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1 - How schools act as an agents of change.
2 - On what areas schools should focus to act as an agent of change.
3 - Discuss the education reform in Ottoman period.
4 - what is the focus in education in Ghaznavi dynasty
5 - what is the focus in education in Ghauri dynasty.
6 - What are the recommendation for education reforms in Education commision 1959.
7 - What is the examination system according to 1959 education commisionn.
8 - What is the plan for Human rights education.
9 - What are the roles of English and Urdu language in Pakistan. what sufferings Urdu faced.
10 - What is inclusive education.
11 - what is the difference in accomodation and modification.
12 - Explain the role of Idealists/Perrenialists with respect to its Axiology and Logic.

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Share Your Current Final Term Papers (Questions/Pattern) 27 February 2016 to 16 March 2016 to help each other. Thanks 

today's my paper od Edu101:

    total questions 26

10 mcqs and 16 subjectives

1. difference between functional theory and conflict theory

2. structure of ottoman period

3. syed dynasty period

4. national education policy 1959 primary education topic 182 and 183

5. linguistic inequality and whats issue's topic no 245

6. poverty leads to disability topic 256

7. unemployment among the educated youth challenge no7 lec 45

8. examination system 1959 

9. financing problem education in pakistan and how to resolve it?

10. logic and axiology applicationlec no 10

11. difference between behaviorist theory and cognitive theory


educational psychology 406 was my today's paper.

40 mcqs

5 case study 

5 question from book which are ;

level of fear

motivation for learning

difference between algorithm and heuristic

problem based learning

factors distrubing class envoirenment

All the best guys 

What strategies can be used to provide  support to special children

Syed dynasty

Eqytian period

Human right education factors

Examination system 1959

Gagnes theory

Objectives of 1959

Un employment issues among youth

Target of primar education  in 1978 policy


Two barriers to inclusive Pakistan

Pre-literate society

New subjects added  in 1998 policy

Plato and Aristotle

Existentialism principles

How do we need to change our education system with advancement in technology 

and kindly pray for me kai mai pass ho jaooon :(  

My final paper EDU101

Total questions=26



Q-1 What is the definition of Islamic Philosophy according to Al-Kindi?2 Marks

Q-2 What are the roles of teacher in Pragmatism? 5 Marks

Q-3 What is Eclecticism? 3 Marks

Q-4 Difference between Determinism and Voluntarism with examples. 5 Marks

Q-5 Pre-literate societies (Topic 141) 3 Marks

Q-6 Influence of Chinese (Topic 142) 3 Marks

Q-7 Define Plato and Aristotle(Topic 152) 3 Marks

Q-8 Antient Turks(Topic 153) 5 Marks

Q-9 What are the facilities given to teachers of primary education 1959? 3 Marks

Q-10 Why Teaching of Islamiat,Pakistan studies and Arabic is compulsory in National Education Policy 1978? 3 Marks
Q-11 What are the aims of education of National Education Policy 1992? 5 Marks

Q-12 Why there is low enrollment in Pakistan? 3Marks

Q-13 Why there is discrimination against women? 3 Marks

Q-14 How should characters be generated in texts? 5 Marks

Q-15 Why there is linguistic Inequalities in Urdu and English medium? 5 Marks

Q-16 What is the planning for educational Change (topic 140)? 3 Marks


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