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ECO403 - Macroeconomics Assignment No. 1 Solution and Discussion Spring 2014 of Virtual University (VU) Due Date: July 25, 2014

ECO403 - Macroeconomics Assignment No. 1 Solution and Discussion Spring 2014 of Virtual University (VU) Due Date: July 25, 2014

Assignment # 01

Macroeconomics (ECO403)


Dear Students!

This is to inform that Assignment No. 1 will be opened on July 21, 2014 and due date of assignment submission will be July 25, 2014.


A 24 hours extra/grace period after the due date is usually available to overcome uploadingdifficulties which may be faced by the students on last date.  This extra time should only be used to meet the emergencies; and above mentioned due date should always be treated as final to avoid any inconvenience.


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Replies to This Discussion

Assalam o Alaikum

sis samra tariq plz upload complete solution of this assignment, i have acc501 but really i follow u in answer from 1st semester.

1. before: -30 million after: 100 million

2. before: delta y=delta g after: delta y= delta g

3. before: 120 million after: 130 million

4. before: 41.67% after: 30.77%

5. before: 12% after: 13.4%



For acc501 visit its discussion forum...all the answers and solution are discussed over there.......

samra tariq solution b post kar dein ap aj last date ha 

i have done  ACC501 assignment and 2nd abhi aai nai 

ECO403 Assignment July 2014

My answers are as follows:
A) NX:
before trade agreement:-30 million, after trade agreement: 100 million
B) govt. purchases multiplier:
before trade agreement: 2deltaG, after trade agreement: 3.33deltaG
C) labor force:
before trade agreement: 120 million, after trade agreement: 130 million
D) unemployment rate:
before trade agreement: 41.67%, after trade agreement: 30.77%
E) nominal interest rate:
before trade agreement: 12%, after trade agreement: 13.4%

Everyone, check mine and share your ans. and ideas please...
1 =before trade agreement:-30 million, after trade agreement: 100 million

2 =before trade agreement: 2deltaG, after trade agreement: 3.33deltaG

3 =before trade agreement: 120 million, after trade agreement: 130 million

4 =before trade agreement: 120 million, after trade agreement: 130 million

5 =before trade agreement: 12%, after trade agreement: 13.4%
DUE DATE: 25TH JULY, 2014 
The Case: 
Indonesia has the largest economy in Southeast Asia and one of the emerging economies of 
the world. The country is not only a member of G-20 major economies but also classified as 
a newly industrialized economy. Main industries of Indonesia are fishing, petroleum, 
timber, paper products, cotton cloth, tourism, natural gas, coal and tin. Suppose in 2015, 
Philippines, Australia, Palau and Indonesia sign a trade agreement. Hypothetical facts and 
figures of Indonesian economy before and after trade agreement are given below. 
Before Trade agreement After trade agreement 
Y = output Rs.1670 million Rs. 2500 million 
Investment Rs. 300 million Rs. 500 million 
Consumption Rs. 900 million Rs. 1000 million 
Government purchases Rs. 500 million Rs. 900 million 
MPC 0.5 0.7 
Real interest rate 5% 5.7% 
Inflation 7% 7.7% 
No. of employed persons 70 million 90 million 
No. of unemployed 
50 million 40 million 
On the basis of given facts and figures, it can be forecasted that this trade agreement will 
flourish the economies of member Counties in general and Indonesian economy in 
particular. Requirements
Calculate the following for Indonesian economy before and after trade agreement: 
a. Net exports 
b. Government purchases multiplier 
c. Labor force 
d. Unemployment rate 
e. Nominal interest rate 
Note: Write down all relevant steps involved in calculation. 
Marks: (6+6+6+6+6) 
1) Net Export:-
Formula :- Y=C+I+G+NX
C= Consumption
G= Government Purchases
NX= Net Export
2) Government Purchase Multiplier :- Y=1/1-MPC (Delta G)
3) Labor Force = No of Employed + No of Unemployed
4) Unemployment Rate = No of Unemployed/Labor Force * 100
5) Nominal Interest Rate = Real Interest Rate + Inflation Rate 
For the first part I used Y=C+I+G+NX
For the 2nd part I used deltaY=1/1-mpc * delta g
For the 3rd part I used labor force=no. of employed persons+no. of unemployed persons
For the 4th part I used unemployment rate=no. of unemployed persons/labor force * 100
For the 5th part I used i=r+pi
Substitute the values for before trade and after trade agreement respectively and get the ans.
Kindly share your ans. & ideas.....

Can any one please share the solution? Muje samaj he nai aa rai k formulas use kese karne han im stuck and aj last date hai  

please solve government purchases multiplier, how to apply this formula, please put all the values here 

Government Purchase Multiplier :- Y=1/1-MPC (Delta G)

Yahan ap ko koi kuch nai bataye ga.

All formulas are in handouts. see page # 81 for government purchases multiplier. Anyway bohat simple ha bhai.

Formula is 1/1-MPC

MPC values assignment file me han. 0.5 and 0.7

= 1/1-0.5


= 2G delta

Second wali ap kar lo first ki mein ne kar di ha.

Second wali, after trade agreement ka answer ha 3.33G delta

I have solved all answers thanks for no help by every one 

Thank you so much

please share complete solution immateriality... 


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