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For Lahore students viva will face to face. Viva panel will physically avail in front of student. From all other cities viva will through Video Conference. No physical instructor will avail in campus. All questions will ask via video conference It like as skype video call.

There can be one , two or three instructors at viva exam time. Its not necessary you project supervisor must be there.  Reach campus on time suppose your viva time is 9:30 am , you must be there at 9:00 Am. Contact with relevant person in campus, Tell him your vu id, your name and project name. He will add you in list and say you to wait for your turn He will call you on your turn . You will go in room. He will connected their media system VGA cable with your system/laptop. Video Conference will started. You will see LCD / Monitor in front of you. One, two or three supervisor will show in LCD. All can be male , 2 male 1 female, 1 male 1 female any combination. There will following 4 steps in viva
Step 1: They will ask your introduction. Like your name, your profession, etc
Step 2: Next they will ask your project name and its scope or purpose and tools. Then they will ask tools used in it like programming languages (C#) and Software used in application (Visual Studio and SQL Server) They will ask you to run application. You will run your application they will start questions like make some changes, add new buttons remove about buttons change format or declare new variable , write hello world program, write a program and print your name in output, show code of any functions and any of basic questions of C# programming language (Variables, Operators, Loops, Methods, Arrays, Strings, Classes, Exceptions Handling Etc..)
Step 3: After Coding Phase they will ask you to open your presentation and they will ask some questions about concepts used in srs and design like use case diagram , ERD , Sequence diagram, 3 tier architecture,  class diagram test cases etc.
Step 4: In Last step they will ask your favorite subject. Normally students tell CS403, CS304, Cs601 etc as favorite subject. They ask some questions from it Viva Voce exam complete. We suggest to prepare CS403 Database Management system as your favorite subject. Because all diagrams used in SRS and Design documents are from this subject and normally they ask general questions like 3-tier Architecture, ERD, Entity, Attributes, Keys (Super , Candidate, Primary, Alternate, Alternate, Foreign) , relationships, DDL Commands, DML Commands, CRUD Operations , Normalization and Joins ( Theta, Equi, Outer, Inner, Semi).
After Successfully completion of 4 Steps of Viva they will say thanks you can go , call next student. You can ask them how is your viva , you are fail or pass, if their reply well, good, all the best, result will in week its mean you have passed viva. if they say come next time , prepare again etc its mean you have failed.
This time viva will be more tough then previous semesters. It is not necessary supervisor ask you only about The Smart Miner code. He can ask any thing about C# programming language. like create a new application and write some codes, open note pad file and write some codes. So your first focus on C# language learn all basic concepts of C# language then focus on your project codes. A lot of C# video tutorials available on youtube. Watch videos and practice by writing codes. 

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kafi sary students ny apny viva experience share kiye jo k hum project wise yahan pe mention kar rhy hain. jis me Urdu Stemmer, The smart Miner, Framework for plagiarism detection shamil hain. her project me students intoduction , final presentaion questions , and favorit subject questions same hain but project introduction questions and roject coding questions mukhtalif hain

Urdu Stemmer Project.

first they ask student introduction ( ap kia karty hain , dono partners ny mil k banaya , aik ny banaya, kis ny kon sa hisa banaya project ka et)

Urdu stemmer tools ( students ny apny tools btaye like C# , Php , java jis ny jo language use ki and sath software)

Urdu Stemmer Project introduction ( student ny introduction btaya unhon ny fuctions pochy and pocha ye kam kesy karta ha logic btao)

Run your project ( application run karwai and kuch urdu words enter karwaye jin ka prefix , post fix aur stem word result nikly then un result ko export karwaya mean urdu stemmer ki requirement hain wo sari perform karwa k check ki)

Coding Questions ( coding me se kuch pochy k prefix stem word kesy nikla is ka code dikhao, result export kesy hova is ka code dikhao, is trha jo image lagai hovi is ko remove kar k new image lgao application pe aur kuch students se varible declare karwaye , name print karwaya and is k parameters and isi trha kuch student se ye question ho k code k different hiso ka use btao like InitializeComponents(); , private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e), as so on , is trha jin ka php me tha code un se us k functions k bary me pocha ga and code me kuch cheezien tabdeel karwai gai)

over all sab student ka coding phase tough tha and student majority coding phase pe hi phans jata ha jis student ny khud se coding na ki ho jo k majority student nai karty different logo se purchase karty. pta vu supervisors ko bhi hota ha k student jo coding ly k aya bheta ha ye is ny ni ki kisi se banwai ha but supervisor ye chahta k jo application ban gai ha ab student ko is k aik aik step ka pta ho and coding ki aik aik line ka pta ho. so ap k liye suggestion ye ha agr to ap ny coding khud ki ha to bhot acha ha agr kisi se banwai ha to jis language me coding banwai ha us k video tutorials must dekho us ki practice must karo. other wise viva pass karna bhot mushkil ha

