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CS614 Current Final Term Papers Spring 2020 & Past Solved Papers, MCQs


CS614 Share Your Current Final Term Papers Spring 2020 (05 September 2020 Onward) (Questions/Pattern) & Past Papers as well here to help each other. Thanks



CS614 Solved MCQs, Short Notes, Solved Past Papers, Solved Online Quizzes, E-Books, FAQs, Short Questions Answers & More. You must view all the featured Discussions one by one in this subject group by clicking on the below link


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CS614 Solved MCQs, Short Notes, Solved Past Papers, Solved Online Quizzes, E-Books, FAQs, Short Questions Answers & More. You must view all the featured Discussions one by one in this subject group by clicking on the below link


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CS614 VU Current Final Term Papers Spring 2020

Done with cs614 paper 11 am
Mcqs 20 were from past
Subject papers was totally different from past files
50 questions 40 mcqs 10 subjective
1Quality management maturity gird
Sy teen statement thi, unko identify krna tha
2Collapse table sy ik question solve krna tha
3Dense index sy ik statement correct incorrect btana tha
4Data mining vs statistics
5Business dimensional lifecycle
6Dwh page dimensions
7Import export wizard load tasks, at least 5
8Denormalization techniques

CS614 Current Papers Final term Spring 2020

CS614 current paper | 10-09-2020


36 Mcqs from past ppr...
1.Saprse Index correct or incorrect statement...3
2.Kimball's Approach-name of three parallel Tracks...3
3.Identify Atleast two attributes that r performing horizontal partition...3
4.Identify All The entities from ERD...3
5.Indentify correct incorrect state-about DTS tools ...3
6.Writr the types Of Queries for which B-tree and hash index...5
7.Predict the un-known Gender of the person from table... 5
8.Selectivity of OLTP ANd DWH 5
9.Following is the Header (column names with description)of students table stored in Sql server...5
10.Data Warehouse agriculture sector identify ty static and dnyamic attributes from table... 5

Cs614 My Paper 11 Sep 2020 at 5:00 pm

1-Planning phase of DHW development?

2- Five attribute of Webpage?

3- Characteristics of Data warehouse?

4- Apply Run length encoding on the given input streams and mention the output stream?

5- In context of Kimball’s approach for data warehouse development, name the three parallel tracks after “business requirement definition phase”?

6- Identify and mention the name of quality Management Maturity?

7- Cost of hash-join in Pakistan?


CS614 – 13 Sep 11 AM
MCQs were from handouts and past papers. Past about 70%.
Write any two Implementation strategies of data warehouse project. (3)
What are the load tasks using import/export wizard. Write any 3 (3)
Wisdom is the application of which two entities? (3)
Write any two parallel software architectures. (3)
Name three major approaches for accessing information stored on the web. (3)
Write names of DTS items. (5)
Four categories Data Quality improvement (5)
Identify additive and non additive facts from given table (5)
The example of join cost given in the handouts. Ditto copy (5)
Some statements were given. We had to identify them as correct or wrong. (5)
Cs614 today paper
Mcqs 20almost from muaaz file
Subjective 3 questions from mid syllabus
Implementation staratgy 2 type
Kimbels approach ki diagram di the kuj missing thy point wo likhny thy
Reasoning for web warehousing k 3 points likhny thy
Data quality improvement k 4 point likhny thy 5marks
Classes of anomalies
CdC in modern system ki 3 technique likhni the
Effective education in data warehouse
Cs614 -
Almost 15 mcqs from past.... 1.write the names of all OLAP implementation techniques (5) 2.Two implementation strategies for data warehouse project (3). 3.Five partitioning types of shared nothing RDBMS architecture.(5)
4.write major approaches for accessing the information stored on web.(3) 5.main sources of web system warehousing information .name the reasons for web warehousing (5)
CS-614( Data warehousing)
MCQ 60-70% from Arsilan file..
1-identify the given statement is correct or incorrect and justify your in either case
"one of the basic purposes of an OLTP system is to represent the historical picture of an organization... (3)
2-Identify that each statement crospond to wich activity analysis project. (3)
i) -identify function user data quality requirement and establish data quality matrix.
ii) -measure the current business rules and develop exception reports.
3-name any three traditional nested-loop-join. (3)
4-identify the header row from the following data and also mention there how the collum are admited. (3)
5-identify all attributes in following ERD.. (3)
1-identify whether the given data is Fact or Dimension in the context of OLAP. (nichy table tha us main btana tha k fact h ya dimen....) (5)
2-identify either the following statement are correct or wrong in the forms of DWH. (5)
3-mention the 4 category of data quality improvement... (5
4-Total same example nusted-loop join:cost of recoder(page no. 242-243)
Table A=500
Table B=700
Cs614 Data Warehouse
Sara paper notes or mcqs bhi past sy thy
1) 3 task of DT?
2 implementation strategies Of Data warehouse?
Two name of parallel software artitechture?
How to access the data on the web warehouse name three approaches
Five type of partioning of Shared Nothing RDBMS(5)?
What is the source of warehousong?give three reason of ware house .(5)?
4 case diye hoye thy batana tha k Profit analysis ,fraud detection is tarha 4 name or thy un my sy batana tha?(5)
Two tables are given A and B. A have 1000 colum and and B Have 2000 column
Calculate the cost of hash Join ?(5)
Today's paper cs614
16-9-20 2:30 pm
3 to 4 mcqs were from moaz
Remaining 70 % mcqs were from waqar's file
Short questions;
1- list down parallel hardware architecture
2- disadvantage of ROLAP
3- list down DWH Life cycle
4- A statement was given about naive nested loop we've to correct it.
5- List three attributes of webpages
Long questions:
1- same question on page 243 ( nested loop join cost of records)
2- mentioned and describe 4 categories of data quality improvement.
Remaining three long questions are skip of mind
70% MCQS from past paper
Attributes of ERD)2 marks
Attributes of Web page dimensions) 2 marks
Horizontal splitting)2marks
Mension DTS tools)3marks
DSN method steps)3marks
Statements of DWH)3marks
Data quality improvement describe krna tha
Supervised and un-supervised techniques ki Detail puchi
Barriers wala ik Q tha


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