am 10-03-2015

6 to 7 questions are from Humda file: i am sharing those questions which are not included in this files.

What is pest scouting?

what is reverse proxy?

List down three steps which are performed in requirement defination phase of kimball's approach in data warehosue development?

which common measurements can be used to measure the success of specific email, advertisement, marketing?

Being a part of training team specify three guidlines that you consider as part of effective user education program??

1 query likhni thi jismy 2 tables thy or value set  karni thi....

What is pest scouting?

Pest scouting is a systematic field sampling process that provide field specific information on pest pressure and crop injury. The pest scouting data is being constantly recorded by the Directorate of Pest Warning and Quality Control of Pesticides (DPWQCP), Punjab since 1984. However, despite pest scouting, yield losses have been occurring. The most recent being the Boll Worm attack on the cotton crop during 2003-04, resulting in a loss of nearly 0.5 million bales. This loss can not be attributed to weather alone, but points to a multitude of factors, requiring efficient and effective data analysis, for better decision making.

what is reverse proxy?

Reverse Proxy Another type of proxy server, called a reverse proxy, can be placed in front of our enterprise's Web servers to help them offload requests for frequently accessed content. This kind of proxy is entirely within our control and usually presents no impediment to Web warehouse data collection. It should be able to supply the same kind of log information as that produced by a Web server.

List down three steps which are performed in requirement defination phase of kimball's approach in data warehosue development?

print page 294-299




which common measurements can be used to measure the success of specific email, advertisement, marketing?

Success of email or other marketing campaign can be measured by integrating with other operational systems. Common measurements are: •  Number of visitors •  Number of sessions •  Most requested pages •  Robot activity  Etc.

Being a part of training team specify three guidlines that you consider as part of effective user education program?

Some options are: 

• Invest in just-in-time training (provided by data warehousing tool vendors) • Use pilot projects as seeds for new technology training • Develop reward systems that encourage experimentation • Use outside system integrators and individual consultants  

Awais (BTRS project) Thx for shrng. keep it up


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