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ECO401 Current Final Term Papers Spring 2014 & Past Final Term Papers at One Place from 22 August to 02 September 2014

ALL Current Final Term Papers Spring 2014 & Past Final Term Papers at One Place from 22 August to 02 September 2014

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Replies to This Discussion

46 mcq's 

3 marks Q? 4

5 marks Q? 5 uff

mostly mcq's old were from past paperz  2 long also from past but 7 Q? ufff  

fahid Kis file se MCQ ay can u share

plz dear jaldi bta do na mra abi paper hona ha kis file se ayay ah

ma nay jo file share ki hy woi ker lain usi say ay gay MCQ

 Mian Sajid plz ap b apna paper share kerye ga wapus aa ker


Question no: 47 Identify the factors which could cause a document shift of the LM curve? (3 marks)

Question no: 48 Differentiate between demand pull inflation and cost pull inflation?? (3 marks)

Question no: 49 If marginal propensity to save (MPS) for a hyporhetical economy is 0.75 then calculate the value of multiplier. (Note step wise calculation is required) (3 marks).

Question no:50 Explain Classical views about the unemployment as a cause of great depression?? ( 3 marks)

Question no :51 yadd ni bhool gea

Question no: 52


Consumer spend C

Investment spend I

New exports NX





















,,,,……………Calculate the total aggregiate spending in the economy?? (5 marks )

Question no: 53 Explain the converge theorey in the given graph?? (lesson 39 and page no: 167 ) (5 marks)

Question no: 54 Identify the things that determine comparative advantage among countries according to Hechshcer-ohlin? What is the critism against their argument? ( 5 marks)

Question no : 55 Assume that the reserve requirement ratio Crr inute bank UBL is 150% and banks intial deposits is RS2500

(A)   By using informal make initial balance sheets of UBL

(B)   Calculate the money multiplier ( 5 marks)



Fahad Nabeel  Thanks for sharing ur paper.best of luck for ur result 

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ECO401 Current Final Papers 2014 By  ♥♥♥ Faisal Dar ♥♥♥

Differentiate between Actual GDP and Potential GDP.
                                                                          (Marks: 3)

Differentiate between international trade and international finance.
                                                                          (Marks: 3)

Calculate the multiplier by using the marginal propensity to consume for MPC =1, MPC =0.90 and MPC =0.67.        (Calculate for all three)
                                                                          (Marks: 3)

Differentiate between risk and uncertainty.
                                                                          (Marks: 3)

Keeping in view the ×Keynesian paradox of thrift ×Explain what is the effect of savings on consumption, output and investment. 
                                                                          (Marks: 5)

Prepare a Balance Sheet from the given data.   (6 items were given) 
                                                                          (Marks: 5)

Define and explain the main resources which are needed in any kind of production
                                                                          (Marks: 5)

Differentiate between ×Appreciation and Depreciation.  
                                                                          (Marks: 5)

46 MCQs & Following long questions today:

Define the concept of exchange rate. Also give example of exchange rate.

When does the externality exist? Discuss.

Identify the major macroeconomic variables involved in the determination of national income.

How the central bank plays its role in order to control the activities of commercial banks?

The above figure shows the equilibrium in the labor market where labor demand and labor supply is equal. Suppose the demand for labor decreases, then what will happen to the demand curve and equilibrium condition according to Classicals? How the equilibrium will be restored?

Following are the items of balance sheet of a bank:

Loans = 80

Deposits = 100

Reserves = 20

Prepare the balance sheet in proper form and find out total assets and total liabilities.  

Explain the difference between current account and capital account.



Amount that can be produced in 1 year




40 units


60 units




30 units


20 units

From the information given above, calculate:

a)    Opportunity cost of producing 1 unit of cotton in USA.


b)                  Opportunity cost of producing 1 unit of food in USA.

If the value of multiplier is 1.45 then calculate the value of marginal propensity to save (MPS).

Note: Step wise calculation is required.

how did you calculate the MPS and Opportunity cost?  can you or smbdy plz solve the last quest?

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