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EDU402 Final Term Papers Spring 2019 (24 August ~ 04 September 2019) & All Solved Past Papers, Solved MCQs & Helping Material

EDU402 Final Term Papers Spring 2019 (24 August ~ 04 September 2019) & All Solved Past Papers, Solved MCQs & Helping Material

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Mid Term

Midterm edu402.pdf Midterm Edu402.Pdf, 1.1 MB

Midterm edu402.pdf Midterm Edu402.Pdf, 1.1 MB

Edu 402.docx Edu 402.Docx, 20 KB

Edu 402.docxMidterm Papers.Doc

Edu 402
Common Edu Curriculum.
Characteristics Of Common Edu Curriculum.
Investigation Problems.

4: HOW EDUCATION PLAY A ROLE IN COMMUNITY? Marks 5 (Qstion Perfect Nhi But Isi Tyope Ka Tha)
Edu 402 Today Paper
Critics On Subject Specialist(5)
What Is Culture(2)
Sources Of CL(3)
Why It Is Important For Learner To Study Themself.(2)
Specialties Of Culture (5)
1;Definition Curriculum Theory?
2;Write Three Types Of Curriculum?
3;Education Role Of Community?
4;How Need Make Judgment In Curriculum?
5;Contemporary Life
6;Yad Nhi Agy

EDU 402 Curriculum Development
1 What Is Reconstructionism
2 Joseph Schwab Curriculum Planning
3 Role Of Objective Of Curriculum
4 Student Interview
5 Curriculum And Intended Learning Outcomes

10 Mcqs N 16 Subjectives
1. Pre Modern Doll’s Paradigm
2. What Is An Attitude?
3. What Is A Source Plan?
4. Domains Of Taxonomy
5. Two Types Of Organization.
6. Brief Note On Core Curriculum And Integration.
7. If A Situation Is Difficult To Handle, What Is Task For Handle Evaluation Topic 190
8. Alternatives Of Cultures.
9. Are All Situations Under Control And Accessible To Evaluators To Look For Desired Change In Student Learning? Topic 190
10. Two Dimensional Graphic Chart Topic 134
11. Tyler’s Definition Of Education
12. Subject Centered
13. Subject Specialist
14. Humanism Theory?
15. How Teachers Learning Are Important In Planning Curriculum?
16. Follow-Up Studies Topic 183

EDU402 Final Term Past Papers

Attitude def
Well stated objectives requirements
State learning theories
Development of Evaluation instruments
Structure of organising elements
Effect of community on curriculum deve
Cognitive domain
Characteristics of source plan
Which theory is based on the fact that behaviour is a result of conditioning
Cocurricular curriculum
Subject based curriculum design
Problem based curriculum

What is integrative needs? Marks 2
Difference between deductive and inductive thinking? Marks 2 
Brief note on small school steps in curriculum development? Marks 3 
According to Taylor's model, what is the goal of the education? Marks 2 
What is the purpose of source plan? Marks 2
What are you know about the ways of keeping the records?Marks 2
What is the procedure for the conducting investigations about the needs of the students? Marks 3
What are the characteristics of LEs are useful in gaining various types of objectives? Marks 3
What is the primary function of the evaluation?3 
Note on the planning of the organizing of LEs in curriculum? Marks 5
What are the importance of psychology of learning? 5
How far it is possible for a learner to provide an educational experience for a student? 5
Tylor model in the process of curriculum develop? 5
Need of evaluating the LES? 
Q#25 :
What are the factors that can be considered begin the process of curriculum revision? 5 ....
 What is reconstruction
- teachers role in curriculum development
- steps for curriculum development

- Learning experience evaluation
- planning to organize learning experience
- learning experience in curriculum
- large school steps
- what is attitude
- cognitive theory? 
- teacher student planning
- why teachers are important in planning curriculum

edu402 final term paper
1. Pre Modern Doll's Paradigm
2. What is an attitude?
3. What is a source plan?
4. Domains of taxonomy
5. Two types of organization.
6. brief note on core curriculum and integration.
7. If a situation is difficult to handle, what is task for handle evaluation topic 190
8. Alternatives of cultures.
9. Are all situations under control and accessible to evaluators to look for desired change in student learning? topic 190
10. two dimensional graphic chart topic 134
11. Tyler's definition of education
12. Subject centered
13. subject specialist
14. humanism theory?
15. How teachers learning are important in planning curriculum?
16. Follow-up studies topic 183

Learning Experience
Answer: Learning experiences ( LE)is the interaction b/w learner and external condition in the environment to which one can react.
Affective domain
Importance of 2 dimensional analysis
Source plan
Examples of methods of social investigation
Levels for analyze CL
Advantages and disadvantages of organizing structures
Large school steps... curriculum development
Problem solving Design
Which type of assessment can be done through paper pencil test

1. What is source plan
2. What is learning experience
3. What methods can b used in studying learners
4. how does learning take place
5. Levels of structural elements (topic 163)
6. why do appraise more than one time (topic 182)
7. developing evaluation instruments(192)
8. large school steps curriculum development (203)
9. important facts about subject specialist
10. what is humanistic curriculum (33

Difference b/w school and society 
teaching experience
paper pencil test
large school
subject specialist
total Question 26
Mcqs 10
Subjective type Questions 16
1-What is new definition of curriculum?2
2-What is include in instructional objectives?2
Behaviors - o observable
O measureable

• Condition under which behaviors will occur - o on an exam
o in a classroom

• a minimum / acceptable level of performance

3-What’s aspects of concept of evaluation?2
4-What is Low level of organizing the curriculum?2
5-What is philosophy of reconstraconism? 3
6-Importance of formulation in curriculum development?3
7-Learner centered curriculum?3
8-Steps of evolution procedures?3
9-Planning the organizing the LE in curriculum?3
10-Kind of information through the process of interview of the students about social culture?3
11-Operationalzed the curriculum development?5
12-Note on subject centered curriculum development?5
13-What a type of assessment through paper pencil test?5
14-Steps of organization curriculum?5
15-How LE helpful developing interest ?5

EDU402 - Curriculum Development-
Q1. What are the level for analyzing CL ? 2marks
Q2. What is an attitude? 2
Answer: A tendency to react even though the reaction does not actually takes place.
Q3. what types of evidence can be collected through the interview? 2marks
Q4. What is community record? 2 marks
Answer: Child mortality,
- Frequency of occurrence of any disease with reference to health condition,
- Various types of social data by community etc
Q5.Define Gestalt theory? 2 marks
Q6. write down steps of Evaluation process? 3 marks
Q7. What is the demand of school program of curriculum reconstruction? 
Q8. How does learning take place?
Q9. what are criteria against we check our LEs ? 3 marks
Q10. What is low level unit organizing the curriculum? 2 marks
Q11. write brief note on the steps of organizing the curriculum? 5 marks
Q12. Write brief note on " psychomotor" domain? 5 marks
Q13. why do we seek suggestion from subject specialist? 5 marks
Q14. Write brief note on Operationalizing the curriculum development process? 5 marks
Q15 How do attitude develop? 5 marks
Q16. Write a brief note on identifying the situation for LEs evaluation ? 5marks
What is an attitude?
A tendency to react even though the reaction does not actually takes place.

Edu 402 Final term
Principles of learning experience
Learner centered curriculum
Democratic values
Source plan
3 Types of curriculum
Evaluation procedure steps
Subject specialist
Tyler curriculum
Criteria for evaluation
Why there is need for evaluation in learning experience?
How can teacher can provide an educational experience?

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