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ECO404 All Current Final Term Papers Fall 2013 (01 March to 12 March 2014) at one Place

Please Share your Current Papers Questions/Pattern here to help each other.


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Replies to This Discussion

Kya aj kisi nay eco404 ka paper nahee dia?

yaa sub selfish hoo gay hein, come on guys start sharing

fighting falcon bhai, yar ap he in sub ko samjhaoo

we will only succeed if we help each other, ap kisi kay kaam aao gay tu kowe ap k kaam aye gaa

Q fighting falcon shakeel bhai what do you say

New MCQS but Easy, If you have studied Market Structure & Oligopoly Models

1- Cost function
2- Crtisizm on marris model
3- Risk attitudes
4- Demand estimate approach
5- Crticism on baumols model
6- Basic valuation model.
7- Chrachtersitcs of monopolists competitions

Aoa I took ECO404 paper today

around 50% questions were from the files shared by Adil shafique, others were also easy, most of the mcqs were related to market structure i.e monopoly, oligopoly, perfect competition and monopolistic competition

3 mark questions

monopolistic competition is between monopoly and perfect competition, discuss

features of behavioral theories

5 marks questions

criticism of williamsons model

define IOS and marginal cost of capital

what is capital rationing, why do firms do capital rationing

give examples of explicit and implicit costs

there was one numerical find profit maximazation output

TC=360, 150+4Q=0.0003Q^2

TR = 35Q

Best of luck to all, please pray for me as well

VU Today's Final Term Paper For Fall 2013
Total Questions = 60 
Total 86 Marks
Total MCQ = 52 Each of 1 marks
Total Short Questions = 3 Each of 3 marks
Total Long Questions = 5 Each of 5 marks

1) 2 functions were given their derivatives were asked to find.
2) what is the usefulness of Game theory?
3) how oppurtunity cost is defined?
4) what is by-product?? give example
5) what are the characteristics of competitive cmpetition? discuss them
6) Why decision making is complicated in oligopoly as compared to other market structures?? dicuss
7) How Game theory helps in risk analysis?

8) what are the contributions of Behavioral theory??

Share Your Current Final Term Papers (Questions/Pattern) from 01 March 2014 to 12 March 2014 to help each other.


My today paper Bertrand theory features,oligopoly reaction curves,perfect competition ,and risk attitudes ,these were long questions and last was to find MR and MC.mcqs were easy

Sara  thanks 

Friends, my today's paper

Total Qs- 60

Total Marks - 86

Total MCQs - 52 of 1 Mark each

3 Qs of 3 marks each

5 Qs of 5 marks each

3 Qs of 3 marks

Q-53. Differentiate between Simultaneous games and Sequential games.

Q-54. Marris model of maximization of growth was criticized on what grounds? Briefly discuss.

Q-55. How opportunity loss can be defined.

5 Qs of 5 marks each

Q-56. We get the following regression equation after fitting a linear trend to XYZ company for year 1990 to 2010.

St = 105.3(1.464)^t

Consider 1990 as base year and calculate the forecast for year 2011 and 2015.

Q-57. What characteristics are required for a firm to be perfectly competitive? Discuss the characteristics.

Q-58. Differentiate between Simultaneous move game and Sequential move game with the help of examples.

Q-59. Baumol's sales maximization model was criticized on what grounds? Discuss

Q-60. Define capital rationing. Why the practice of capital rationing is used?


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