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The first object  is to change the image of the of the opnion about private school on return of fees, tell the people about little known knowledge bteen the dialoge between school owners  government officer, improve the caliber of school and

Government policy , prepare the all owenrs of the shool for dialoge for solution of the broblem,improve the peoples relation between school owners.


  • What type of media & techniques will you use?

First of all once the objectives have been workout and the publics selected it will be necessary to select the media
and technique to be adopted for the achievement of the desired objectives. It is important as in relation to
the objectives, determined publics identified, only the selection of proper public will yield positive results.
Following is the classification of different media as in use in the present days.
Print Media Electronic Media
1. Press.                    5. Radio
2. Printed Material.     6. Television.
3. Direct Mail.
4. House Journals


  • · Will Social Media be beneficial and applicable   in Pakistani context?

Now a days in pakistan the social media play very vital role in the awarenes to the people and also use for informatin sharring it is working as like different types of media techniqiue use for addvertising.


 · What will be the Motto of your campaign?

           The motto is the first proirty on which people can trust for                                      the compign   that in the circular border play an awareness program for public benefit.

  • · What are the Problems and your proposed solution?

   The main problem which is faced to is take the   school owners and the people on one patch  and doing dailouge and their opinons on the problems and take out the proper solution between them the proposed solution between them is to agree on the the government policy .


  • · Evaluation

  The judgment that we should aspect is both parties can accept the government policy if they accsept the government policy this is wail and good for them.


  • · A brief analysis of the Campaign?

The problem which is main for the pr public officer to tack out the situation  and know the opinion and problems of the school oweners after tell them about the government policy and also dailogue with peoples and to kae the situation up down and give the some easy steps to the shool owners to return their fees to the students the main problems for the private shool owenrs for expandition the income of teachers and also other school maitainance expentiure from where the paid as pr pulic relation officer I give some easy steps to do not loss in their expenditures.


sir ye h assignment .. ???
ap ny ye kis ka solution dia hai ..


+ M.Tariq Malik sir .  any reply it is almost three days since I left a message for u ... still waiting for response ...thanks


The case: Rice is the second largest agriculture crop after wheat in Pakistan. Its annual production from last two years is around 6 million tons which not only fulfills the domestic demand of the country but also is a main source of exports earnings. Pakistani Basmati rice is famous all around the world because of its quality. In Year 2015, Pakistan experienced drastic decline in rice exports due to higher prices of Pakistani rice in international market as compared to its competitors which badly hit our country. Both massive production and decline in exports have created surplus of rice in domestic market which in turn lead to sharp decline in domestic rice prices. Due to decrease in domestic prices, producers are unable to cover its cost and they are not willing to supply rice at lower prices. You have given the task to assess the current situation of domestic rice industry of Pakistan by considering the given hypothetical monthly data on prices, quantity demanded and quantity supplied of rice in domestic market.

Months Price per Kg of rice (Rs.) Quantity demanded of rice (tons) Quantity supplied of rice (tons) April,2015 140 80,000 97,000 May, 2015 115 88,000 95,000 June, 2015 110 90,000 90,000 July, 2015 100 92,000 86,000 August, 2015 95 98,000 80,000

A. Find equilibrium price and equilibrium quantity of rice in domestic rice market. Also show the market equilibrium graphically.

B. Calculate price elasticity of supply when price of rice decreases from Rs.110 to Rs.100.

C. What does the value of elasticity of supply calculated in part B represent?

D. Suppose government has given support to rice producers and as a result, number of suppliers of rice in domestic market are increased. Graphically analyze the impact of this situation on equilibrium price and equilibrium quantity of rice.
Marks: (5+4+3+3)

+ M.Tariq Malik sir .  any reply it is almost three days since I left a message for u ... still waiting for response ...thanks

How can i show the market equilibrium graphicall?

Please Discuss here about this assignment.Thanks

Our main purpose here discussion not just Solution

We are here with you hands in hands to facilitate your learning and do not appreciate the idea of copying or replicating solutions.

solution please......

any one here to discuss the assignment-1

Any One Can Give idea or solution for this assignment



         Equilibrium price and Equilibrium quantity

                   Pₒ = 110

                   Qd = 90,000

                   Qs = 90,000

          Price elasticity of supply

                   ∑ = ∆Q / ∆p × p / q

                   ∑ = qₒ - q1 / pₒ - p1 × pₒ / qₒ

                   ∑ = 90000 – 86000 / 110 – 100 × 110 / 90000

                   ∑ = 4000 / 10 × 1.0002

                   ∑ = 400 × 1.0002

                   ∑ = 400.08

 Equilibrium price is positive and that is = 400.08.



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