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ENG101 Fall 2017 Final Term Papers Pattern & Questions 17 Feb 2018 to 28 Feb 2018 & Helping Material

ENG101 Fall 2017 Final Term Papers Pattern & Questions 17 Feb 2018 to 28 Feb 2018 & Helping Material

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How to Find Your Subject Study Group & Join.

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.... How to Find Your Subject Study Group & Join .... 

sure y not sir!

(1)What is an opinion?
Answer:An opinion is a statement that can not be objectively proved true or false. Opinions usually express beliefs, feelings, judgements that a person may have on or about a subject.
(2)Question:What is imaginative writing?Answer:Imaginative writing means creative writing. Creative writngs include novels, short stories,a piece of writing dealing with fictional situation. It can also be a poem.
(3)Question:Whish are the three common purposes of communication?

The three common purposes of communication are:

To inform
To persuade
To entertain
(4)Question:Which factors show that your reading comprehension is not good?Answer:Reading speed and comprehension are related. If you are not an experienced reader then reading faster can make your comprehention slow. Moreover, vocalisation i.e., reading words aloud can also make you comprehend less.
(5)Question:Which things should be kept in mind while reading?
Answer:As a skilled reader you must recognize the writer's purpose, tone and attitude.
(6)Question:What is practical writing?Answer:Practical writing deals mainly with facts. It may be a report, an account or someone expressing his opinion on a particular matter, a series of instruction or a set of statistics. 
(7)Question:Define a dictionary.

A dictionary is a book that not only lists and records the words of a language but it also tells you how speakers of the language spell, pronounce, define, explain, and use the words of their language.

(8)Question:What are some of the uses of a dictionary?

The following is a list of things that can be learned from a dictionary.

SpellingPronunciationParts of speechOrigin of wordsMeaning/ explanationUsage/restrictive labelsSynonyms& antonymsForeign words and phrasesGeneral information.
(9)Question:What is an archaic?Answer:Archaic is a word that is no longer in use.
(10)Question:What is an obsolete?Answer:Obsolete is a word that is no longer in use.
(11)Question:What is a consonant sound?Answer:A consonant is a sound which is articulated with some obstruction in the mouth.
(12)Question:What is stress?
Answer:Stress is the extra force, used in pronunciation or speaking, on a particular word. A dictionary indicates stress by a tiny mark on top of a word.
(13)Question:What is the topic of a paragraph?
Answer:The topic of a paragraph is the subject of the whole paragraph. It tells what the whole paragraph is about.It can usually be expressed in a word or two.
(14)Question:What are connectives?

Connectives are links which are made by conjunctions that join ideas into some kind of relationship within text. These words or phrases are also known as that connect ideas together. They indicate:

resultcontrastillustrationcause and effecta series/time sequenceaddition
(15)Question:What is phonetics?Answer:Phonetics is the precise study of human speech sounds - how they are produced, how they are transmitted and how they are heard.
(16)Question:What is phonology?Answer:Phonology is the broader study of major speech sounds, and their organisation, in a particular language.
(17)Question:What is a topic sentence?Answer:The sentence which states the main idea of a paragraph is the topic sentence of that paragraph. It may occur anywhere in the paragraph_____ in the beginning, in the middle or at the end.
(18)Question:How many phonemes are there in English?
Answer:In English 44 sounds of phonemes have been identified.
(19)Question:How many vowel phonemes are there in English language?
Answer:There are 20 vowel phonemes in English language.
(20)Question:What are references?Answer:References are words in a sentence that refer to each other. They can be pronouns , demonstrative pronouns, adverbs etc.,as well as substitute the words coming earlier ar later.
(21)Question:What is skimming?Answer:Skimming means reading a text quickly to get the gist of the text.The reader is just concerned with the main idea and leaves the minor or supporting details. Skimming is a useful technique especially in extensive reading.
(22)Question:What is a prefix, stem and suffix?Answer:

The stem of a word is its basic form, the fundamental element which is common to all the other forms of a word. A prefix is a form which is fixed to to the beginning of a stem; a suffix is a form which is fixed to the end of a stem. e.g. in the word

Stem = measure

Suffix = able

Prefix = im

(23)Question:What is scanning?Answer:Scanning means reading a text quickly in order to look for a specific piece of information e.g.,looking for a particular number in a telephone directory is scanning for information.
(24)Question:What is a synonym?Answer:Synonym is a word having similar meaning.
(25)Question:What is an antonym?Answer:Antonym is a word having opposite meaning.
(26)Question:How many letters are there of English alphabets?
Answer:There are 26 letters of English alphabets.
(27)Question:What is a phoneme?Answer:The smallest unit of sound is called a phoneme.The sound of a word which you utter is called a phoneme.
(28)Question:What are vowels?Answer:Vowels are sounds produced without any obstruction in the mouth.
(29)Question:How are phonemic symbols shown in a dictionary?
Answer:Phonemic symbols are given in slash brackets in the dictionary. / /(30)Question:What is a dipthong vowel?Answer:

A dipthong vowel is the sound which is produced by combining two vowel sounds. In diphthongs, there is a movement or glide from one vowel sound to another.

Moreover, there are 8 diphthong vowels in English.

Assalam o Alikum

eng101 my todays paper feb 24 2018

mcqs kafi past papers mein say thay, in k elawa jo thay wobhi objective hi ki tara thay,  

=>Write five different uses of an article ‘the’- 5 marks

=>What are contractions? Explain through examples.

=>Do you think unity plays an important role in clarifying the meaning of a paragraph?
Explain with your own points.

=> para diyahowa tha main idea likhna tha- 3 marks ka shayad

=> para diyahowa tha main idea briefly likhna tha. 5 marks ka (para ye tha)

The wolverine, a medium sized mammal weighing no more than 50 lbs.,
has earned its reputation for ferocity with its documented ability to kill prey
many times its size. The reason why wolverines have so many conflicts with other
animals (including wolves, cougars, and even bears) is probably because of the wolverine's
preferred hunting style. Rather than chasing down or tricking its prey like most hunters,
the wolverine prefers to take its meals directly from other hunters. So while a polar bear
or a lone wolf might be enjoying a hard earned carcass, a hungry wolverine may try to take
his lunch. This keeps the wolverine in plenty of fights.

Good luck, pray for me

Asslam o Alikum

ye main nay kuch important cheezain book mein say nikali hain, check kar lain shayad kisi k kam ajain (hand outs say hain ). kisi k kam ajain to duwa mein yad rakhiye ga

Allah hafiz




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