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EDU430 Assignment No 02 Fall 2019 Solution & Discussion

EDU430 ICT in Education Assignment 2 Solution & Discussion Fall 2019

EDU430           Fall 2019           Marks: 15


  1. Explain the role of charts as teaching aid? Discuss the use of different types of charts in classroom (3+5)
  2. Explain the role of ICT in enhancing the learning of stduents in classroom. Give relevant examples to strengthen your arguments (3+4)

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EDU430 Assignment No 02 Solution Fall 2019.

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EDU430 Assignment 2 Solution idea Fall 2019EDU430 Assignment 2 Solution idea Fall 2019

QuestionsQ1.Explain the role of charts as teaching aid? Discuss the use of different types of charts in classroom (3+5)Introduction of teaching aid:Meaning of educating help.: an item, (for example, a book, picture, or guide) or gadget, (for example, a dvd or PC) utilized by an instructor to improve or breathe life into study hall guidance varying media educating helps.Role of chart in educationA graph is a decent methods or help of educating. It carries condition to the way toward educating inside the class by implication. Rather than visiting the real fields of an exercise, all things considered, the diagram can carry such scene into class to be seen by students.Instructing Aids A diagram is a decent methods or help of educating. It carries condition to the way toward educating inside the class in a roundabout way. Rather than visiting the genuine fields of an exercise, all things considered, the outline can carry such scene into class to be seen by students. The reason for existing is to offer life to the theoretical learning. It encourages the procedure of introduction in class. An outline is a helpful method to present and show data or guidelines, particularly in a study hall or other instructive circumstance. It can go in size from a huge divider diagram to a solitary bit of paper. 
 Chart importanceAn outline is a gathering of related fa cuts exhibited as a chart, table, diagram, or other outwardly sorted out model. 
Model of the chartHere is a case of a diagram utilized in education: Letters in order graph Sorts Here are a few sorts of diagrams utilized in education: Letters in order diagram Consonant graph Augmented groundwork page Number graph Accentuation graph Tune diagram Vowel graph Advantages: 
Graphs are a phenomenal apparatus that can assist understudies with turning out to be autonomous scholars and issue solvers when attempting to ace the CCSS. What's more, despite the fact that the guidelines are mind boggling, when the procedures are separated and showed for understudies, they can all the more effectively disguise and ace them. Diagrams don't need to be great! They are best when they are made by or with understudies, and adjusted or modified as understudies' comprehension of the idea changes. In what manner would teachers be able to make these sorts of graphs? 1. Outlines ought to mirror the understudies' understanding level. More intelligent Charts prescribes that the outlines made in the study hall imitate the measure of print on a page, the dividing among words and the quantity of lines of print that kids are accustomed to finding in their perusing. Accordingly, first grade graphs would appear to be a lot of unique from fourth or fifth grade outlines. 
2. Diagrams ought to be made with understudies so they have some responsibility for goes on it, and will subsequently allude to it. It isn't important that the whole diagram is made together, however it ought not be something that is totally pre-made either. Graphs ought to be a work in progress, one that causes understudies to recollect the significant purposes of the smaller than expected exercises you educate. 
3. There must be some framework set up that encourages understudies to make sure to allude to graphs when required. All things considered, that is the reason they are made… to assist understudies with turning out to be free issue solvers! Frameworks could incorporate straightforward things, for example, having understudies post-it note the graph they utilized (or need to utilize); understudies can sign diagrams they have become "master" on and afterward different understudies can go to them for help; educators could ask understudies "Which outline could assist you with that?" during small scale exercises, after workshop offers or gatherings. The thought is to continually remind understudies to utilize the graphs and data that is accessible to them. They are NOT backdrop! 
Attributes of Charts: 
– be clear, straightforward and simple to discover. 
– show content that is present and supports complex abilities. 
– have a reasonable reason. 
– incorporate strides for how to do explicit techniques or methodology. 
– have visuals including images, pictures, or photographs to go with words
Explain the role of ICT in enhancing the learning of students in classroom. Give relevant examples to strengthen your arguments (3+4)
Explain the role of ICT“ICT plays a catalytic role in enhancing learning in classroom and beyond. ... Information and communication technologies are extremely influencing every discipline including Education. It is affecting every aspect of education from teaching-learning to assessment and evaluation. It improves the effectiveness of education.Globalization, upgraded by the gadgets of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has incredibly tested the quality training of college. The utilization of ICT in training fits more understudy focused learning settings and regularly this makes a few strains for certain educators and understudies. In any case, with the world moving quickly into computerized media and data, the job of ICT in training is turning out to be increasingly significant and this significance will proceed to develop and create in the 21st century. This examination talks about the jobs of ICT in upgrading quality instruction. Data Correspondence Technologies (ICT) at present are affecting each part of human life. They are assuming striking jobs in work places, business, instruction, and