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please any one, solve it for all. I hope to hear soon from you.

The top management of a large fertilizer manufacturing company recently faced a sudden crisis as its
HR manager resigned because of the increasing number of conflicts within the organization. The
organization urgently hired a new HR manager who had ten years of professional experience of HR
matters in the same sector. The newly hired HR manager was initially given a task of departmental
restructuring for reducing the number of departmental conflicts and for clarifying the departmental
goals – for which a new performance management system was also developed by him.
Recent performance appraisal reports in the organization have shown that there have been increasing
numbers of departmental conflicts, especially among the managers and employees, mainly because of
the differences on performance matters. Moreover, last year’s turnover ratio has been significantly
high, which is a real concern for the top management. Now this newly hired HR manager has been
give the task to explore the actual reasons behind these issues and to settle the matter as soon as
The new HR manager thinks that he needs to establish mutually acceptable goals in the first phase –
along with the preparation of individual job descriptions by the HR department for all the employees.
For this, top management has approved his HR plan for the current year. HR manager informed all the
departments about these actions and had the separate meetings with their managers. These newly
designed actions of HR manager gave him a greater role of departmental monitoring and control.
Managers of all the departments accepted this new plan and thought it to be a good for introducing a
mechanism of procedural justice which will minimize the number of possible conflicts in the
organization. But the manager of “Operations Department” thought that he should manage all the
activities of his department including HR issues of his department by himself without any interference
of HR manager. “Operations Manager” thought that he needs to have an increased control over his
department and argues that his department has always achieved the targets; and he is least bothered
about the number of conflicts in his department until he is achieving his goals. He also says that his
department does not need any specific job descriptions from HR department and that he will allocate
and monitor different tasks to his employees by himself from time to time. But on the other side, HR
manager is more concerned about reducing the number of conflicts in all the departments by
personally remaining in contact will all the employees; so that their professional and psychological
development could be done on continuous basis.
Now this new situation of an apparent dispute of HR Manager with the Operations Manager is a new
issue for the top management. Top management would never want to lose another valuable manager
once again and nor does the organization allow turnover on such minor issues. Top management wants
HR manager to resolve this issue on urgent basis. Top management also wants HR manager not to
disclose this conflict to other managers.
Considering the above situation, answer the following questions on the basis of your knowledge that
you have acquired so far from this course.
1. Do you think that a mixed-motive situation exists in this dispute? If no then why; if yes then
give two suggestions for the HR manager to enhance promotive interdependence with his
disputant? (Marks: 10)
2. Do you think that this dispute can be resolved through “Alternate Dispute Resolution” (ADR)?
If yes then which would be the best ADR method to resolve the dispute in this situation on
long term basis? (Marks: 5)

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Replies to This Discussion

answer of 2nd question

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), includes dispute resolution processes and techniques that act as a means for disagreeing parties to come to an agreement short of litigation, there are various techniques of the Alternate dispute resolution which includes


  • Unassisted procedure
  • Third party assistance
  • Third party decision making
  • Dispute prevention

For this scenario as the accident has occurred in front of the people and many of them are present on the spot. They are watching the situation as their own. So I will adopt the technique of third party assistance for sake of my problem, and it will follow as below 1) Facilitation 2) Mediation 3) Fact finding 4) dispute review board 5) Non binding arbitration

Most of the Alternate dispute technique involves the inclusion of the third neutral party. in this case, as the conflict has been between the newly hired HR manager and the currently working operation manager, both at same time needed by the company top level management, one due to his high human resources management experience and other company old productive employee. In my point of view, in this case HR manager should follow the ADR technique (third party assistance).


It will follow the steps as below


1)  Facilitation:

It involves the person who is impartial in the solving the problem or any dispute.

A facilitator will make sure that he will listen to all parties. So in that case we, a person from company top level management can play his or her role as facilitator.




 It can be described as the interest based negotiation under the guidance of the third party. The presence of the mediator creates a safe environment for the parties to share information, address under lying information and vent emotions.

A successful mediation can give parties the confidence in them selves each other to negotiate each other in future with out help of third party.


3)      Fact finding:


It can be used in scientific, business and technical disputes in which knowledge is highly specialized. But in our case, third party can make more confirmation from the people accompanying the accident. Third party can get information from the


4)      dispute review board:

 It also involves in the large case .if facilitator does not reach at any result, then he can make the board.

5)      Non binding arbitration:

In that step, parties present their side of dispute to the neutral arbitrator who recommends a basis for settlement. In that arbiter issues an opinion on the merit and appropriate form of resolution, but this opinion is advisory. However because the arbiter is neutral and qualified to review the technical merits of the case, the arbiter’s decision is often extremely influential and can push the parties closer to the agreement.



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