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(Recruitment and selection)

Human resource recruitment refers to any organizational activity that is designed to effect ,1)the number of people who apply for vacancies,2) the type of people who apply for them and/or, 3) the likelihood that those applying for vacancies will accept position if offered. The goal of any organization recruitment program is to ensure that the organization has a number of reasonably qualified applicants (who will find the job acceptable) to choose from when a vacancy occurs.

The goal of the recruiting is not simply to generate large number of applicants, if the process generates a sea of unqualified applicants, the organization will incur great expenses in personal selection, but few vacancies will actually be filled.

The goal of a personal recruitment is not to finely discriminate among reasonably qualified applicants either. Recruiting new personnel and selecting new personnel are both complex processes. Each task is hard enough to accomplish successfully .even when one is well focused. Organizations explicitly trying to do both at the same time will probably not to do either well.



Recruitment is the first part of the process of filling the vacancies; it includes the examination of the vacancies, the consideration of sources of suitable candidates, making contact with those candidates and attracting applications from them. (OR) All activities directed towards locating potential employees, (OR) the attraction of applications, form suitable applicants.


Organization does not operate in a vacuum and recruitment drives or one of the times when an organization has direct contact with the outside world. Other factors affecting recruitment or the framework impose by legislation, and the fact that no organization will want to spend money on unnecessary activities. In keeping with this and definition of recruitment given above the aims of recruitment are:

· To obtain pool of suitable candidates for vacant posts.

· To use and be seen to use a fair process

· To ensure that all recruitment activities contribute to company goals and a desirable company image

· To conduct recruitment activities in an efficient and cost effective manner

These statement intimate that a number of judgment to be made about how recruitment is carried out.

Figure illustrates the relationship among human resource planning, job analysis, recruitment, and the selection process.











There are mainly two types of recruitment sources are used in the organization.

a) Internal sources

b) External sources

A diagram illustrates these





Personal records can also be used for recruitment of employees, which are already working in the organization. An examination of personnel record (including applications form) may uncover employees who are working in jobs below their educational or skill levels. It may also reveal persons who have potential for further training or those who already have the right background for the open job in questions. Some firms also develop a skill bank that lists current employees who have specific skills. for example, under”aerospace engineers,” the names of all persons with this experience or training are listered.if you need an engineer in unit a, and skill bank shows the persons with those skills in unit b, that person may be approached about transferring to unit a, although he or she is not now using the aerospace skills.


Job posting means posting the open job and listing its attribute like qualifications, supervisor, working schedule, and pay rate. Some union contracts require job posting to ensure that union member gets first choice of new and better positions. yet job posting can also be a good practice even in nonunion firms, if it facilitates the transfer and promotion of qualified inside candidates.(however, position is often not used when promotion to a supervisory position is involved, since management often prefers to select personnel for promotion to management levels.)





Typically, the manager of the department having the vacancies speaks to the human resource manager and together they give consideration one or more possible candidates for the position. The manager may interview the employee who is first choice and offer the job to that individual or the manager may interview several employee and then offer the job to the one he favoures.although this informal method id quite commonly used, it tends to keep most employees, who might be interested in the opportunity, ignorant of the vacancy and to deny them the chance to apply.



Very many vacancies are filled from external sources. Even when an internal candidate if transferred or promoted the result is usually a vacancy elsewhere in the company, which has to be filled from the outside.


The most popular method of recruitment is to advertise the vacancy and invite candidates to apply to the company it has been estimated that about 10% of all press advertising expenditure is devoted to situation vacant advertising! there is no doubt that much of this huge some is wasted, chiefly because so little research has been carried out compared with research in the field of product advertising.








Organizations, which are run as commercial enterprises for supplying employers with candidates for jobs, are of two main types.

1) Office staff employment agencies

2) Selection agencies for senior staff

1. Office staff employment agencies

Office staff employment agencies, which mainly deal with clerical, typing, and office machine operator vacancies. The employee informs the agency of the vacancy, and the agency submits any suitable candidates to its register.

When a candidate is engaged the employer pays a fee to the agency, part of which is usually refund if the employee leaves with a specified time.


2.selection agencies for senior staff.

