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EDU430 Final Term Papers Spring 2019 (24 August ~ 04 September 2019) & All Solved Past Papers, Solved MCQs & Helping Material

EDU430 Final Term Papers Spring 2019 (24 August ~ 04 September 2019) & All Solved Past Papers, Solved MCQs & Helping Material

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Share Your Final Term Papers Spring 2019 (Questions/Pattern) & Past Papers as well here to help each other. Thanks


www.bit.ly/papersvu (Link for Past Papers, Solved MCQs, Short Notes & More)


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todays my final paper


fire wall


learning platform



methods of formal assesment

use of computer network in education in education

how mathmindset can improve learning by technology and pedagogy. give concrete examples

where computer reside if they have use in education

baqi yad ni

yar bhai course selection me guid kardu easy se subjects me 2nd semester

KN kn se rkhy 2nd semester mei guide please

Edu430 current paper
35 ques 20 mcqz 15 sub
Define information technology
Uses of charts in classroom
Forgot rest...
Long ques were from past paper the file is uploaded yest in group files..

kahan wo file upload hoi 

yar bhai wo file kidar hy

EDU430 Final Term Paper
10 MCQs, mostly from handouts quotations.
Q1. Define Folder?
Q2. Define ISO?
Q3. Define ERIC?
Q4. Define ICT?
Q5. Define associate?
Q6. Define internet?
Q7. Describe the benefits of ICT for the teachers and the institutions?
Q8. benefits of ICTs in school and out of school .....
Q9. Briefly define why ICT benefit for illiterate youth?
Q10. How can educational content for dissemination through ICTs ....
Define BIOS?
What is attachment?
define Inline image?
Define Drum scanner?
What is Dotted decimal notation? marks
What is external viewer?
Difference b/w virtual reality and virtual world?3 marks
Differential impact of ICT on subgroups of boys and girls?3 marks
How private-public sector partnership in introducing ICT in education can cut down the cost of learning??5 marks
Describe How Handheld devices effective in education (especially for the teacher professional development and administration)??5 marks
• mcqz saray bakwas....40.... saray babay ke kahanio say..... no idea about that... like
galib kahan peda hua..?
dr. ashraf k aba g kis zuban k mahir thay?
howard university k kitnay students pay test pass kia first time mai?
books names
quotes by authors
muslim school have which level?
in 1969 how many universities in Pakistan?
book authors names bohat kuch jo k ....................
takreeban 8,9 ko chor k baki sub babay ke kahanio mai say he thay....
1. Define GCG? 2
2. Define Icon? 2
3. what is the meaning of backbone in computer? 2
4. define Dichoaric mirror? 2
5. what is computer search service? 2
6. define densitometer? 3
7. define resampling? 3
8. what is FDDI? 3
9. define header? 3
10. What is the meaning of computer program? 3
11. How to type of learning strategies be selected by use of ICT upon special need and disadvantaged students? What is the gender in terms difference in this regard? 5
12. How handheld devices which are enabled 3g to use in support of ICT especially educational professional development and management for teachers? Which are the best practices are used in this regard? 5
13. How ICT components in education support by donors be quantified and identified? 5
Very best of luck for all......

EDU430 .....(2:30)
Define hard disk drive.(2)
Define GB(2)
Define DOS(2)
Define cookies(2)
Define Crush(3)
Define Internet(3)
Define firewall(3)
Define IP(2)
Define IP datagram(3)
What is the meaning of bookmark?(5)
What are the Advantages of Projected aids?(5)
Ict in edcation fields(5)
Instant feedback and summative assessment(5)

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