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CS614_Share your Current Mid Term Papers Spring 2016 at One Place from 27 May 2016 to 8 June 2016

CS614_Share your Current Mid Term Papers

Spring 2016 at One Place

from 27 May 2016 to 8 June 2016  


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Share Your Current Mid Term Papers (Questions/Pattern) 28 May 2016 to 04 June 2016  to help each other. Thanks 

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Almost complete paper was from Past papers.

19 Mcqs was from Past and 5 subjective was from past just 1 question was new but very easy .

01. _________ is one class of decision support environment.

OLAP 30page


Data Cleansing


DOLAP model facilitates ___________ computing paradigm.

Mobile pg 78




Collapsing tables can be done on the ___________ relationship(s)

Only One-to-One

Only Many-to-Many

Only One-to-Many

Both One-to-One and Many-to-Many pg 52

Transactional fact tables do not have records for events that do not occur. These are


Not Recording Facts pg 120

Fact-less Facts

Null Facts

Empty Facts

Typically a data mart is much smaller to data warehouse and it is pretty easy to take its

______ as compare to data warehouse.

Backup pg 131




"Change Data Capture" is one of the challenging technical issues in _____________

Data Extraction pg 149

Data Loading

Data Transformation

Data Cleansing

The most common use of range partitioning in data warehouse is on

Date pg 66

Most redundant column



The goal of star schema design is to simplify ________

Logical data model

Physical data model pg 107

Conceptual data model

Semantic data model

Source systems for extraction are typically OLTP systems. Extraction is a very complex

task due to reasons:

1. Very complex and poorly documented source system.

2. Data has to be extracted not once but many times.

3. People extracting data have limited expertise.

Which of the following option represents correct reason?

1 & 2 only pg 132

1 & 3 only

2 & 3 only

All 1, 2 and 3

Fact-less fact table is a fact table without numeric fact columns. It is used to capture

relationship between __________

Dimensions pg 121




Selectivity in OLTP system is

Not present



None if these

Typically a data mart is much smaller to data warehouse and it is pretty easy to take its

______ as compare to data warehouse.





In horizontal splitting, we split a relation into multiple tables on the basis of

Common Column Values

Common Row Values

Different Index Values

Value resulted by ad-hoc query

"The environment is smart enough to develop or compute higher level aggregates

using lower level or more detailed aggregates". Which of the following approach is

described by the above statement?

Aggregate awareness pg 87

Cube partitioning


MOLAP cube aggregation


In full extraction, data is extracted completely from the source system. Therefore there

is no need to keep track of changes to the ________

Data Source pg 133


Data Mart

Data Destination

cube is a logical entity containing values of a certain fact at a certain aggregation level at An Intersection of a combination of dimensions.


---------------are created out of the data warehouse to service the needs of different 
departments such as marketing, sales etc.
Data mart page 31

None of the given




Statement was given [In OLAP Analysis is User drived] Correct or not (2 marks)

1. Additive and non-additive facts 2 marks


There can be two types of facts i.e. additive and non-additive.
Additive facts are those facts which give the correct result by an addition operation. 
Or Additive facts are easy to work with summing the fact value gives meaningful 
Examples of such facts could be number of items sold, sales amount etc.

Non-additive facts can also be added, but the addition gives incorrect results.
Examples of non-additive facts are average,discount, ratios etc.


Identify the following statements as correct or incorrect. (3 marks)
"One of the basic functions of OLTP is to show the historical background of an 
Answer: incorrect
Correct is: OLTP systems don’t keep history, can’t get balance statement more than 
a year old

Question was: rollup in cube operation used to change the view of data. [3 marks]
rollup is used to summarize data..........page 80.

In context of MOLAP cube, identify the proportionality relation between the cardinality of dimension and cube size. Justify your answer with logical reason. (5 marks)

 Ans:  The biggest problem with MOLAP is the requirement of large main memory as the cube

size increases. There may be many reasons for the increase in cube size, such as increase

in the number of dimensions, or increase in the cardinality of the dimensions, or increase

in the amount of detail data or a combination of some or all these aspects. Thus there is an

issue of scalability which limits its applications to large data sets.


Q:CDC types and its implementation techniques  ( 5 marks )

Ans: CDC types are:

Modern systems

Legacy systems

Implementations techniques are :








Thanks very much janab NAZEER AHMAD sb. Dear brother u done excellent job. .

Nazeer Ahmad Khan

kon c files sy ye paper aya tha please upload these files please...

Files ..... for Objective and subjective 


more files


thnak u soooo muchh.....

Paper of CS614 Today
1. The goal of star schema design is to simplify ________ ?
2. Grain is the ________ level of data stored in the warehouse?
3. During ETL process of an organization, suppose you have data 
which can be transformed.........?
4. Collapsing tables can be done on the ___________ 
relationships ?
5. For good decision making, data should be integrated across 
the organization to cross the LoB ..........?
6. Full & Incremental Extraction are the types of _____________ 
Extraction ?
7. Data mining is a/an __________ approach?
8. Conversion of data from aggregates to original table.
9. Column Cloumn wise extraction.
10. Extraction.

85%paper was from moaz file including objective and subjective. There was a question about calculation.
Need to find the space in gbs. Header size or table size diya howa tha or number of rows b.

Q1. Which of the following is not an example of fixed inventory byssiness ………..
. Air line
.Utility store
. Car rental
Q2.Pre- computed………….can solve performance problem.
. Aggregate
.Primary key
Q3.One major goal of horizontal splitting ………..
Q4.The divide&conquer cube portioning approach help alleviate the scalability limitation of ………………..implementation
Q5. High granularity means, more……………. –
Q6. 3NF remove even more data redundancy than 2NF but it is at the cost of …………….
Q7. Mention one factor that load towards long load time of a MLOAP cube ?
Q8 . while using the technique of adding redundant column in a DWH, how will the fact table become a long flat file ?
Q9.identify given statement is correct or incorrect & justify ur ans.
i.we can dissolve the aggregates to get the original data from which the aggregates were created?
Q10..identify correct or in correct ,
I.transformation is the process in which we extract the data from single/multiple data source
ii. Offline extraction is a type of logical data Extraction .
Q11.In context of MOLAP cube, one can perform different operation on it , “Roll UP” & “Drill Down” are two to name . Provide at least one example of each.
12.In context of OLAP, which of the following is not a part of FASMI test .

my today paper at 10:30

All mcqs from tariq hanif file..

subject past papers sy nahi tha..

Q:write two ways to simplifies the ER data Model:


Two general methods:
ƒ De-Normalization
ƒ Dimensional Modeling (DM)

Q:write four basic task of transformation?


Basic tasks
ƒ Selection
ƒ Splitting/Joining
ƒ Conversion
ƒ Summarization
ƒ Enrichment

Q:why OLAP is essential for DWH in decision making?

Q:Transaction fact tables always have records for events that do not occur. this is correct statment or not?


incorrect.the correct statement is:

Transactional fact tables do not have records for events that do not occur. These are
called not recording facts.

Q:ak q range partitioning sy related tha 5 marks ka..kafi lambi statment thi isliye yad nahi.

Q:additive facts btany thy table diya hua tha us me sy with reason.5 marks


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