Selection agencies for senior staff, which usually undertake the complete recruitment process and the first stages of selection for managerial and professional vacancies. The agency analyzes the job, prepares job and personal specifications, advertises, and sends out application form and interviews selected candidates, some times pesting them. The employer is then presented with the short list of candidates, the career, and qualifications of each being described, so that the employer may make the final choice.


The typical organization receives many applications that lived in the area and simply walk into the employment office to inquire about job openings. Employer often fined that this is the satisfactory way of meeting their need for hourly paid blue color worker and clerical personnel. often times technical,professional,and administrative type personnel will apply for job by sending their resume to the personnel office of well known frims,even though these firms have not advertise any openings.



Present employees commonly refer candidates to the organization. Those identified through referrals seen less likely to leave the organization in the first year. However, this is not true in the companies with low morals or substandard working conditions perhaps employees giving the referral also give a realistic preview of jobs and does ease adjustment once on the job. 



College recruiting serves as major source of talent in organization. Survey of 230 organizations reported that they hired 50% of all managers and professionals with less than three years of work experience through college recruiting! Thus, they recruited 37000 individuals through this method.

The AMA survey founds 17.3% of respondents use college recruiting overall psitions, but this reflects frequent use for entry level positions, and less frequent use for upper level positions.



Engineers, lawyers, proffessors, and physicians are usually member of professional associations. These associations provide opportunity to share ideas, and learn about employment opportunities. Organization often asks from their own employees who are members of professional associations to recruit this way.1/4th of the AMA survey respondent used executive search firms for higher salary managerial positions, and private employment agencies for lower salaries and entry-level positions.



An industry where employment is generally of short duration and intermittent, labor unions typically operates hiring halls. These are common in the construction, long shoring, and maritime industries.















Ø Better motivation of employees because their capabilities are considered and opportunities offered for promotion. 

Ø Better utilization of employees, because the company can often make better use of their abilities UN different jobs. 

Ø it is more reliable than external recruitment because the present employee is known more thoroughly than an external candidate 

Ø a present employee is more likely to stay with the company than an external candidate 

Ø internal recruitment is quicker and cheaper than external 


Ø Inbreeding can stifle new ideas and innovations.

Ø Fighting for promotion may negatively effect on the moral of employees in a negative way.

Ø Due to internal recruitment, people might be promoted to the position where they cannot successfully fulfill their obligations.






Ø In external recruitment, the pool of candidates for selection purpose is much higher than the internal recruitment.

Ø New capabilities and skills can be brought into the organization.

Ø When required skills are scarce then external recruitment provides the better solution than the internal recruitment.


Ø External recruitment is the lengthy process.

Ø It is the time consuming process.

Ø It is expensive and uncertain.

Ø External recruitment is not more reliable than internal recruitment because a present employee is known more thoroughly than an external candidates













Human resource department is usually responsible for recruiting in most of multinational and middle-sized organizations these big organizations have an employment office within the human resource department. The employment office has specially trained personnel called recruiters, interviewers and clerical personnel who handle the recruitment activities at both the organizational office and elsewhere. In small organizations, the office manager is usually responsible for recruitment functions in addition to many other responsibilities. It is not an unusual practice for line managers or supervisors in small organizations that they recruit and interview the job applicants.


Mostly the recruitment interview is the compulsory part of either the recruitment [process or the selection process. interview also help the employee to make decision that he or she will join the organization or not by keeping in view the contents and quality of the recruitment interview.


A successful recruitment campaign will have resulted in a good number of applications from people who are suitably qualified for your vacancies, and next task is to select the most suitable person from this number.


Selection is the next stage, it mean assessing the candidates by various means and making a choice followed by an offer of employment.



The ultimate goal of the selection is usually express as “to choose the best person for the job.” selector attempts to predict performance on the job, but they also need to ensure that the suitability of the candidates is such that the job is acceptable to them and they are not likely to leave within a short period of time’s objective the selection process, which will lead to the fulfillment of the main goal, are as follows:

Ø Gather as much relevant information as possible

Ø Organize and evaluate the information

Ø Assess each candidates in order to

Ø Forecast performance on the job and

Ø Give information to applicants so that

Ø They can judge whether or not they wish to accept an offer of employment


There are a number of steps normally followed in processing applicant for a job. the size of the organization, the number of people to be hired, the nature of the job to be filled an outside pressure or influence the exact nature of an organization selection process. Following are the main steps, which more or less followed in most of the organizations in selection process.


