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GSC101 General Science GDB Fall 2019 Solution & Discussion

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GSC101 GDB Solution Fall 2019-20

Question: Is it Possible that autotrops organisms may produce organic material from inorganic substance? If Yes, write the name of Process If No, write it with solid reason.


Yes, it is possible because it is also defined as: Autotrophs are organisms that can produce their own food, using materials from inorganic sources. The word “autotroph” comes from the root words “auto” for “self” and “troph” for “food.” An autotroph is an organism that feeds itself, without the assistance of any other organisms. Autotrophs are extremely important because without them, no other forms of life can exists. The first life forms on Earth would have had to be autotrophs.

Process of Autotrophs

Process of autotrophs include photoautotroph's, and chemoautotroph's.


Photoautotrophs are organisms who get the energy to make organic materials from sunlight. Photoautotrophs include all plants, green algae's, and bacteria which perform photosynthesis.


Chemoautotroph's are organisms that obtain energy from inorganic chemical processes. Today, chemoautotroph's are most commonly found in deep water environments which receive no sunlight. Many need to live around deep sea volcanic vents, which produce enough heat to allow metabolism to occur at a high rate.


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