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CS706 ALL Current Mid Term Papers Fall 2016 And Past Mid Term Papers at One Place from 17 December 2016 to 29 December 2016

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Share Your Current Mid Term Papers (Questions/Pattern) 17 December 2016 to 29 December 2016 & Past Papers as well here to help each other. Thanks 

mid term paper 17 december 2016 CS706

best of luck  
why software inpection are cheaper then software Testing compared the difference 10 marks
Q no2 Categories of software Defects 10 marks
q no 3 , write defect removal of 5 fundamental for software Design

P.S credit to my classmate  

Unky liy  b dua kijiy ga specially sb

And all the bxt ..


Expected question for CS706 for mid term



1.            Write note on cyclometer complexity, Problem complexity, Algorithmic complexity, structural complexity, cognitive complexity?

2.            What are the Software Metrics?

3.            Briefly explain benefits of software metrics?


4.            Briefly explain quality metric function point?

10.          Explain step before process improvement?

11.          Pictorial view of planning and management and explain schedule monitoring?

14.          Estimation and project tracking?

15.          Measurement for outsourcing project?

20.          What are the various review roles? Explain the responsibilities of these roles in detail?







21.          What are the various kinds of review? Explain the business and technical review.

24.          Explain review roles and their responsibilities?

35.          What the testing and non-testing methods?

36.          When do we stop testing and when do we a test is completed?

37.          Black box testing and approaches?

38.          White box testing and approaches?

39.          Explain testing strategies?

40.          Explain broad testing strategies?

41.          What is Abstraction and describe its types and levels?

42.          What is definition of software quality writes its definition synonyms and antonyms. Write the software quality factors?

43.          What are attributes of Software Quality?

44.          What are quality attributes? Write their type in detail?

45.          How customer satisfaction can be measured?

46.          What are requirement? 

47.          What are the types of requirements?

48.          What are the requirements problems?

49.          What is the impact of wrong requirements?

50.          What is the role of reader and recorder?

51.          Define moderator and write Code of conduct for moderator?

52.          Explain in detail the guidelines for good design model?

53.          What is software design concept? Write in context of abstraction?

54.          What is abstraction? Write its level and types?

55.          Discuss design faults in detail?

56.          Techniques to develop design document?

57.          What are the qualities of SRS document?

58.          What is the quality design of coupling and what are its various types?

59.          Define coupling describe types of coupling in design model?

60.          What are the faults of coupling?

61.          Define cohesion and its types?

62.          Define requirement gathering in SDLC?

74.          Explain quality design model and its abstraction?

75.          What are the Quality design concepts?

76.          Give an Overview ETVX?

77.          Data recording ETVX

78.          Write its ETVX?

79.          ETVX model for rework?

80.          Rework in ETVX framework?

81.          What is Rework? Write on it according to ETVX?

82.          Explain ETVX model and apply ETVX model for rework

83.          Data and report responsibility according to EVTX?

84.          Project Management approach for achieving high quality software?

85.          What are SQA group & their activities?  

86.          Briefly explain at least 10 “quality attributes” of a software requirements document?

87.          What is the requirements problem? What is the impact of wrong requirements?

88.          Explain the detail guideline for writing good quality requirements?

89.          Problem with requirements and impact of poor requirement?

90.          Suppose that you are working in a software company, which developed high quality Software. You are working as requirement engineer in the company. Your company got the project of development of railway ticketing. You received the requirement document, which contains following requirements. The Government has issued a special credit card for the use to the customers. The user first has to select their destination then they input the card number and their National Identity Card (NIC) number. The railway ticket is issued to the user after deducting the amount from credit card. First user has to press start button then a menu will be displayed on the system. This menu contains the list of destinations along with the message, which inform user to select destination. When user selects the destination the system ask for the credit card number. The system checks the validity of the credit card and asks to enter NIC number. When all this information validated the ticket is issued to the user. Consider the above set of requirements for ticket issuing system. You have to find incomplete and ambiguous requirements in above scenario.

91.          What is software Requirement and types of requirements?

92.          Briefly explain the design defects because of the “structure of the application” and “data elements”.

93.          Write the adverse effects of software defects?

94.          ABC is Software Company, which develops software. You are appointed as a software quality assurance engineer for software.  When you used the software you found number of defects. What strategies you can suggest to the software company to avoid the defects?

95.          Which types of defects can found in coding?

96.          Explain Defects and describe types of CTS in designing software?

97.          What are the Characteristics of bugs/defects?

98.          What is the role of reader and recorder and describes defects of software requirement?

99.          Define test effectiveness, defect by phase metrics?

100.        Briefly explain defect arrival rate?

101.        Explain "Density of defect" "mean time failure " and " defect severity "?

102.        What are Software defects, write the types of software defects?

103.        What is meant by design defects, write the design Defects and its types as well as Which types of defects are found in software design models?

104.        Explain in detail various defect prevention strategies?

105.        Write the ETVX model for preparation and Write the ETVX model for preparation?

106.        What is inspection meeting?

107.        What are the Roles of inspector and their responsibilities?

108.        What is the overview step of inspections?

109.        What is preparation step of inspection process?

110.        What is the inspection step in inspection process?

111.        What are the role in overview and write ETVX for overview?

112.        Explain ETVX model for Inspection?

113.        Explain reader and recorder during inspection?

114.        Write data recording and reports steps of inspection process?

115.        Use ETVX technique to model inspections. You do not need to draw the diagram.

116.        Use ETVX technique for inspection preparation?

117.        Define different Roles in this activity and also explain this process through ETVX

118.        Explain data and reports regarding the inspection and also describe defects in data and reports regarding inspection.

119.        What are various roles and responsibilities regarding inspection preparation?

120.        Explain ETVX model for Inspection

121.        Explain ETVX Model of Inspection Meeting

122.        Inspection VS Testing

Anglie Girliz thanks for sharing 


cs706 marks=30

1:what is software quality .describe the key factor which are conciderd in the defination?.10 marks

2:use of ETVX in model inspection?without diagram ? 10

3:guideline for good design?10


CS706 Mid paper today paper

why software inpection are cheaper then software Testing compared the difference 10 marks

Q no2 Categories of software Defects 10 marks

q no 3 , write defect removal of 5 fundamental for software Design


CS706 Midterm 17/12/2016 4:00PM

3 questions 10 marks each

Q1: a: Project management approaches and high software quality  attributes

     B: SQA, and their activities

Q2: what can be the problems with requirements?impact of wrong requirements on software quality

Q3: what is preparation ? who is having main role in it? Describe preparation w.r.t ETVX model


3 question thy
what is inspection scheduling??what are various roles and responsiilities of inspection scheduling?ETVX model for inspection scheduling?
explain quality design concept cohesion and its types?
explain quality laggard write its characteristics???

 Zoya Ch thanks for sharing 

cs706 18-12-16 at 10:30

1- Data recording reports of inspection various roles and responsibilities recording inspection data recording, write ETVX model

2- Equality attributes 

3- define software quality ................

today my paper of 706. 12 PM

1.  what is inspection planing?what are various responsibilities of inspection planing?write ETVX model for inspection planing?
2.   explain quality concept "coupling" and  its types

3.  What is Software quality? write its Synonyms and antonyms? wirte key factors of quality

anyone have solution of above 122 expected questions. please upload


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