The application blank is practically universally use to contain information about applicants that will aid management in evaluating their suitability for employment. It is reviewed by the interviewer to give him/her written information describing the candidates the typical application contains questions that identify the persons(name, address, telephone no, faxed.),question about the individual educations and work experience, and questions that may be specific to the particular organization and its need(special skills, licences,willingness to reallocate, etc.).



Preliminary interview can be conducted either before or after the application blank has completed by the applicants.

The preliminary interview is used to determine whether the applicant’s skills, abilities, and job preference match any of the available jobs in the organization to explain to the applicants the available job and their requirements, and to answer any question the applicant has about the available job or the employer.


In recent years selection test, which are usually constructed by industrial; psychologist, have become a well-accepted part of the s3election of the employees for the majority of medium and large size organization. They may not utilize them for the entire job for which they hire, but certainly for sum.


Despite the impressive development of the testing process, an aid to selection the interview remains the single most important tool in the hiring program. Final interview is used normally in all; of the organizations the basic objective of the final interview is to supplement, information grab in others steps in the selection process to determine the selection of most suitable candidates for specific positions in the organizations.





Many organization realize that the importance of the reference checking. Those organizations that they consider the references they provide a space on the application form for references. The employer contacts individuals from any one or all of the provided references. These referees may be colleagues, friends, school or college teachers, or past employee. Previous employer is the most used source to gain the most objective information of a person. Reference checking can take place either before or after the final interview in the selection process in the organization.


Now a day’s more emphasis is given to the medical examination of personnel along with other requirements of recruitment and selection. This is given not only to determine whether he/she is physically performing their duties in the organizations but also to determine the applicant’s eligibility for different benefits, which are provided by the organization to his employees. These benefits may be life insurance disability insurance and health insurance.



If a potential employee passes the medical exam and he/she is selected in the organization, (final selection has been done) then the last step is in the recruitment and selection is the induction and probation. After final selection.

The accepted candidates are inducted in the organizations. After induction, their probation period starts which may vary in length from six months to two years depending upon the organization policy.

In some organizations, the human resource department handles all of the steps in final selection process, including the final decision. This practice is normally followed in large organization. However, in small organization the owner often makes the final choice of accepting or rejecting the candidates.

A summary table evaluating personnel selection methods.





Low when unstructured and when assessing no observable traits

Low if unstructured and non behavioral

Reference checks

Low, especially when obtained from letters

Low because of lack of range in evaluations

Biographical information

High test-retest, especially for verifiable information

High criterion related validity; low in content validity

Physical ability test


Moderate criterion validity; high content validity for some jobs.

Cognitive ability tests


Modern criterion related validity; content validation inappropriate

Personality inventories


Low criterion validity for most traits; content validation inappropriate

Work-sample tests


High criterion and content validity

Honesty test

Insufficient independence evidence

Insufficient independent evidence

Drug test






Life is the name of uncertainty and risk. We are quite sure about our present and past but God knows what our future will be. Therefore people living in the society have to device some way to reduce this uncertainty and risk.

People suffer not only mentally but also financially. Financial crises are so bad that they can lead somebody easily towards social evils. So one method to avoid all these complications is to help people financially. The Origin of the word insurance is “assurance” both words have the same meaning.


“Insurance is an agreement by contract to pay money to someone if something especially a misfortune, such as illness, death or an accident or a mishap happens to him.”

“It is a contract in which a person agrees to pay some cost for the compensation of any misfortune occurring in future.”

There are two terms frequently used in insurance, which are the “INSURER” (an insurance company, which enter into contract with the policyholder to compensate in case of any mishap to him, and the “INSURED” (who seeks the insurance coverage on the payment of premium).


The story of origin of life insurance is very inspiring. The idea of guarding against risk is almost as old as mankind. We know that Joseph recommended storing grain during seven years in Egypt against the impending seven lean years. Centuries ago in England , little groups banded together in to guilds and societies. Members of those guilds and societies by paying small sums were assured that a certain measure of relief would be give to their families if the breadwinner were taken away. In 1705, Amicable Society for a Perpetual Assistance Office was founded and it became England’s Fist successful Life Insurance Company.


