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ENG506 - World Englishes Handouts, PPTs Slides, Recommend Books, FAQs, Glossary & More Helping Material

ENG506 - World Englishes Handouts, PPTs Slides, Recommend Books, FAQs, Glossary & More Helping Material

ENG506 Handouts Eng506 handouts (Lec 23-45)

ENG506 Handouts Eng506 handouts (ENG506 Lecture 1-22)

ENG506 Handouts Eng506 Handouts (Lec 1-6)

ENG506 ENG506 Lecture 45

ENG506 ENG506 Lecture 44

ENG506 ENG506 Lecture 43

ENG506 Lecture 42

ENG506 Lecture 41

ENG506 Lecture 40

ENG506 Lecture 39

ENG506 Lecture 38

ENG506 Lecture 37

ENG506 Lecture 36

ENG506 Lecture 35

ENG506 Lecture 34

ENG506 Lecture 33

ENG506 Lecture 32

ENG506 Lecture 31

ENG506 Lecture 30

ENG506 Lecture 29

ENG506 Lecture 28

ENG506 Lecture 27

ENG506 Lecture 23 PPTs

ENG506 Lecture 26 PPTs

ENG506 Lecture 25 PPTs

ENG506 Lecture 24 PPTs

PPTs for ENG506 Lecture 1

ENG506 Lecture 22 PPTs

ENG506 Lecture 21 PPTs

ENG506 Lecture 20 PPTs

ENG506 Lecture 19 PPTs

ENG506 Lecture 18 PPTs

ENG506 Lecture 17 PPTs

ENG506 Lecture 16 PPTs

ENG506 Lecture 15 PPTs

ENG506 Lecture 14 PPTs

ENG506 Lecture 13 PPTs

ENG506 Lecture 12 PPTs

ENG506 Lecture 11 PPTs

ENG506 Lecture 10 PPTs

ENG506 Lecture 9 PPTs

ENG506 Lecture 8 PPTs

ENG506 Lecture 07 PPTs

ENG506 Lecture 6 PPTs

PPTs of ENG506 Lecture 5

PPTs of ENG506 Lecture 4

PPTs of ENG506 Lecture 2

ENG506 Lecture 3 PPTs

World Englishes in Asian Contexts

ENG506 Lesson 45

ENG506 Lesson 44

ENG506 Lesson 43

ENG506 Lesson 42

ENG506 Lesson 41

ENG 506

ENG 506

ENg 506

ENG 506 PPTs 1-109

ENG506 Lesson 39

ENG506 Lesson 38 PPTs

ENG506 Lesson 37 PPTs

ENG506 Lesson 32

ENG506 Lesson 28

ENG506 Lesson 25

ENG506 Lesson 35

ENG506 Lesson 34

ENG506 Lesson 33

ENG506 Lesson 31

ENG506 Lesson 30

ENG506 Lesson 29

ENG506 Lesson 27

ENG506 Lesson 26

ENG506 Lesson 24

ENG506 Lesson 23

ENG506 Lesson 36

ENG506 Lesson 35

ENG506 Lesson 34

ENG506 Lesson 5

ENG506 Lesson 8

ENG506 Lesson 7

ENG506 Lesson 6

ENG506 Lesson 4

ENG506 Lesson 3

ENG506 Lesson 22

ENG506 Lesson 21

ENG506 Lesson 20

ENG506 Lesson 19

ENG506 Lesson 18

ENG506 Lesson 17

ENG506 Lesson 2

English as Global Langauge

ENG506 Lesson 16

ENG506 Lesson 15

ENG506 Lesson 14

ENG506 Lesson 13

ENG506 Lesson 12

ENG506 Lesson 11

ENG506 Lesson 10

ENG506 Lesson 9

Chapter wise References of Books

The English Language Historical

The Future of English

An Introduction to Sociolinguistics

‘English as a Global Language’ by David Crystal

Adobe User Guide for Participants

ENG506 ENG506 Recommended Book

ENG506 ENG506 Recommended Book

ENG506 ENG506 Recommended Book

ENG506 ENG506 Recommended Book

ENG506 ENG506 Recommended Book

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Eng506 handouts Lec 23-45.docx

