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Consider you are walking alongside a roa Consider road where you see a fender bender. Both the drivers have developed a conflict on this issue and none of them is ready to accept his mistake. Both of them are talking about litigation and that even in a harsh tone. As a student of conflict management, you are well aware about the techniques of Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR). Which technique of ADR do you think would be more suitable in this situation to resolve the matter on the spot? Discuss with solid reasons.

solution:In this situation I will prefer to meditation, because mediation will be most suitable ADR technique to resolve conflict between Fender Bender because it is a voluntary and confidential process in which neutral third party help in discussing difficult issue, developing options, negotiating an agreement and formalizing agreement. According to above scenario, Fender Bender is much annoyed with each other and talk in a harsh tone so for this purpose there will be a need of mediator who helps while resolving problem. The mediator can be any person like police or any other person who play neutral rule, talk for penalty etc and helps both parties for creating their own solution.