Basically, insurance is of two types:

1. Life insurance:

It provides finances to the family of the policyholder

2. Group insurance:

Investment climate in the economy

Accumulate of savings

3. General insurance:

4. Health insurance:


There are two types of insurance companies:


The principal event that the Life Insurance Company insures against is death. Upon the death of a policyholder a life company agrees to make either a lump-sum payment or a series of payments to the beneficiary of the policy. Life Insurance protection is not, the only financial is product sold by these companies; a major portion of the business of life companies is the area of providing retirement benefits.


Property and casualty insurance companies insure against wide variety of occurrences. The under noted perils can be covered under the property casualty insurance:

§ Fire

§ Atmospheric disturbances

§ Earthquake

§ Riot strike damages

§ Explosion

§ Other damages

§ Theft


“There are three types of companies: Those who make things happen; those who watch things happen; those who wonder what has happened”.


At the time of independence in 1947, Pakistan had 77 Insurance Companies out of which 7 were local and 70 were foreign resident companies. There was neither reinsurance nor a public sector at that time. This situation remains till 1952. In 1952, the Government of Pakistan established Pakistan Insurance Corporation as a reinsurance company and asked all the insurance companies to cede 10% of all their business to Pakistan Insurance Corporation. For these reasons, in addition to other factor, 40 of these foreign companies wound up their business and left Pakistan. In 1993, there were 57 insurance companies in the private sector and three in the public sector.

In 1972, all life insurance business was nationalized and a corporation under the name of State Life Insurance Corporation (SLIC) was formed which consisted of 35 companies. Eastern Federal Union (EFU) was the largest among these companies. Since the SLIC is the only Life Insurance Company in Pakistan. But no under the liberalization program of the government many insurance companies have been given licenses to start life insurance business.

These are:

§ Metropolitan Life Insurance

§ American Life Insurance Co. (ALICO)

§ Commercial Union Life Assurance

§ Eastern Federal Union Assurance (EFU)

§ New Jubilee Insurance (NIC)

Up till now there are 10 foreign resident insurance companies, 47 local (national) insurance companies and 3 public sector insurance concerns.

Insurance industry in Pakistan is dominated by a small number of players. Then top three insurance companies of the country control more 50% of the total Premium paid. The biggest market in Pakistan is of “ accident insurance” which accounts for 37% of the total insurance business. The second most popular category is fire insurance, which claims another 37%. The remaining 26% business is accounted for by marine business. Adamjee Insurance is the outright winner in each of the three categories. The second largest insurance company in each of the sectors is EFU.

The Government of Pakistan has recently allowed life insurance business. Premium for life insurance business, which is collected by the SLIC, exceeds all other categories put together by at least 10%. The government decision to allow life insurance in the private sector will increase the market size for this type of insurance due to growing awareness levels.


“To ensure satisfaction of our valued policy holders in processing new business providing after sales services and optimizing returns on life fund through quality culture and to maintain our position at the leading life insurer in Pakistan”


“Each organization is like an individual possessing its own behavior under certain circumstances, its own culture and its own values”.


Mr. Muhammad Iqbal Ch. is the incharge of HRD. This department imparts training to the needy appointed staff. It teachers them all the rules and regulations, procedures, practices regarding the insurance job. It also gives them different dimensions regarding the acquisition of new policies. Human resource Development Department (HRDD) plays a vital role in the success and prosperity of any organization. State Life Insurance Corporation has full-fledged HRDD with one training hall in Multan Zone. The training to SR, SO, SM, AM (Field workers) and office employees is given. The training is given for three weeks in a month through out the year. For the development and enhancement of marketing skills of the field & office employees, different courses are offered in the department. This department has one manager and one assistant manager with brilliant qualification and marketing skill. They perform their job as regular trainers. Despite some trainers are hired outside the Organization. The hired trainers are compensated @ Rs. 500 per day during the training period.


Mr. Ashraf Butti is the incharge of P&GS. The office & general matters are dealt in P&GS Department. This department has the sole responsibility and authority of the disciplinary action of the employees. Selection, recruitment, termination of the employees is the main functions of the P&GS Department.

The appointment of officers is done by Principal office (PO) Karachi or Regional Office. Selection Committee constituted by Zonal Head conducts test and interview.


Service provided by the SLIC are intangible and therefore are not acquired at the counter by the people, who need it, so it must be sold them through persuasive method. Field force of SLIC plays an effective role in selling of intangible products (Insurance Plants). In order to maintain the record of the field force agency department was established. The main function of this department includes recruitment, promotion, and termination of the field force, allied and medical facility for field force. This department is also responsible for issuance and renewal of licenses to the field force.