Eng506 handouts (Lec 1-22).docx

Eng506 handouts Lec 1-6.docx

ENG506 Lecture 45.rar

ENG506 Lecture 44.rar

ENG506 Lecture 43.rar

ENG506 Lecture 42.rar

ENG506 Lecture 41.rar

ENG506 Lecture 40.rar

ENG506 Lecture 39.rar

ENG506 Lecture 38.rar

ENG506 Lecture 37.rar

ENG506 Lecture 36.rar

ENG506 Lecture 35.rar

ENG506 Lecture 34.rar

ENG506 Lecture 33.rar

ENG506 Lecture 32.rar

ENG506 Lecture 31.rar

ENG506 Lecture 30.rar

ENG506 Lecture 29.rar

ENG506 Lecture 28.rar

ENG506 Lecture 27.rar

ENG506 Lecture 23 PPTs.rar

ENG506 Lecture 26 PPTs.rar

ENG506 Lecture 25 PPTs.rar

ENG506 Lecture 24 PPTs.rar

ENG506 Lecture 1 PPTs.rar

ENG506 Lecture 22 PPTs.rar

ENG506 Lecture 21 PPTs.rar

ENG506 Lecture 20 PPTs.rar

ENG506 Lecture 19 PPTs.rar

ENG506 Lecture 18 PPTs.rar

ENG506 Lecture 17 PPTs.rar

ENG506 Lecture 16 PPTs.rar

ENG506 Lecture 15 PPTs.rar

ENG506 Lecture 14 PPTs.rar

ENG506 Lecture 13 PPTs.rar

ENG506 Lecture 12 PPTs.rar

ENG506 Lecture 11 PPTs.rar

ENG506 Lecture 10 PPTs.rar

ENG506 Lecture 9 PPTs.rar

ENG506 Lecture 8 PPTs.rar

ENG506 Lecture 7 PPTs.rar

ENG506 Lecture 6 PPTs.rar

ENG506 Lecture 5 PPTs.rar

ENG506 Lecture 4 PPTs.rar

ENG506 Lecture 2 PPTs.rar

ENG506 Lecture 3 PPTs.rar

World Englishes in Asian Contexts.pdf

ENG506 Lesson 45_Future Directions Research in World Englishes.docx

ENG506 Lesson 44_Future of World Englishes.docx

ENG506 Lesson 43_Dangers of English as a Global Language.docx

ENG506 Lesson 42_GlobalisationVarious.docx

ENG506 Lesson 41_World Englishes and the Media.docx

ENG 506 PPTs 227-242.rar

ENG 506 PPTs 163-226.rar

ENG 506 PPTs 110-162.rar

PPTs 1-109.rar

ENG506 Lesson 39_Role of English in Higher Education.docx

ENG506 Lesson 38 Testing and Assessment in World Englishes Context.rar

ENG506 Lesson 37 Models, Methods and Curriculum for Teaching World ...

ENG506 Lesson 32_New Standard Englishes.docx

ENG506 Lesson 28_Southeast Asian Englishes.docx

ENG506 Lesson 25_English in Language Policy and Planning.docx

ENG506 Lesson 35_ The Pedagogy of World Englishes.docx

ENG506 Lesson 34_World Englishes and Gender.docx

ENG506 Lesson 33_Power, Ideology and Attitudes.docx

ENG506 Lesson 31_English of the Sub Continent.docx

ENG506 Lesson 30_Emerging Englishes.docx

ENG506 Lesson 29_African Englishes.docx

ENG506 Lesson 27_English in Australia and New Zealand.docx

ENG506 Lesson 26_New Englishes.docx

ENG506 Lesson 24_Colonial Language Policy.docx

ENG506 Lesson 23_Applied Theory and World Englishes.docx

ENG506 Lesson 36 Teaching World Englishes Courses.rar

ENG506 Lesson 35 Pedagogy of World Englishes.rar

ENG506 Lesson 34 World Englishes and Gender.rar

ENG506 Lesson 5_ Historical, Political and Social Contexts III.doc

ENG506 Lesson 8_Pidgins and creoles Linguistic features and charact...

ENG506 Lesson 7_Pidgins and Creoles Theories of Origin.docx

ENG506 Lesson 6_Contact Induced Varieties of English.doc

ENG506 Lesson 4_Historical, Political and Social Contexts II.docx

ENG506 Lesson 3_Historical, Political and Social Contexts I.docx

Lesson22_World Englishes and Language Acquisition.docx

ENG506 Lesson 21_World Englishes and Language Acquisition.docx

ENG506 Lesson 20_Acculturation.docx

ENG506 Lesson 19_Standard English and World Englishes.docx

ENG506 Lesson 18_Standard Language Ideology.docx

ENG506 Lesson 17_World Englishes and Intelligibility.docx

ENG506 Lesson 2- Dangers of a Global Langauge.docx

ENG506 Lesson 1_ English as a Global Language.docx

ENG506 Lesson 16_Variations in World Englishes Linguistic Features....

ENG506 Lesson 15_Variations in World EnglishesLinguistic Features.docx

ENG506 Lesson 14_Variations Across Cultures.docx

ENG506 Lesson 13_Variations Across Cultures.docx

ENG506 Lesson 12_Kachru’s Three Circle-Model of World English.docx

ENG506 Lesson 11_Kachru’s Three Circle-Model of World English.docx

ENG506 Lesson 10_ Models of World Englishes.docx

ENG506 Lesson 9_ Models and Classifications.docx

Chapter wise References of Books Eng506.xls

The_English Language Historical.pdf

The Future of ENglish.pdf

An Introduction to Sociolinguistics.pdf


Adobe_User Guide_for_Participants.pdf

Jennifer Jenkins-World Englishes_ A Resource Book for Students (Rou...


David Graddol, Dick Leith, Joan Swann-English_ History, Diversity a...

Andy Kirkpatrick-The Routledge Handbook of World Englishes (Routled...

(Asian Englishes today) Braj B Kachru-Asian Englishes _ beyond the ...


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