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VU Past Papers, MCQs and More

ENG101 Current Finalterm Papers Fall 2020 and Past Solved Papers

Dear Students, Please share your Current Finalterm Paper (Current Paper) Fall 2020 as well Past papers and MCQs. This will be helpful for many students who are looking for help/assistance regarding there Current Finalterm Paper Fall 2020.


Let's help each other in Current Papers and make VU ning forum into a better community for VU students.


Just copy text of each MCQ/Question of current papers and paste here or save in a MS Word file and upload in replies.


VU ning team will post here Current Papers, to help VU Students.

Let's discuss here Current Finalterm Paper Fall 2020, clear your concepts, improve learning and help each other. Good luck 


Share anything you remember!

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ENG101 Current Finalterm Papers Fall 2020

ENG101 Current Finalterm Papers Fall 2020 | | 03-03-2021 | 11:00 AM


MCQs Grammr related thy

Unity sy 2 question thy aik 2 nmbr ka aur aik 5 nmbr ka
3 nmbr ka preposition wala question tha
5 nmbr ka sentence fragment tha
Fill in blanks with correct form of verb tha

ENG101 Current Finalterm Papers Fall 2020

ENG101 Current Finalterm Papers Fall 2020 |  02-03-2021


30 mcqs Kuch past papers say thy
Aik paragraph tha topic sentence underline Karna tha
True false thy
Pair of words ki blanks thi
Effect affect , loose lose ,
Write three transitional words according to sequence of time (3marks )
Correct sentence by using comma or semi colon (5 marks )

ENG101 Current Finalterm Papers Fall 2020

ENG101 Current Finalterm Papers Fall 2020 | 01-03-2021 | 02:20 PM


1-03-2021 2:30pm
Paper Eng101
1-True false
2-Fill in the blanks
3-Ek sentence dia hoa tha usmy comma lgana tha
4-3 sentence dia hoa thy usmy adjective kk arrange kr k likhna tha
5-2 marks k active passive voice ay thy
6-Rearrange the sentence (pg 223 practice 1 A)
7-which sentence does not contribute to a unified effect (3mark ka question tha ya wala passage dia hoa tha 4 sentence thy)

Eng101 Current Paper 6/03/2021 11:30


Long 1

  1. Linear pattern is used for organizing the body of essay. (Horizontal, Linear)
  2. Good introductions and conclusions hold up the ideas and keep the Evidence in order. (evidence, idea)
  3. Learning to write in English is not as Simple as it seems. (difficult, simple)
  4. The whole structure of essay will fall apart if you take either introduction or Topic (topic, conclusion)

Long 2

  1. Cause and effect is a sub category of spatial (spatial, linear)When (John) slipped on the step, he fell.
  2. The (Doctors) believed their diagnosis of a fracture was correct.
  3. (A person) should always try to be helpful to his or her classmates.
  4. ( Jack and Mary) make regular contributions to their church.

   5) If anyone has an opinion about capital punishment, ( they) should state it.

Iskei ilawah ik ur long tha who bhi Fill in the blanks

Ik swal 3 number ka tha  2 ways of maintiainiing coherence in a paragraph wala

Ik swal 2 number ka cliches sei pg number 183 par true false tha

Sare 2 number walie True False Ya yes/No they

MCQ 90% straight forward ur easy they 60%+ relating to fill in the blank with correct verb,article,Pronoun,Noun etc

Ya phir btayen kei  Adjective konsa hai clause konsa hai

Ik MCQ  Type of sentences sei tha(Comound,Complex,Simple etc)


Eng101 current Paper Early March

  • Unity Of Paragaraph Long 5 Marks Lec Number 32 Pg 209 as well as unity Of sentence
  • Cohesion and Coherence
  • 5 Marks Preposition
  • Lesson 42 Future Tenese 5 marks Question true or false pg 261
  • Lesson 34 pg 222 Organization Of Essays
  • Lesson 24 25 26 Comma splice and Fused Sentence pg 158
  • 20% Mcqs Repeating from past papers
  • Lec number 33 pg216
  • Mostly MCQ’s Comprising Of Tenses
  • Define Fragment Sentence
  • Tenses
  • Topic Sentence in a paragrph


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