The Sales Representative (SR) is appointed by SO/SM. The requirement and conditions for the appointment of SR is as follows:

Minimum qualification is required metric

Age at entry must not be less than 18 years.

Annual Quota for SR is Rs. 10000

Application for the issuance of license is necessary and it is renewed after each 3 years.

An application Form, along with license fee Rs.50, attested photocopies of documents and Nomination Form is submitted to the agency department. A code number is allotted at the submission of application to SR and he can start working as agent of the SLIC of Pakistan.


SR is promoted, upon fulfillment of certain terms and conditions and on achievement of business targets, to SO. Similarly SO is promoted to SM and SM to AM.

Career Path

clip_image011S. R. (Sales Representative)

S. O. (Sales Officer)

S. M. (Sales Manager)

A. M. (Assistant Manager)

M. M. (Marketing manager)

A. G. M. (Assistant General Manager)

G. M. (General Manager)

Requirement for Selection of Sales Representative

ð F. A. or F. Sc. (Education)

ð At least two policies

ð Identity card


ð 50,000 Premium At Least 12 Policies

Sources Of Recruitment

Both sources are used for recruitment. But all process is done according to the standards set by Govt. of Pakistan. Therefore circular is issued to all departments and place advertisement in the newspapers. It might be the point of view of management to use inside source but advertisement is necessary. Now the trend of professionalism is prevailing in the corporation. Therefore after 1995 professional people like MBA, ACMA, CA, computer professionals and doctors are recruited.

Facility For The Former Employees

No such policy in the organization. If they come upto criteria, they should be recruited.

Equal Employment Opportunity

There is no discrimination, always follow the rule of equal employment opportunity, and all applicants are treated equally. But there is some quota for disable people.

Privacy Of Employee Record

State Life Insurance Corporation always follow the privacy of employee record and people’s access is always denied.

Selection Standards

It depends upon nature of job i.e. for underwriting job, the requirement standards are in that applicant must be “MBBS” doctors and well aware of medical procedures.

Recruitment Decision

Basically for top management level post, it is centralized procedure (i.e. at principal office competent authority, executive director gives approval and than they start procedure). For other jobs, recruitment decision depend upon the nature of vacancy e.g.

1. For field oriented job sales officers and sales mangers are employer of agent i.e. sales representative.

2. For office lower level job, head office can transfer and delegate power to region and zone.

Forecasting Of Requirements For Personnel

For field business, there is always requirement of personnel. Because if we increase our sales force, our business will increase. Therefore, if there is more business, more administrative professionals are needed to handle it i.e. strength of office depends upon number of policies which are active e.g. for 100,000 policies record, standard zone strength of employees should be 200.

Considerations in Selection Decisions

For Office Job

Person, to whom you are calling for created job, whether he meets the criteria (i.e. appropriate according to criteria), also check background (screen him at the spot and evaluate educational record and personality at the time of recruitment).

For Marketing Job

Ultimately check the marketing aptitude and other qualities for selection e.g. for I. S. R. (Insurance Sales Representative) established criteria for urban is (F. A.) and sub-urban is (Matriculation).

Maximum people are invited for the fulfillment of requirement, evaluation through in depth interview, explore whether person is in need, to raise salary packages, extrovert or introvert (multidimensional personality).

Selection Procedure

State Life Insurance Corporation have different selection procedures for field and office job. But general format is as:

1. Numbers of employees needed

2. Categorization (i.e. divided into H. R. Department, Computer Department, Marketing Department).

3. Qualification requirement according to categories.

4. Approval of competent authority.

5. Collection of internal H. R. Data Base and meantime placing advertisement in newspapers.

6. Interview and test for technical jobs or only interview for other jobs.

7. Interview standards depends upon standard set by panel and match need with its assessment.

8. Decide whether to select or reject.

The comprised panel depends upon discretion of competent authority. Person having experience usually get edge in selection procedure. Therefore reasonable experience is demanded.

Use of Test Methods

Tests are used only for some particular jobs i.e. those jobs which require technical skills. Therefore the purpose of test is to check skills.