Open presentation file and final report file

is me kuch student se diagrams k hawaly se pocha gya , like use case diagram me actor kia ha use case kia and extends q use hovay, isi trha ERD me cordiality modailty aur sequence diagram me life lines classes diagram me object and classes ka pocha gya

tell your favorite subject

bhot sary students ny apna favorite subject CS403 database btaya kuch ny CS504 and kisi ny CS610 computer network and as so on un se different questions kiye gaiy

Viva time.

viva average time 10 to 15 mints tha. sab students ka

overall aik achi ratio me student pass hovay but kuch students jo k totaly blank thy wo fail bhi ho jo k bus coding purchase kar k lay gaiy jis language me coding thi us ka un ko kuch nai ata tha teacher k liye judge karna koi mushkil nai hota k student ko kuch ata ha nai . almost 65% student pass hovay and 35% fail hovay.

The Smart Miner Project

Project Introduction: Algorithms k bary me pocha ho ga, data ko classfiy kesy karta ha , is project me 4 algorithms use hovi ha unk bary me pocha gya, IR algorithms , Simple Imputation, Hot Deck Imputation and Bining algorithms . project kis kisam k data pe apply hota ha , students ny waether type, fishir , irsis as so kafi data sets avail hain

Run your project

Project run kia student ny, supervisor ny data set upload karny ko bola then us pe algorithm apply, ap k project k ander ye 4 algorithms IR algorithms , Simple Imputation, Hot Deck Imputation and Bining algorithms must work karni chahye becoz kuch students fail bhi isi waja se hovay k kisi k project me aik algorithm kam karti thi kisi k project me 2 algorithms kam karti thi. so un student ko code complete kar k next semester me viva dainy ko kaha gya. ap k system me 5 , 6 qisam k data sets hony chahye supervisor un me se koi bhi data set upload karny ka boly to us pe algorithms apply honi chahye isi trha kuch student se questions pochy gaiy k jo algorithm apply ho rhi us ka code dikha , ye jo data set uload hova is ka uploading ka code dikhao, etc is trha k kafi questions.

so you must aware of your application functions and must not the functions codes.

Framework for plagiarism detection Project

Project Introduction: sab se phaly pocha gya k project karta kia ha and is me jo Operator, Operand,  Tokens and Structures tools kon se use hovay

Run your application: application run ki student ny to kaha k is k ander koi code ki files upload karo student ny cs201 C++ k codes ki file rakhi hovi thi wo upload ki, then un k result, then un ki coding pochi k ye is k peechy logic btao is me se ye copy checking ho kesy rhi and kuch code bhi likhaye 

Mute Me Here ki coding k questions thory tough thy. kuch questions ye hain

what is implements
means that you're using the elements of a Java Interface in your class,

what is  extends

means that you are creating a subclass of the class you are extending.

You can only extend one class in your new class, but you can implement as many interfaces as you would like

what is  super kewords
It is used inside a sub-class method definition to call a method defined in the super class. Private methods of the super-class cannot be called. Only public and protected methods can be called by the super keyword. It is also used by class constructors to invoke constructors of its parent class.

A toast is a view containing a quick little message for the user. . A toast provides simple feedback about an operation in a small popup.

what is  Type conversion
one type, a class or interface, into another type i.e. another class or interface

void return type
The void type is used to declare that a method does not return a value.

what is override

If subclass (child class) has the same method as declared in the parent class, it is known as method overriding in java.

The Smart Miner Algorithms

Data Mining Algorithms
A data mining algorithm is a set of heuristics and calculations that creates a data mining model from data. To create a model, the algorithm first analyzes the data you provide, looking for specific types of patterns or trends. The algorithm uses the results of this analysis to define the optimal parameters for creating the mining model. These parameters are then applied across the entire data set to extract actionable patterns and detailed statistics.
The mining model that an algorithm creates from your data can take various forms, including:
A set of clusters that describe how the cases in a dataset are related.
A decision tree that predicts an outcome, and describes how different criteria affect that outcome.
A mathematical model that forecasts sales.
A set of rules that describe how products are grouped together in a transaction, and the probabilities that products are purchased together.

The 1R algorithm / 1R Learning Algorithm

The 1R learning algorithms is the simplest rule-based classification learning algorithm for discrete attributes. Given a table T of labelled instances, and a classification attribute C, the 1R algorithms returns a rule that predicts C on the basis of a single predictive attributed A in T; that is, it returns a rule of the form

case (X.A) {
V1 : predict X.C == W1;
V2 : predict X.C == W2;
Vk : predict X.C == Wk;
where V1 ... Vk range over the possible values of X.A, and W1 ... Wk are possible values of X.C. The Wi need not all be different and need not cover all possible values of X.C.

