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Thank you very much Rohma g

cs614 paper.bohat easy paper tha all from past 

1:gve the two disadvantages of MOLAP .2 marks 

answer:MOLAP stands for Multi dimensional Online Analytical Processing. MOLAP is the most used storage type. It is designed to offer maximum query performance to the users. The data and aggregations are stored in a multidimensional format, compressed and optimized for performance.  When a cube with MOLAP storage is processed, the data is pulled from the relational database, the aggregations are performed, and the data is stored in the AS database in the form of binary files. The data inside the cube will refresh only when the cube is processed, so latency is high.

2:write the two types of  Basic sorted neighbourhood method  (BSN).2 marks

3:Q. identify the give statement correct or incorrect. 3marks
If defects are found in the process of attributes domain validation then it is 
batter to fix the errors in DHW and leave the data source as it as.
Answer: incorrect
Correct is: if at all possible, fix the problem in the source system. People have the 
tendency of applying fixes in the DWH. This is a wrong i.e. if you are fixing 
theproblems in the DW; you are not fixing the root cause.

4Q:"Offline Extraction is a type of Logical Data Extraction".Answer: INCORRECT 3 marks 
Correct is: “Offline Extraction is a type of Physical data extraction”

5;Q. identify the give statement correct or incorrect .5 marks
We can dissolve the aggregation to get the original data from which the 
aggregates were created.
Answer: incorrect
Correct is: Aggregation is one-way i.e. you can create aggregates, but cannot dissolve aggregates toget the original data from which the aggregates were 
created. Page 113
 Identify the following statement as correct or incorrect. Justify your answer in 
either case.
"The less likely something to happen the less traumatic it will be when it 
Answer: incorrect
Law #5: “The less likely something is to occur, the more traumatic it will bewhen 
it happens!”

6:Q. identify the give statement correct or incorrect 5
1. Intelligent learning organization never shares its information what its 
Answer: Incorrect
Correct is: The intelligent learning organization shares information openly across 
the enterprise in a way that maximizes the throughput of theentire organization. 
Page 181
2. Orr’s law say that that data which in not used is always correct.
Answer: Incorrect
Correct is: Law 1: “Data that is not used cannot be correct!”

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midterm objectives (MCQs)past papers


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