Negotiation on Salary

State Life Insurance Corporation has preset standards for every vacancy as far as work rules, salary taxes, benefits are concerned. But in special cases (i.e. in case of competent personnel), there are all negotiated e.g. Prof. Mr. Shaukat Malik join this organization from multinational organization negotiated with him all these matters.

Role of Personal Character And Citizenship

Personal character is very vital. It contains positive attitude, certified character and good looking appearance because these are not only important for individuals but also examples for other team members. There is no restriction for citizenship but person having Pakistani citizenship will be preferred.

Health Requirements

These are part of standard selection procedure. Therefore joining report accompany medical fitness report.

Medical fitness is necessary because it may be possibility that person might have developed swear case like cancer and organization have to bear expenses of hospitalization. Medical fitness report is submitted by appointed doctors.

Final Selection Decision

Selection committee sends its proposal to the top management and approvement is made by competent authority i.e. executive director or chairman.

Selection categories:

1. Officers are selected by principal office.

2. Staff people are appointed locally with the approval of competent authority.

After selection usually probationary period is of six months.

Reference Checks

Reference checks are concerned with the credibility, character, work performance prior employment and academic records.


New employees are allowed to join union and can also participate in union activities.


Present system is imposed system by the Govt. But to update system for the case of selection, office authorities must be deregulated. For the selection of marketing personnel, Human Resource Department should be involved and for office jobs new techniques must be followed.




























Author/s:Barbara Davison

Issue: January, 2001


Cost benefit analysis of cost and quality of the person hire is very important phenomenon. Cost benefit analysis is taken in recruitment and selection to check /evaluate whether the cost we are making on recruitment will give us some benefit that benefit may be in shape of high quality personnel to have good quality personnel and organization must not care about cost as it will give them a long term benefit in shape of good personnel. Whether an organization is using electronic method or traditional hiring methods. Cost per hire is essential to calculate to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of recruiting. There are six basic elements to calculate cost per hire.

Ø Advertising

Ø Agency and search firm fees

Ø Referral bonuses paid to employees

Ø Travel cost incurred by both recruiters and employees

Ø Relocations cost

Ø Company recruiters costs

These six factors account for 90% cost other 10% may be testing, reference checking, hiring, unit staff time, administrative support or other expenses.

To evaluate the cost per hire an organization must consider following points

Ø Whether they are getting what they pay for tight now

Ø What is the retention rate for those employees hired from employee referrals or agencies

Ø What is the average tenure for the employees who relocate

Ø What level employees are best hired from news paper advertising

Ø What sources has provided you with the highest performance




Author/s:Stephenie Overman

Issue: March 2001

China has a population of 1.3 billion people approximately. However, there is severe war of talent. Some human resources specialists say that they do not have the talent, as they have not recognized the need to train people to go into the strong economy. Main problem is the finding of managerial talent. The reason behind is that china has good professional and technical education but few have managerial training as there is not followed a good selection criteria. human resource specialists says that you should never look for a perfect candidate he/she never exists and not no do the mistakes like inflexible with the benefits package and too long interview you may lose a good candidate

Be realistic when describing the work conditions

Do not try to hire people just because of their language proficiency

As Chinese people take a long time to say what they want to say so try to mistake them relax so that you may grab all in formations from them

However, some criticize that Chinese managers do not like to make decisions without having 1005 of the facts so they are reluctant to make the direct decisions, so they need training and learning for this.



To reduce this deficiency many Chinese company offer internship programs to the college students. Where these were trained according to the requirement and given some pay for their educational expenditure. It affected very well on young generations, as they are hungry to learn things.


With this experience worker in china also want to learn how tasks and want good exposure to modern management and new technology and interest was created to have good and better knowledge


Chinese became a good manager and with high skills of management and technical educations people do see a correlation between the performance and reward.


The foreign enterprises services company (FESCO) was formed to act as a medium or govt vendor to hire and refer talents to foreign companies. Establishing themselves as representative offices. Any new organization cannot hire directly from the market unless they were legally registered and conducting business in china.

Other reasons for establishing (FESCO) was to handle the files of local workers .Now china culture is changing towards the western culture they are becoming a good manager and learner.




Author/s..Workforce advertising department

Issue: March 2000

To learn more about current and future trends in the realm of internet recruiting, the WORKFORCE advertising department asks leaders and several companies about how hr can stay head of the recruitment gain.

Here is how they responded.