excitement. The paper further features the impediments related with the utilization of ICT in quality instruction, for example, lacking ICT offices, epileptic power supply, educators' absence of ICT information/abilities, hard to incorporate ICT to guidance, inadequate instructor time, insufficient synchronous access, insufficient supervision staff and absence of specialized help. The audit reasons that paying little mind to every one of the restrictions describing it, ICT benefits instruction frameworks to furnish quality training in arrangement with constructivism, which is a contemporary worldview of learning. The paper at that point suggest that, the legislature of Ethiopia should pass a bill at the national gathering on the utilization of modern ICT offices in the instructive framework by arrangement of sufficient store, verifying of ICT specialists in foundations and schools and guaranteeing that these offices are observed every now and then.THE ROLE OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION Innovation (ICT) IN ENHANCING QUALITY Training In this paper, the analyst is worried about the route in which ICTs can assume a job in upgrading quality training at the colleges. ICTs open up better approaches for getting to data consequently changing the connections between understudies and among understudies and their educators. In expansion, ICTs empower educators to change their instructing rehearses by encouraging understudy discourse and joint effort or by reproducing 'genuine world' issues in this manner giving understudies valid learning encounters. 
The Concept of Information and Communication Innovation (ICT) Presenting Information and Compunction Technology (ICT) as a device to help the training part has started generous talks since the late 1990s. A decade prior the accentuation was on Technical and Professional Education and Training and preparing educators. During the most recent couple of years, an expanding number of universal advancement organizations have grasped the capability of ICT to help the training part. Synchronous media require all members to be together simultaneously despite the fact that in various area, instances of synchronous are sound designs, sound conferencing as in a phone meeting, communicate radio and TV, remotely coordinating, PC conferencing, for example, talk and web communication. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in education is the mode of education that use information and communications technology to support, enhance, and optimize the delivery of information?Worldwide research has shown that ICT can lead to an improved student learning and better teaching methods. A report made by the National Institute of Multimedia Education in Japan, proved that an increase in the use of ICT in education with integrating technology to the curriculum has a significant and positive impact on students’ achievements. The results specifically showed that the students who are continuously exposed to technology through education has better ‘knowledge’, presentation skills, innovative capabilities, and are ready to take more efforts into learning as compared to their counterparts.New trendsIntroducing ICT into education is the answer for those who ask; ‘how can we increase the reach of our institution, to a larger number of students?’The Mobile learning (m ‐learning) as a form of e ‐learning is a rising trend where the education has outgrown the physical constraints of the classrooms and acquired mobility. Students access information whenever and wherever they want, and institutions that provides such advanced technological terrains is rising in number day by day.Various devices/technology in ICT includes: 1. . Give relevant examples to strengthen your arguments (3+4)Access of course materials through remote devices,Online digital repositories for lectures, course materials, and digital library,Online/ cloud based academic management systems,Employing the flipped classroom concept,Making use of handheld computers, tablet computers, audio players, projector devices etc.Also, the rising number of Massive Open Online Courses(MOOCs) like the courser, khan academy, and edx tells us that there is a huge demand for off-the-classroom learning facilities. The future of our institutions will depend on whether or not they can satisfy those needs.Why measure ICT in education?Policy ‐makers accepts that ICT in education can help the students to compete in the global economy by being part of a skilled workforce and facilitate social mobility by:Enhancing learning experiences and providing new sets of skills,Reaching more students with Massive Open Online Courses(MOOCs),Facilitating the training of faculties,Minimizing costs and saving time associated with information delivery and automating regular day-to-day tasks,Improving the administration of institutions to enhance the quality and efficiency of service delivery.According to UNESCO, “Measuring ICT in education is therefore important to inform policy makers in setting national priorities and developing ICT in education policy.”Enabling ICT in institutions will also be useful for NAAC, NBA, and ABET accreditations.The movement of education industry towards quality assurance programs has been picking up pace and the NAAC and NBA accreditation are evidence for that. These certifications are bound to become the norms for selecting institutions by students and the government is already taking measures to assure high quality education. Also, more and more institutions are applying for accreditation every day to imply that the education they provide is of high quality.National Award For Teachers Using ICT For Innovation In EducationTo promote and improve the digital culture in schools and colleges, the government has instituted the National Award for innovative use of ICT to motivate the Teachers and educators for innovative use of ICT in teaching-learning. To summarize, enabling ICT in education, and making use of technology in education creates an easy-to-manage learning environment where the delivery of information is so much smoother and the learning easier.


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