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ALL Current ECO404 Mid Term Papers Fall 2014 & Past Mid Term Papers at One Place from 10 January 2015 to 25 January 2015

ALL Current ECO404 Mid Term Papers Fall 2014 & Past Mid Term Papers at One Place from 10 January 2015 to 25 January 2015

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Share Your Current Mid Term Papers (Questions/Pattern) from 20 December 2013 to 01 January 2014 to help each other.


total 27 questions.

MCQ'S were very easy.

(1) how to calculate t-statics... 3 marks

(2) Difference btw fixed inputs and variable inputs with examples...3 marks

(3) Formula of operating leverage? How to calculate it ...3 marks

(4) Difference btw historical cost and current cost...5 marks

(5) values are given and we hav to calculate the average production cost...5 marks

saad sadia 

Thanks for sharing ur paper keep sharing
best of luck for nxt Paper

saad sadia thanks for sharing ur paper 

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22 MCQs and all were from the links uploaded by Faheem Bhai. Thanks Faheem Bhai. Love u.

Three Qs of 3 marks and 2 Qs of 5 Marks.

Following are the 3 Qs of 3 marks:

1. Carryout the  F Statistic by given data.

2. Write down the lagrangian function for maximization.

3. What are the problems of Moving average smoothing technique.

Following are the 2 Qs of 5 marks each.

1. Why increasing return to scale and decreasing return to scale happen. Explain the reasons.

2. Why engineering technique is used and what industries use it.

Friends , All MCQs were from the files who's links are given above. Please go through them. Inshallah u will get good marks.

Can someone please upload ECO404 solved MCQs and Subjective files here???

I have exam on 21st... 

....All Current Mid Term Papers Fall 2014 and Past Mid Term Papers at One Place From 20 December 2014 to January  01, 2015



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my today's paper

weaknesses of baromatric ..5 marks

what is cost elasticity...its measure....and how it relates to economies of scale??5 marks

state assumption  require for a function to be linear??3 marks

find St=44.54+66.55t find for last two quarters of 2003...3 marks....+5 marks

....... assuming values

last question was with different values but for 3..and ..5 marks

My paper consists upon 2 ques of 3 marks.and 3 ques of 5 marks.

implicit cost and opportunity costs are of same kind. explain with the help of an example.3 Marks.

how an expansion path is drawn? and what is this path depicts?. 3 marks

engineering estimation is better tan cross sectional regression analysis. how? discuss. 5 marks.

graphically explain the production process and optimal inputs. 5 marks

kuch bhool rai hoon is statement may say

and last long question were

case scenario was given about a manager wants to know from its customers abt their product through interview and questionnaire.. u hv to tell that which way you will suggest to conduct this survey? and also tell some questions that you think to be a part of the questionnaire? tell.

Mcqs were also tricky but all were from text.so go through all the text

good luck students. and plz pray for me.. 

ECO404 Current Midterm Papers Fall 2014 - 2015 Starting from Monday, January 12, 2015

Paper Pattern Shared By A VU Student:

My Today's Paper:

Total Questions = 32

MCQS = 17 Come from Past Papers

Subjective Questions:

1: Difference between marginal cost and incremental cost with examples.

2: What is the basic reason behind law of diminishing marginal returns?

3: Why Increasing and decreasing returns on scale arise?

4: Explain Linear Cost Function, Quadratic Cost Function, Cubic Cost Function.

Other Subjective Questions:

Explain the forecasting techniques?

Suppose percentage change in output is 90% as a result of 60% change in input. Calculate output elasticity?

Linear programming method is based on certain assumptions discuss them?

Calculate breakeven point output and the targeted level of output?

Calculate the price elasticity of demand if the price of a product increase by 50 % as a result its quantity demand falls by 30 %?

ECO404 Current Mid Term Papers ECO404 Sample Midterm Papers Pattern:

Syllabus to be covered: Lecture 1-22.

Shared and Thanks to Hassan:

My Today's Midterm Paper of ECO404

Quizzes or MCQs:

1. marginal product is defined as........

2. %age change in output due to %age change in input.......

3. if long run average consumption increase with increase in output it shows.......

4. increase returns to scale refer to.......

5. theory duality developed in......

6. what shows value of firm.......

7. concept of derivative is related to.......

8. term regression is used by.......

9. fluctuations should be random true/not?

B. Subjective Questions were:-

1. why implicit and explicit costs are importnt for a firm to take production decision. discuss?

2. forecasting is helpfull in removing uncertainity. is it true or not?. discuss?

3. calculate marginal production of labor?.

4. discuss about assumptions of linear programme models?

Some Other Questions which Come in another Students Midterm:

1: what is the basic reason behind law of diminishing marginal returns?
2: Difference between marginal cost and incremental cost with examples.
3: Why Increasing and decreasing returns on scale arise?
4: Explain Linear Cost Function, Quadratic Cost Function, Cubic Cost Function.


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