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Professionalism in Teaching (EDU433)

Assignment I (Fall 2019)
Total Marks: 20
Lectures: 1-4


• Late assignments will not be accepted.
• If the file is corrupt or problematic, it will be marked zero.
• Plagiarism will never be tolerated. Plagiarism occurs when a student uses work done by someone else as if it was his or her own; however, taking the ideas from different sources and expressing them in your own words will be encouraged.
• No assignment will be accepted via e-mail.
• The solution file should be in Word document format; the font color should be preferably black and font size should be 12 Times New Roman.
• The assignment must not be copied and pasted from the content uploaded.
• Any resemblance of assignment with fellow students and internet content will be resulted in deduction of marks.

Q.1: Read the article uploaded in download section titled “The Professional Teacher Educator: Six Roles”. Summarize the article in your own words.
Please note:

• Summary should be in paragraph form and each paragraph should be of 6-7 lines in length.
• Headings are not necessarily important or required but no marks will be awarded or deducted for headings.
• Copy-paste text is not accepted. Students should write in their own words to summarize the content.
• Conclusion is compulsory reflecting the general comments about the usefulness of article.
• Article to be summarized is available in download section with title “Assignment 1-article”.

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Dear Fellows,

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So please don’t post two or more discussions for one Current Assignment/GDB/Online Quiz, hope you’ll understand and cooperate with us.

plz share solution of this assignment

Question No: 1
Read the article uploaded in download section titled “The Professional Teacher Educator: Six Roles”. Summarize the article in your own words.

In the start of the 1990s, the role of teacher educators in education practice, research and policy has been very important. During the last 10 years, teaching is a very popular profession. Many publications discuss the profession of teacher educators. In this article the authors want to describe the role of the professional teacher educator. They discuss the six role of the teacher educator. All roles are very important. Teacher educators are a supper group. Teacher educator teacher is very important group. Teacher educators are a heterogeneous group.
All teacher educators are coming from different ways. All of them love their profession. All teacher’s have come from different background as like most of them were and being in teacher education is a second career, others directly enter teacher education after PhD-study at university, but all of them work in different settings. All teacher educators have different ideas. All of them love their work. They do their work in a good way. In this study we use a broad definition of teacher educators, all those who teach and coach student teacher with the aim of supporting their professional development.
We followed the 8th steps for doing a review study that described by Randolph. All steps are very important. We follow these steps for best understanding because all of these are basic steps. We cannot deny these steps. We defined the focus of the study and searched systematically for literature. The all terms that we used are very helpful. All terms are we used in our search wereteacher educator>>, teacher trainer>> and mentor teacher>>. Many articles are writing on this topic but we selected 405 articles’.
We used different method for the teacher educator’s profession. In this article the author describe the 8th steps in detail. I want to describe in short words. We have limited ourselves to articles in journals recognized by the ISI and ICO. We are answering our questions. We discovered that in some studies roles were named and described explicitly. Discussions among the three researchers led to the identification of six roles. All six roles are very impressive. All roles are very useful for the teacher educators. After three week we discussed the progress of our findings. We asked 7th critical friends in this field. We asked them specifically to respond and transparency of the method used and to the degree of completeness of our selection.
Six Roles
The six roles of the teacher educators are very important. On the basis of our study, six roles of teacher educators have been identified:
1 Teacher of teachers
2 Researchers
4 Curriculum developers
5 Gatekeepers
6 Brokers
The six roles are very good. Now I want to describe these six roles in the detail. All roles have a different importance. We cannot forget these roles because these roles are part of our teaching department. Now, in the following sections, we present a selection of our findings for each role.
Teacher of Teachers:
The six roles are very good. Many researches have been carried out into the role of the teacher of teachers. In this research they emphasize that the teacher of teachers does not teach child’s but prospective teachers in a higher education setting. The most important aspect of the role of a teacher of teachers is the ability to handle tensions for example between telling and growth. The role of teacher of teachers is very impressive and simple. This role is very good and special for the teacher of teachers. The behavior of the teacher is very important for the students. This involves that teacher educators can reflect on their own actions and feelings and make them explicit, in order to support the development of teachers.
Profession development is an important part of the teacher of teachers. We found three important factors in the Professional development of teacher educators as researchers. 1. Creating a comfortable environment in which a supporting research culture is created.2. Many important personal qualities of the teacher educator as like passion, skills, courage, motivation and struggle.3. It appears that reporting on research. Professional development is an impressive and great development.

Coaching is an essential part of teacher’s life. There are many aspects as like, passion, respect, hope, courage, helpfulness, forgiveness etc. Professional development is very important part of the coaching. It is focused on the coaching skills. Coaching is play an important role in every department. It is very necessary in every field.
Curriculum Developer:
Curriculum developer is a part of the schools He developed a wonderful object of self study. We found no studies on the professional development of teacher educators in the role of curriculum developers. This is very important factor of the teacher of teachers. It is very upset for the teacher.
In this role gatekeeper is very important part of the teacher educator. In the profession of teaching gatekeeper is very important part of the teacher educator. In the role of gatekeeper we found no studies. In this role, we have no studies. It is very harmful. It is very impressive part of the professional development.
In this role university-based and school-based teacher educators are increasingly sharing responsibility for the education and the development of the teachers. In this article the author describe the important role of the teacher of teachers. We cannot forget these important six roles of the teacher educator. These entire roles are very important. We cannot deny these roles. All of them not play same role and all of them not give studies. Broker is not gives studies knowledge. We used it but we cannot get study through it. These all roles that describe in this are very impressive. All authors that write this article are very great person. They love to the teaching.



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