Michael d. Blair, cyborg systems. Most organizations begin using the internet for resume tracking and recruiting with the help of this method, we can attract large no of candidates. In this way, we also minimize the cultural issues of recruiting employees.

Jim Carlson, workspace imc: our clients are using internet for most of the general human resource administrations. In this way, they reduce the amount of time paper work and resources employee choice is broader.

Bob Montgomery, head in present era the internet is quickly becoming the premier resource for job recruiting, especially for human resource professional. For employers, the internet offers several benefits regarding the recruitment and selection of the employees these benefits are: access, precision, targeting ability, efficiency, and cost effectiveness: over the entire internet provides the wider opportunity for employees and job seekers that they could never have imagined.

Montgomery. Clients say the single most difficult issue regarding the recruitment and selection issue is how to blend online and offline words. Many HR managers say that internet recruiting is the cost and time saving method but for selection point of view, it is still questionable. Human Resource manager must understand that the internet link job seeker with employees only. However, several factors, such as face-to-face interview, weigh heavily of the final hiring decision.

Ciesinski: the key to cost saving with the help of internet recruiting is brought about by minimizing the steps between the search for the candidates and the ultimate hiring of the employees.

Sheryl Dawson, and Dawson consultants imc: In present era the most significance cost saving in HR department with the help of internet are internet applications regarding recruiting. the company that aggressively use the internet for recruiting experience a reduction in time to hire, saves not only the recruiting costs but also effects the productivity and operational functions of human resource department. Managing benefit on line frees 25-30% of HR time for strategic issues and improves the employee-to-HR representative ratio.

Edwards: internet produces significance cost saving compared to using newspaper for recruiting advertising. Just see the comparison internet advertising represents a tremendous cost saving. Simply compare the cost of placing one help-wanted at in the newspaper with the cost of an internet job posting. An employee can post an open position on for 60 days for only $ 150 for nation wide or even worldwide exposure.

Donovan: It is estimated that by 2010 one half of American will be independent professional, thus the talent hunting companies are not looking for always down the street or even in the country, businesses will be calling for season talent from all around the globe .HR will have to adapt by looking to the internet for independent professionals, finding new ways to network with this talent and leaving behind the old school hiring method.


Dun Ivan: There are two things that will distinguish successful HR professionals; the ability to change and willingness to take a risk. The dynamic nature of the internet requires no less.

Ste. Marie: with more than 77% of the Americans planning to use internet career sites in their next job search, as revealed in our recent job satisfaction survey conducted by survey site, companies must maintain an active online present from posting their job online to advertising on web sites.

From the above-mentioned leaders response of several companies clearly shows that how internet recruiting helps the HR departments in term of time, cost, number of employees and employee relations with HR department.



(Central cotton research institute)

Central cotton research institute as the name indicates is the research institute for cotton. This institute is working under Pakistan central cotton committee with the supervision of ministry of food govt agriculture and livestock govt of Pakistan. As we are well familiar, that Pakistan is agricultural country. In agriculture, the main cash crop of Pakistan is cotton. In addition, it contributes a lot in other industries of Pakistan, which are based on this crop. Because cotton provides the raw material for the textile industry and allied industries as well .govt established different organizations for the research and development of this crop central cotton research institute is among one of them organization, that established by the govt of Pakistan for this crop.

Central cotton research institute was establish in 1970 with the sole objective

To do research and development on cotton crop.

The main objectives of CCRI are:

Ø To produce new and better varieties of cotton with longer staple length.

Ø To get high per acre yield of cotton

Ø For the plant protection point of view to control different insects, pests of cotton crop.

It is a pure govt organization. The head office of CCRI is situated in Karachi. The various sub research institutes of central cotton research institute is located in different ecological zones of Pakistan.

The organizational hierarchy of the institute is as:


John W.Boudreau

BPI, IRWIN Company.


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§ Mr. Muhammad Anwar Abbas

Manager (Human Resource)


  • Mr. Hassan Imam

Asst.Human Resource Manager

DuPont (Lahore)

  • Mr. Altaf Saddiq

Asst. Manager(R & D)

DuPont (Multan)

  • Mr. Muhammad Islam Gill


CCRI (Multan)

  • Mr. Muhammad Saleem

Admn. Officer

CCRI (Multan)

  • Syeda Hina Batool


IAS, Punjab University, Lahore

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