What is written without effort is in general read without pleasure.Discuss this statement in the light of general rules for effective writing?

My ignorance of the general rules aside, I would put it simply that this is a purely subjective statement. Unless you mean that physical effort which actually went into the creation of the text(s), the apparent "effort" which went into the production of said work(s)vustudents.ning would need to be measured in an appropriate medium. This becomes tricky because what a graduate student produces without much effort at all, an illiterate man would struggle for months to produce, ostensibly. Quite aside from this is the notion that, if we mean to measure the physical effort which went into the production, then does it become statement in fact that hand-written text(s) are intrinsically more interesting than a typographic production of the same ? The reason for the measurement of effort of course is to determine the ratio at which pleasure is produced in reading as compared to the "effort" enacted in its' production.

another solution
Basically, it means that it takes effort to write something others are going to have pleasure in reading.