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Business Communication (ENG301)


Assignment 3 (Spring 2014)

Total Marks: 15






  • The assessment of students’ understanding of different concepts of ‘Business Communication’ and how they can apply their conceptual knowledge in daily life examples




  • Late assignments will not be accepted.
  • If the file is corrupt or problematic, it will be marked zero.
  • Plagiarism will NOT be tolerated. Plagiarism occurs when a student uses work done by someone else as if it was his or her own; however, taking the ideas from different sources and expressing them in your own words will be encouraged.
  • No assignment will be accepted via e-mail.
  • The solution file should be in Word document format; the font color should be preferably black and font size should be 12 Times New Roman.



Q1. You purchase a stylish calculator watch, Model C469, which has a musical alarm that you really like. The watch comes with a warranty that guarantees material and workmanship for one year. After six months of use, the musical alarm quits working. You have your original sales receipt and the warranty. Write a claim letter to the company manager, to mail it with the watch, requesting that it should either be repaired or replaced. The manufacturer of the watch is Pakistan Watch works Limited, 111 Hill Street, Liaquat Town, Lahore.   (Note: Students are required to follow full block format of letter writing.)                                                                                                                                                                      10



Q2. Read the situation given below which represents Win-Win Negotiation Strategy. Convert this negotiation into lose – lose strategy.                                                         5


Spouse A: I didn't cook anything tonight. I thought we would go out.

Spouse B: I'm exhausted. We had a terrible day today, and I have to be in the office early tomorrow to continue this program review we are doing.

Spouse A: It's the same old story. Always exhausted.  Always busy.

Spouse B: You're right. We need more fun. But tomorrow really is important. Just give me a break this one time, and we will go out Saturday, and do that more often; any Saturday you want.

Spouse A: That sounds like a deal.

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 Vu walon ne Final ki tyari krne deni hy k ni? 


Abi Assignment # 4 rehti ha 

Paper ki tayari karun ya iss manhoos assignment ki :'(

Totaly Agree wid u 

Plz solution btao :'(

Pakistan Watch Works Ltd,
111 Hill Street, Liaquat Town,

7th August 2014


Please repair or replace my calculator watch, Model C469, and send it to me at the address above.
After six months of use, the musical alarm has quit working. Enclosed is my watch, a copy of the sales receipt showing the date of purchase, and your warranty, which guarantees material and workmanship for one year.

Yours Sincerely,

Please Discuss here about this assignment.Thanks

Our main purpose here discussion not just Solution

We are here with you hands in hands to facilitate your learning and do not appreciate the idea of copying or replicating solutions.

IST part ki tou smjh ah gye 2nd  part mn help kr dien plx....

 ENG301 3rd Assignment Solution August 11, 2014

Example Letter

Drivers Co.
3489 Greene Ave.
Olympia, WA 98502
August 17, 2001
Richard Brown, President
Document Makers
Salem, MA 34588

Dear Mr. Brown:

As someone who has worked with your company for over 3 years, we were very disappointed to see the documents you produced for our latest Drivers Co. publicity campaign.

As our written agreement stipulated, we expected full color leaflets with fancy explanatory texts, but instead, we found that black and white photos had been included in the prepared leaflets. I think you will agree that a communication problem exists.

We would like you to send out a photographer to provide us with the promised color coverage, or provide us with a refund.

Yours truly,

(signature here)

Thomas R. Smith,


Claim letters are used to make claims due to unsatisfactory work or products by companies that have contracted another party to complete work. For example, if a company outsources production of a part required for a final product and is unsatisfied with the contractor's work, that company will write a claim letter to demand superior products. As such, claim letters have a very formal and serious tone. Use the suggested phrases and model letter below to model claim letters for use in your own business activities.

Negotiation is a dialogue between two or more people or parties intended to reach an understanding, resolve points of difference, to gain advantage for an individual or collective, or to craft outcomes to satisfy various interests.

Negotiation occurs in business, non-profit organizations, government branches, legal proceedings, among nations and in personal situations such as marriage, divorce, parenting, and everyday life. The study of the subject is called negotiation theory. Professional negotiators are often specialized, such as union negotiators, leverage buyout negotiators, peace negotiators, hostage negotiators, or may work under other titles, such as diplomats, legislators or brokers.

Lose-Lose negotiations involve a situation in which everyone is going to lose.

Lawsuits are often lose-lose.

Let's say you leave your jacket at a restaurant coat-check and they lose it. Your negotiations for compensation with the restaurant's manager are lose-lose. Your not likely to get more money than the coat was worth. The restaurant also loses.

Lose-lose negotiations can quickly turn bitter and adversarial. Despite the fact that both parties will lose it's important to try to maintain a collaborative approach.

Consider the example

I gave you earlier at the car dealership. Imagine if Brian had realized the company chose to use a hard sell so they would win in the end. He could have easily said, “Forget it. I’m going somewhere else to purchase the car.” The company would have lost because they would have lost the sale and a future customer. Brian would have lost because he wasted a day negotiating and didn’t end up with the car. Check out this example of a lose-lose situation. Did either party benefit from the negotiation? Now, in this situation you could say the parties chose to use a lose-lose strategy, but in the real world people don’t choose it in the beginning. After the negotiations fail and they blame each other, you realize whether a lose-lose strategy was at play. If the other party believes that you don’t genuinely care about their needs and interests, you can have a lose-lose outcome or if both parties elect to use a win-lose strategy the chances of a lose-lose outcome increase.

See This

[Image: 5zqxz6.jpg]


2nd part ka to answer bta dy koi ??????????????? plzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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