Mean imputation

Mean imputation is a method in which the missing value on a certain variable is replaced by the mean of the available cases. This method maintains the sample size and is easy to use, but the variability in the data is reduced, so the standard deviations and the variance estimates tend to be underestimated.

Hot deck imputation 
Hot deck imputation is a method for handling missing data in which each missing value is replaced with an observed response from a “similar” unit. Despite being used extensively in practice, the theory is not as well developed as that of other imputation methods.

Binning algorithm
Binning algorithms can employ previous information, and thus act as supervised classifiers, or they can try to find new groups, those act as unsupervised classifiers. Many, of course, do both. The classifiers exploit the previously known sequences by performing alignments against databases, and try to separate sequence based in organism-specific characteristics of the DNA

Framework for Plagiarism Detection

Methods to deduct the plagiarism:

Following methods will be used to deduct the plagiarism.

1. Attribute counting

I. Counting operators and operands

2. Structure metrics

I. Compare the structure

II. Usage of tokens


Report Generated:        

In the end report will be generated which will show the matching statistic of file 1 to others files.              

Operator and Operand

Operators are symbols which take one or more operands or expressions and perform arithmetic or logical computations.


Broadly speaking the types of operators available in C are as follows:









These have operators under each as follows namely:


Arithmetic operators present in C are+   For performing Addition

-   For performing Subtraction

/   For performing Division

*   For performing Multiplication

%   Modulo for finding remainder in division operation

--  Decrement (post and pre)

++  Increment (post and pre)

Assignment operatorspresent in C are as follows:=  

*=   Multiply

/=   Divide

%=   Modulus

+=   Add

-=  Subtract

Logical/relational operators present in C are as follows:==   Equal to

!=   Not Equal to

>   Greater than

<   Less than

>=   Greater than or equal to

<=   Less than or equal to

&&   Logical AND

||   Logical OR

!   Logical NOT

Bitwise operators present in C are&   AND

|   Inclusive OR

^   Exclusive OR

   Shift Left

>>   Shift Right

~   One's compliment

Operands are variables or expressions which are used in operators to evaluate the expression.



There are several kinds of tokens: identifiers, keywords, literals, operators, and punctuators. White space and comments are not tokens, though they act as separators for tokens.












A structure is a value type data type. It helps you to make a single variable hold related data of various data types. The struct keyword is used for creating a structure.


Structures are used to represent a record. Suppose you want to keep track of your books in a library. You might want to track the following attributes about each book:





Book ID


Defining a Structure

To define a structure, you must use the struct statement. The struct statement defines a new data type, with more than one member for your program.


For example, here is the way you can declare the Book structure:


struct Books


   public string title;

   public string author;

   public string subject;

   public int book_id;



Urdu Stemmer Students Read attached file


Viva was through video conference Here is mine viva experience

First they ask purpose of project then
Run you application (urdu stemmer)

show prefix , post fix and stem word coding 
How to export results? do it practically?
open your presentation file ask question about tools and technologies
What is your favorite subject?
One question from the subject what to remove in 2nd normal form, DDL and DML commands difference and also Delete and Drop difference

viva was easy.project explanation and questions about favorite subject  

Run your application.

 input words and show prefix post fix and stem word

 tool use for project ?

 scope of project?

export results?

 remove stemming button from code

tell ur favorite subject, I told database
meta data,primary and foreign key,drop table,cardinality etc.

 viva was in lahore , Sir shabib sb and one more teacher were there my project name is the smart miner

first they ask my introduction

Scope of project, use of algorithms, run ur application, upload a data set, perform 1R algorithm , upload a new data set perform Hot deck algorithm, Open new data set perform Bining, show code of these algorithms. I did successfully

Open your presentation, in tools he ask what is .net framework?

tell favorite subject inner join, outer join , super key , candidate key. I answered all.

in the end they said thanks now u can go, I asked how is my viva , they were smiling and saying u are pass result will publish in next week. Viva timing was almost 20 mints 


viva kafi tough tha.

sab se pahly algorithms k bare me pocha kese kam karte hain. Konsi data type ko handle karte hain,

project run karo is me data set upload karo aur algorithms apply karo. phir coding open karny ko bola, and question start kafi tough questions thy jin me se kuch k answer day pai kuch k nai, wo kehty k coding khud bnai ha main kaha g sir khud bnai net se bhi help li kehty apki tyari achi nai ha
then kehty presentation file open karo sequence diagram ka pocha class aur object me difference is k bad favorit subject ka pocha I told database. us me DML commands ka pocha, keys ka , normalization ka . My viva is over. main ny pocha sir main pass ya fail kehty k coding me number kam milien ge , but dont worry u are pass next student ko bhejo.

this is complete detail
Please pray for me

Mute Me here student download attached file and prepare it.... hope so it will help u



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