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FIN622 Quiz No.1 Solution and Discussion Spring 2015 Due Date: May 22 2015

FIN622 - Corporate Finance Quiz No.1 Solution and Discussion Spring 2015 Due Date: May 22 2015

This is to inform that Quiz # 01 will be opened on May 21, 2015 and last date to attempt quiz will be May 22, 2015

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Due Date Extended till May 25 2015

FIN622 Quiz No.1 Solution and Discussion Spring 2015 Due Date: May 25 2015

If you invest Rs.400 today in a savings account paying 8 percent interest per year, how much will you have in the account at the end of three years if the interest is compounded annually?

Select correct option:





If the Net Present Values of two, mutually exclusive options are both greater than zero, which option should be better?

Select correct option:

The one with the largest Net Present Value.

The one with the smallest Net Present Value.

Either one. Both are greater than the cost of capital.

None of the given options

Which one of the following statements describes "Shareholders’ wealth" in a firm?

Select correct option:

The number of people employed in the firm 

The book value of the firm's assets less the book value of its liabilities 

The market price per share of the firm's common stock 

The amount of salary paid to its employees

Virgo Airlines will pay Rs.4.00 dividend next year on its common stock, which is currently selling at Rs.100 per share. What is the market's required return on this investment if the dividend is expected to grow at 5% forever?

Select correct option:

4 %.

5 %.

7 %

9 %

Which one of the following statements describes the relationship between Interest rates and bond prices?

Select correct option:

Move in the same direction.

Move in opposite directions

Sometimes move in the same direction, sometimes in opposite directions

Have no relationship with each other (i.e., they are independent).

A firm can lower its break even level by doing which of the following actions?

Select correct option:

Lowering direct cost

Increasing variable cost

Increasing variable cost

Lowering sales price

If an investor buys a non-zero coupon bond and holds it to maturity, then the rate of return she will receive depends on:

Select correct option:

The bond's maturity value.

The price paid for the bond

The interest payments to be received.

All of the given options

Suppose you need the present value interest factor for 12 percent compounded quarterly for 10 years. If all you have is a PVIF table, you would use the ________ period row and the ________ percent rate column.

Select correct option:

40, 12




If two projects offer the same, positive NPV, then which of the following would be a reasonable conclusion? 

Select correct option: 

 The projects would have the same IRR. 

 The projects would have the same payback period. 

 The projects are mutually exclusive. 

 The projects would add the same amount to the value of the firm

Since preferred stock dividends are fixedvaluing preferred stock is roughly equivalent to valuing:

Select correct option: 

Zero growth common stock.

Positive growth common stock

Short-term bond

An option.


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