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1.Our economy is characterized by:

2.Zafar Iqbal stated in his opening note at University of Economics that food prices should be controlled for a comfortable living. Which category his statement falls in?

3.Production possibility frontier analysis assumes that resources:

4.Suppose a teacher organizes a study group by reserving a meeting room, compiling study materials and attracting students. The meeting room would most likely be which of the following factors of production?

5.If the price of a good X is increased by 15% and its quantity demanded falls by 25%, the price elasticity of demand is:

6.If the quantity demanded of computers exceeds the quantity supplied of computers:

7.The law of diminishing marginal utility indicates that the demand curve is:

8.The percentage change in quantity demanded of a given good, with respect to the percentage change in the price of “another” good is called:

9.If a decrease in price increases total revenue:

10.The minimum price that a Government sets to support a desired commodity or service in a society is known as:

11.If consumer is willing to pay Rs.200 for 1 kilogram chicken and the market price of 1 kilogram chicken is Rs. 175, then the consumer surplus will be:

12.If there is an increase in the long term economic growth then production possibility frontier will:

13.If a 4% rise in consumer’s incomes causes an 8% rise in product’s demand, the income elasticity of demand for the product will be:

14.The opportunity cost of an action is:

15.When government sets the price of a good less than the equilibrium price of a good, then there will be:

16.What would cause the supply curve of wheat to shift to the right?

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